New Beginning

Kirsty is the girl that all the guys want, that all the girls want to look like and who everybody hates but secretly loves. She had a boyfriend, great friends, but when things start to go from amazing to horrible, she knows its time for a life change. She moves to New York City to start over. She moves in to her very own Manhattan apartment, gets and internship at Teen Vogue, makes friends. She hits the big time when she meets 5 guys who change her life forever. Does she live her life as a normal girl trying to find her place in the world? Or live her life as a celebrity she is about to become?


12. Love Confession...

I'm quiet sad about leaving New York and my friends there, it happened so soon though. I stare out of the car window on the way to Harry's little townhouse. I'm so tired and all I want to do is sleep right now. The flight from NYC to London has just made me tired. Its 6:30pm here, and its lready getting dark. We finally arrive at Harry's house, he runs around to my door and opens it for me and helps me out of the car. Its colder her compared to New York. The boys are at their houses next door to Harry's, so its just me and Harry tonight. The driver helps Harry and myself take our luggage bags into his house and puts them in the entrace hall. We finish getting the bags in and I make my way to the lounge, while Harry is in the kitchen making us some tea. He brings the tea out on a sliver tray, with a sugar bowl and milk jug. He puts the try on the table in the middle of the lounge and pours milk in and puts three cubes of sugar and brings me the tea cup. 'Here you go love.' Harry says with a smile. I smile at him and take a sip of the tea and put the cup down on the table. I take my phone out of my bag and try call my parents, Kyle and Hailey. But I haven't got a London sim yet. So I put my phone on the table and look over at Harry. His face is so soft looking, his curls handing everywhere. I take a. Breath and close my eyes, trying to get the courage to talk to him. I have spent two weeks with these boys and I treasure every moment of it. I have really become close to all of them, but more especially to Harry. He is different to most guys I've known and that's what I like. I like his personality, his looks, his smile, his laugh, his eyes, his voice, his heart, but most of all I like him for who he is. Not just because he's in the band One Direction. We have a connection, that I have never experienced with a guy before. My heart sings a song only his can hear and his heart sings a song only my heart can hear. My soul and his soul match. He's my other half. I look at him carefully, every move is body makes, his chest moving up and down, his hands and fingers twitching, his lips that form that beautiful smile he's got. He's perfect to me. 'Harry. We need to talk.' I say sitting up. 'What is it? This doesn't sound good.' He says. My tired heart is beating so slow, while he stares at me looking worried. 'Two weeks together. That's all it took. Two weeks, for me to fall for you. Its like those two weeks we spent together were perfect and I don't want that to go away. I want to spend many more days, weeks, months and years with you. I think I've fallen in love with you.' I say to him. I look at him, his eyes flickering in the light. He looks down and grabs my hand in his and squeezes it tightly. I can feel my eyes begin to tear up and I just swallow the lump in my throat. I blink so the tears down fall from my eyes. 'Those two weeks I spent with you, that we spent with you, were incredible. I've never been into somebody before and everytime we both touch I only want more. And even though I'm unsure about most things in life, I am certain that I love you and will continue to love you forever and always. And I have fallen in love with you too.' Harry says with a smile. Harry moves closer to me, still holding my hand. I look at him, deep into those eyes of his, he gets go of my hand tilts his head and moves his head closer to mine. His lips touch mine, I put my hands at the back of his head and kiss him and he kisses me. He kisses me with so much passion, force and love. He pushes me back on the couch to lie down. His tongue licks my bottom lip, which sends tingles through my bdoy. His tongue slowly goes into my mouth, making me moan a little. Harry stops kissing me and looks at me and smiles, before placing a kiss on the tip of my nose. We both sit up Harry keeps holding my hand. 'Will you be my princess?' Harry asks. 'Your princess?' I ask him confused. 'Yes.' He says. 'What do princesses get?' I ask him with a giggle. 'Love, happiness, a happy ending and me.' He says with a smile. 'A happy ending?' I question him jokinly. 'Yes a happy ending.' He says.''Do they exist?' I ask looking sad. 'If I'm with you and you are with me, then yes.' He says. I smile at him and place a kiss on his soft pink lips. I take a sip of my luke warm tea and get up and start taking my suitcases up to the bedroom I'm am going to be sleeping in. 'Not that room.' Harry says. 'This room.' He says walking into his bedroom carrying his suitcases. I turn around and walk into his bedroom and put all my suitcases on the floor and get the last four and bring them up to the room. 'Home sweet home I guess.' I say to myself with a smile. I start unpacking all my things onto the floor, not sure where I must put everything. Harry comes into the room with hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies, puts the tray on the floor and sits down in front of it. He hands me a mug of cocoa and I take a bite of a cookie while looking at all the clothes and shoes on the floor. 'Harry, where can I put all my things?' I ask him while swallowing a chewed up piece of cookie. 'I'll make space for all your things. You sure do have a lot of clothes and stuff.' He says staring at all my clothes on the floor. Harry finishes his cocoa and goes over to his wardrobe and makes space for my things. I hope everything of mine fits. I've got over fifty pairs of shoes, a numerous amount of bags and so much clothes. Harry starts packing my shoes into his wardrobe as I finish my hot cocoa. I get my underwear into one of the drawers. I accidently drop a black and red lingerie on the floor and Harry picks it up. 'Maybe I'll see you in this sometime soon!' Harry says with a smirk handing the lingerie back to me. I look at him and laugh putting the lingerie in the drawer and closing it. I walk over to harry and puts my arms around his neck, while he puts his hands on my hips. 'One day Mr Styles! Control yourself and your mr down there.' I say putting my hand by his crotch area and rubbing it. I walk away with a smrik on my face. Wondering what's going on in his head and in his pants right now. I giggle to myself before closing the door to the bathroom. 'I'm going to take a bath Harry.' I say poking my head around the corner of the open door. I undress and realize I forgot my hair shampoo, bodywash, face wash in Harry's room. I quickly wrap the towel around my body and make my way to the bedroom getting my stuff. I scurry back to the bathroom and close the door and drop the towel on the floor. I get into the bath and put my earphones in my ears, listening to 'Simon Curtis - Flesh.' I sing along and move to the music. Before I knew it, I open my eyes to see Harry in the bath with me. I didn't even feel him get in. Luckily there are bubble in the bathtub, so he can't seen anything. I get such a fright, knocking my iPhone into the bathtub and hearing no music play in my ears. I look at Harry narrowing my eyes, and he's just sitting in the bath oppisite me, smirking. I search for my phone at the bottom of the bathtub, just hoping it hasn't gone near Harry's manhood. I swipe my hand around under the water and I feel it laying by Harry's thigh. Harry just sits there and laughs at me. I am afraid to even go near his thigh with my hand, just incase I touch something else other than my dead soaked iPhone. 'Harry, get my phone by your thigh please.' I ask nicely. He looks at me and smiles, while I'm trying to cover my boobs. 'If you want it, come get it yourself.' He says cheekily. I look at him and I put my left arm over my boobs, not like there is much to look at though. I put my right arm under the water and guide my hand to where my iPhone is. I swipe my hand where I remember it laying but its not there anymore. I guide my hand under the water again and I feel it, its right by Harry's crothch area. I carefully guide my hand to get it and by accident I tocuh Harry's balls. I quickly take my hand out from under the water holding my warm iPhone in my hand. I look at it and drop it on the small table next to the bathtub. I look at Harry and he looks back at me, like that 'I want you know look.' He washes up and gets out of the bath. I close my eyes as he covers his body with the towel. He goes out of the bathroom and back to his bedroom. I wash up and get out the bath and wrap my pink towel around my body. I brush my teeth and go into the bedroom to get dressed into my pajamas. I walk in the bedroom and Harry is laying on his bed wearing black tight briefs that shows his package perfectly, while reading a book. I open the underwear drawer and take out a black lace bra and pantie. I put my panties on under the towel, cause I know Harry is peeping over the top of the book, staring at me getting dressed. I drop the towel and ut my bra on and get dressed into my winter pajamas. 'Would you like some tea before you go to bed Harry?' I ask him. 'Yes please.' He says following me down to the kitchen. I make the tea and go back up to Harry's room and get onto the bed. I put the tea cups on the nightstand and I lift the book Harry is reading and I see his iPhone, screen down under the book. I take his iPhone and swipe my finger across the screen and I see he is looking at the photo of him and me that Niall took at the photo shoot. I look the photo and think to myself how such a cute couple we make. I smile and put his phone down on the bed and the book back ontop of it. Harry walks back into the bedroom and gets into the bed and drinks his tea. 'Harry's POV I look at her sipping on her tea, reading a magazine. He neckline, jawline, her lips, her eyes, her nose, her everything. I want to so badly make love to her, but I'm scared to make the first move, because she could reject me. I love this girl, she gets me, I get her, we get each other. She's beautiful and perfect to me, even her flaws, and even if she doesn't think of herself as beauitful. She is to me.' We finish our tea and get under the duvet on the bed. I lie on my side and I feel Harry's arm wrap around me and we intertwine out fingers together. He puts his one leg between my legs and kisses my neck softly. 'Goodnight beautiful.' Harry says leaning over me and kisses my cheek. 'Goodnight handsome.' I say with a smile.
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