New Beginning

Kirsty is the girl that all the guys want, that all the girls want to look like and who everybody hates but secretly loves. She had a boyfriend, great friends, but when things start to go from amazing to horrible, she knows its time for a life change. She moves to New York City to start over. She moves in to her very own Manhattan apartment, gets and internship at Teen Vogue, makes friends. She hits the big time when she meets 5 guys who change her life forever. Does she live her life as a normal girl trying to find her place in the world? Or live her life as a celebrity she is about to become?


14. Love, Sex & Magic...

Hey hey, I hipe you enjoy this chapter. The heading of this chapter is just what the chapter is about, so read it.. Please please please, can you comment and like, I want to really hear what you've got to ssay about my book and this chapter. Enjoy. Love you all. Xo* Niall goes and helps Hailey with her bags and puts them in the entrace hall of Harry's house. I jump up as soon as I see Hailey and go hug her. It feels like forever since I've seen her. Niall and Hailey go to Niall's house that's next door to Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis go to Liam's house that's next door to Niall. Leaving me and Harry alone, and to get ready for tonight. 'Where do you want to go for dinner love?' Harry asks. 'It's a surprise isn't it? So you decide where to go.' I say getting up off the couch. 'Okay... I'll call a place and make reservations.' Harry says taking is phone out of his pocket. Harry and I go upstairs to his bedroom and see what we're going to be wearing tonight. I'm wearing a beige mini dress, black heels, black clutch, and gold and black bangles and earings. Harry is wearing k blue skinny jeans, white shirt with some design on the front, brown leather shoes and black trench coat. I put my clothes nicely on the bed and get my underwear out too. Harry goes and showers while I bath. I feel so relaxed in the bath tub, when all of a sudden I feel two warm soft hands on the cheeks and soft lips press against mine. I open my eyes in a fright and see Harry looking back at me smiling. I smile back at him and he walks ot of the bathroom. I wash up and get out of the bath tub put the towel around my body, and walk back into Harry's bedroom. I walk in and there stands Harry with his back towards me, in front of the bed. I keep staring at his ass, as I stand there in my towel. I walk up behind his and wrap my arms around his waist. He jumps around as I move my hand lower to his 'Mr Styles'. He smiles at me with that naughty smile of his. 'Harry... I - I...' I managed to stutter out before he pushed me onto the bed, but my mind was racing 100 miles per hour. I suddenly fely both is soft, gentle hands on my cheeks and his warm, plump lips pressed against mine. Now I have no idea why my body is reacting this way but I moved my lips with his. His hands moved to my waist and my arms snaked around his neck, pulling him closer into me. He moaned slightly into my mouth and I felt his tongue gently graze against my bottom lip, begging me for entrance. I gladly parted my lips and lost myself in the kiss, letting my body melt into his as he hovered over me. I ran my one hand gently through his hair as our tongues gently rubbed each others and explored each others mouths. The kiss, or should I say snogging session, became almost desperate. Like we needed this, we needed to be together. With every touch sparks flew through my body, just like before. I found myself craving him more and more. Suddenly the amazing feeling of his lips weren't on mine, leaving me with a slight empty feeling. I could feel his chest heaving up and down against mine as he breated heavily. I fluttered my brown eyes open to gaze into his deep green eyes, I, too, was breathing heavily, completely mesmerized by the kiss. 'Wow...' Is all that I could usher out of my mouth. A smile tugged at Harry's lips and he came down to give me and quick kiss on the lips before getting up and racing off to the bathroom. 'Take a cold shower Harry!' I shout from the bedroom as I hear the bathroom door close. I get up and straighten out my clothes that are on the bed, that we just made out on. I get my underwear and put them on. I hang the towel over the door and sit infront of the mirror and do my make u. Harry comes into the room and looks at me a little upset. 'And now?' I ask putting my eye-shadow on. 'I'll show you what's wrong when we get home tonight.' Harry says. I look at him and smile, not knowing exactly what he means by that. 'I'm looking forward to whatever you have planned.' I say smiling and giving him a wink. I do the last of my make-ip and Harry takes over the mirror. I take my hair out of the towel I wrapped it in and start drying my hair roughly at bit. I start getting dressed, Harry watches me from the mirror as I slip on my dress, put my heels on my feet and put my necklace around my neck. His tongue licks his bottom lips as his eyes are filled with lust. I get my bag, get my iPhone from the charger and get my lipgloss and eyeliner and put them in my bag along with my purse. 'Are you ready to go babe?' Harry asks. 'Yeah I am' I say to him. We go downstairs and walk out the door to the car, where the boys and Hailey are waiting. Harry gets into the drivers seat and I get into the passenger seat, while the others pile up into the back. Harry starts the car and we leave. 'Did any of you bring a camera?' I ask. 'I did hun. Got it in my bag.' Hailey says from the back. We arrive at the restaurant and the paps are swarming the place already. We stop outside and the guy that takes the cars to the parking lot is waiting for us. We all get out of the car and push trough the paps to the doors of the restaurant. Push open the doors and walk in. The place isn't that full, but there are a few peolple with teenage daughters that come up to us and take pictures and ask for autograhs. We give them what they want and go find out table. The waiteress comes and takes our orders. It is really awkward and annoying as the people in the restaurant stared at us while we sit at the table and eat. It's like we can't do anything without them staring at us. We all finish eating and pay the bill and leave. We wait outside for the guy to bring the car around the front. He halts to a stop infront of the restaurant and gives Harry the keys and we all get in. We are going to Funky Bhudda Night Club. Its where I've always wanted to go after seeing Liam's birthday video and photos. It is the perfect club. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be here again, celebrating my 19th birthday. We arrive at the club, park the car and got out. It's rather cold tonight and Hailey and I did not bring a coat or anything. So Hailey and I are going to frezze our asses off. We get to the door and the bouncer instantly recognizes the boys and let's us in. I get my phone from my bag and go to the Twitter app. '@Kirsty__Roberts: At @funkybuddhaclub tonight with @onedirection and Hailey. Seeing my birthday in.:)' I tweet it, and put my phone in my bag and make our way to the grey couches. The music is really pumping and everyone is moving and dancing and drinking. We sit down and three girls come up to us and hug Zayn, Liam and Louis. I presume they're fans. But when they kiss and hug them, I only click in my head that it's Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor. The boys introduce me to all of them. They hug me hello and take me and Hailey to go get drinks at the bar. 'So Kirsty, where are you from?' Perrie asks me. 'I'm from South Africa, and kinda from New York.' I say back scratching my left wrist. Perrie gazes down to my wrist and sees the scars I have. She looks up and smiles. 'What happened to your wrist?' She asks concerned. 'It's a long story, that I prefer not to tell anyone about. It happened and it's in the past.' I say looking down. She smiles at me and turns her back to me and orders what she wants to drink. They all order and leave me and Hailey at the bar. Hailey looks at me confused and we order the drinks and go back to the others. They boys go get drinks and go mingle with some of the people they know. Hailey and I start chatting while Eleanor and Danielle chat with other girls. Perrie is gone somewhere to meet some girl here. Hailey and I go to the bathroom and check our make-up and to pee. 'What did Perrie ask you Kirst?' Hailey asks me from inside the toilet stalls. 'She asked me what happened to my wrist and I told her that I don't like telling people about it.' I said washing my hands. 'Oh ok, that's understanable.' Hailey says coming out of the toilet stall. She washes her hands and re-does her eyeliner and we go back to where the boys are. I take a few sips of my drink and go get another one. I get my drinks and go ask Hailey to come dance with me. We make our way to the dance floor and begin dancing, I swing my his from side-to-side when I feel two hands around my waist, I smell the scent of cologne and it's Harry. 'I want you to moan... I want you to gasp in my ear, pretending like you're trying to hide the sound, like you're trying to smother it, but I still hear it. I want your fingernails to dig into my skin and your lips to move faster and harder and deeper against mine. I want your eyes to roll back in your head and your body to push against mine, until we're sticking to each other's skin. I want to feel the heat radiating from your skin. I want to feel your muscles shake against my flesh. I want you to beg and I want you to throw your head back, shuddering for breath. I want your neck exposed to me to bite and your chest bare so it can be skin on skin, flesh on flesh. I want your legs warpped around me, I want us to grind on each other so hard it makes your muscles clench and your jaw drop and your face tense in ecstasy.' Harry says into my ear, while pushing himself at the back of me so I can feel the bulge on my ass. *Back at home* I have just finished up in the bathroom and make my way back to the bedroom, when Harry's hand pulls me into the room. I am pushed against the door as it closes, Harry's hands on my shoulders keeping me in place while his eyes roam over my body. He presses himself up against me, allowing me to feel the want in his pants. Harry's grip on my sholders tighten; his lips are almost touching mine so I can feel his hot breath against my skin. A knot starts to form in my stomach, his full lips still hovering over mine, he runs his tongue over his bottom lip, and I look away trying to ignore the flames of desire licking their way through my body. My voice gives away my deisre, giving Harry the green light to push his lips against mine, his tongue instantly asking for entrance which I give without thinking, my body is craving more, he deepens the kiss as I run my fingers through his curls, tugging gently against them. He breaks the kiss for air. 'You want me to stop?' Harry asks. His hands are roaming back up my body underneath my dress, the touch of his skin against mine forces a small hiss of pleasure from me. He takes my dress off, his hands instantly massaging my breasts over the thin cloth of my bra making my niples harden, my head is screaming at me to stop but my breathing is getting heavy as his hands start to travel lower. 'I don't think you want me to stop!' Harry exclaims. He removes his own clothes, the loss of contact is making me whimper slightly, removing his boxers he pulls me into him, kissing, nipping and sucking at any piece of skin he can, walking me backwards until I fall agsinst the bed. Slowly he removes my underwear his hands brushing over my skin, sending shots of desire through me. Postitioning himself at my crotch, he starts placing teasing kisses over my thigh, before flicking his tongue over my clit, I inhale sharply, closing my eyes as his tongue continues to dance over me, the shots of pleasure turning into shivers, the knots in my stomach tightening further, his hands grip my waist holding me in place, I moan his name, encouraging him to continue, I feel my toes start to curl as the pleasure starts to become too much, suddenly he stops causing me to moan in frustration. 'Still think this is a bad idea?' Harry asks. His voice is low and thick with lust as he crawls up the bed; I open my eyes as he rips the condom wrapper. I take the condom from hin, stroking his dick that's throbbing, pre-cum leaking from the head that I clean up with my fingers, he groans my name bucking his hips into my hand, I slip the condom over his dick, slowly to try and tease him further but I want him inside of me, once the condom is on, he pushes me back on the bed, leaning over me as he eases himself into me, I gasp as he fills me, resting his weight onto his arms. I wrap my legs around him, meeting each other's eyes and he withdrawls himself almost full before slamming himself backing into me, I whimper as he alternates small simple thrusts and hard and fast, I buck my hips in time to rhythm that he set, causing him to each my own moans and groans, both of us panting as our orgasms build. It doesn't take long for my stomach muscles to contract, as the blood rushes through me, my toes curl, and my internal muscles tightening around Harry's dick. I can see Harry's close, his eyes are closed, sweat perspiring over him, his thrusts are getting erratic, reaching down and underneath him, I gently cup his balls, the touch being all he needs to shake against me, his arms giving out beneth him, he collapses onto me. As our breathing returns to normal I look at Harry and smile. He returns the smile, placing a soft kiss on the side on my cheek. 'Goodnight babe.' Harry says laying facing me. 'Goodnight bunny.' I say turning my back towards him. 'I love yo. Happy birthday.' Harry says moving closer to me and putting his arm around my waist. ' I love you to.' I say holding his hand in mine before drifting off to sleep.
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