New Beginning

Kirsty is the girl that all the guys want, that all the girls want to look like and who everybody hates but secretly loves. She had a boyfriend, great friends, but when things start to go from amazing to horrible, she knows its time for a life change. She moves to New York City to start over. She moves in to her very own Manhattan apartment, gets and internship at Teen Vogue, makes friends. She hits the big time when she meets 5 guys who change her life forever. Does she live her life as a normal girl trying to find her place in the world? Or live her life as a celebrity she is about to become?


4. Internship Interview at Teen Vogue....

Hey to all the readers I have reading my fan-fic. This chapter is a bit longer than the first three chapters. So hope you like this one. Please can you comment and ask questions about the chapters so far and what you think will happen in the next and what you want to happen in the next chapters to. Please check out my blog posts to see what the Characters look like. So you can get more of a feel of the book. Follow @NewBeginningFan for update, quotes and more about the book.

Enjoy reading...

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It is a good cold day in New York this morning, raining, cloudy and a little misty. From the few days of having hot weather, to this, I couldn't have asked for better weather today. As I lay in bed staring at the ceiling, rubbing my eyes I hear my BlackBerry ring. Its my mom. Its 6:00am and she's calling, hearing her voice will definitely make my day.

"Hey mom. You know you can be glad I'm awake or I wouldn't be taking to you right now! I miss you and dad so much. How are you? I say to my mom in-between a yawn.

"My baby girl. I miss hearing your voice and seeing you everyday. Come home!!! My mom says. "
Why are you awake so early anyway? Its 6:00am there right?" She asks.
"I'm good, missing you, busy with work. And you? My mom says.

"I miss you too mom!! Especially the coffee you brought me in bed every morning. Now I make it myself. I've got an interview at Teen Vogue this morning at 9:30am, so I'm pretty excited about it." I say excitedly.

"My little girl is finally growing up, I'm proud. What interview are you going for Kirst?" My mom asks.

"Just an internship job mom. I will let you and dad know how it goes. But you sound excited, I think its for me, but please tell?" I say back excitedly.

"Good luck for the interview my baby. I will tell you the good news when your dad and I call you later. I'm going into a meeting now. Love and miss you lots." She says in a hurry.

"Thanks mom. Love and miss you too. Bye." I say back quickly.

I hang up the phone and put my phone back on the night stand. I get out of bed, stretch and make my way to the kitchen for my daily caffeine fix. The coffee is done and I make my way back to my bedroom and into my walk-in closet. I have so much clothes that are hanging up. I take out a black Chanel dress, its just above the knee but my thighs show a little. I get a pair of gold Christian Louboutin heels, no outfit is complete without them. Black and gold sequenced blazer, have to have a little bling. Gold chunky ring with a black heart in the middle, and a black Chanel bag. My outfit is done and now to go shower.

I finish showering, wrap the towel around my body and go into my closet and slip on my black lace underwear on my smooth body, clip my bra in and adjust my boobs. They aren't big or small, they are normal size, like a B cup. But I would want to go a C cup in the near future.

I walk out of my closet and right into the kitchen for my second mug of coffee. I am a coffee addict, coffee is my drug. Apart from One Direction and Justin Bieber being my first drug of choice.

It has been a while since I really could be myself. Like I was myself back in South Africa, but only a small part though. But here in New York, it feels I can do that. I can't wait to meet new people and begin to live my life, my new chapter of it anyway. I grew up in a small family, I'm the only child, but while I was growing up I always wanted a little sister or brother. It was awesome being the only child, but I would have loved to have a sibling. The reason I left South Africa to come to New York was because everyone I knew and that knew me just started drifting apart. My boyfriend at the time cheated on me with my best friend and one of my other friends. Him and I dated for five years and we were happy until we weren't. My best friend and I were friends since we were in diapers. We were inseparable. We did everything together. She was like my sister but not in blood though. When I heard about what happened, I went into depression and wanted to kill myself, just to think that my boyfriend and two of my friends slept together. I got out of the depression stage of my life and decided a new start is what I need to go on with my life. So here I am, in New York City, the perfect place to start over.

I go back to my bedroom which is very dark still, so I open the curtains and open the windows to let light and air come into this room.

"That's better." I say to myself clapping my hands together. I walk over to my dresser, switch my hair iron on and get it ready for after blow drying my hair. It takes me forever to do my hair, its long, like middle of my back long. I finally finish my hair dried and straightened. I put my hair into middle path and curl the ends a little.

I get my make-up done. Black eye make-up, going for the smokey eye look, but with a little gold to liven up my eyes. Put eyeliner on and some blsuh and lipgloss. I get up from my dresser and into my walk-in to get dressed.

I'm dressed and take my last gulp of coffee then go and brush my teeth. I get my bag, put everything I need inside; lip gloss, tampons, comb, phone and make sure I have my resemé to give to the editor in chief of Teen Vogue.

Its already 8:30am and I'm still dawdling around my apartment trying to see if I have everything I need. I get everything and go down to the lobby of the apartment building and give Charles, the doorman, a salad and vitamin water, for him to eat.

Its still raining outside, clouds are all dark grey, all the roads are wet. Such perfect cuddle weather. But I'm going for an interview, how great. And I don't have anyone to cuddle with, that just makes it worse. I go outside, open my umbrella and hail for a cab. One immediately stops and I get in.

"4 Times Square please. Can you make it fast. I need to be there quickly." I say to the cab driver.

Before I knew it we were on our way to Teen Vogue offices. It smells in the cab, like a taco smell or something. I get my phone out of my bag and check the time. Its 8:50am and we are only half way there. So to pass time I decide to check Twitter and maybe tweet something.

I check my timeline, and see a tweet from Justin Bieber.

"@justinbieber: New York City here I come. See you all soon."

"I wonder what he's coming to do in New York." I think to myself.

I browse through more of my timeline and see a tweet from Zayn.

"@zaynmalik: NYC weather is strange. First few days hot and now cold weather and rain."

I still can't believe One Direction are in NYC. I still have no idea what they are doing here. But I guess I'll find out soon enough.

"@KirstyRobertsNY: Interview at @TeenVogue at 9:30am and I'm stuck in traffic. But so excited for this. My chance to do what I love; fashion and beauty."

I sent the tweet and it appears on the top of my timeline. I close twitter and put my phone back in my bag. I look outside to see Times Square. So many people, so many lights and so many cars and cabs. The cab comes to a dead stop and I look out the cab window and I see the building Teen Vogue is in. I hand the driver the money for the ride and get out of the cab.

"Good morning. May I help you?" They young looking blonde secretary asks me.

"Yes. I am here to see Amy Astley about the internship interview." I say back to her.

She gets out of the chair and shows me to Amy Astley's office where the interview will take place. Its a really nice office. White desk, big windows that look directly onto Times Square, as line of black and gold drawers that lead all the way under the windows. I want an office like this one day.

Its only 9:15 and I'm sitting here waiting like a lost person. While I'm waiting for Amy, I take my phone out of my bag and go to Twitter. I have five followers so far, its a start I guess.

"@KirstyRobertsNY: I'm in Amy Astley's office at @TeenVogue :D So pretty <3. Almost time for my interview. Wish me luck. :) xo"

In time I put my BlackBerry in my bag, is when Amy walks into her office with her laptop and Starbucks coffee in her hand. I stand up put my dress right and greet her.

"You must be Kirsty Roberts? Nice to meet you. I'm Amy Astley, Editor in chief of Teen Vogue." She says with a big smile, while sitting behind her desk.

"Yes I am. It is such an honor to meet you Amy. You are my role model. I love the work you do." I say sitting down in the chair.

"Where are you from? What high school did you attend and what are the subjects you took?" Amy says sipping on her Starbucks and looking at my resemé.

"I'm originally from South Africa, Cape Town. The mother city. I attended Consatina Waldorf High School and I graduated last year. I look English, Afrikaans, French, Journalism Ed, Math, Arts and Culture and Design." I say with a smile.

"Activities you did at high school?" Amy asks looking at me and smiling.

"I was the editor in chief for our schools' local magazine; Waldorf Daily. The first student-run fashion and local school newspaper. Prior to becoming editor, I was the editor in chief for the annual yearbook. I am also a blogger for my Tumblr blog." I say back.

"I saw you were involved in a magazine as well, could you tell me a little more about that?" Amy says folding her arms and sitting back in her chair.

"Waldorf Daily for the students of Consatine Waldorf that was founded in 2010. It is completely student-run, so all writers, stylists, photographers and designers are high school students. We use runway and what was happening in the school as inspiration and create content that is relevant to the students at the school. We strive to keep the surrounding community in mind; we feature local business and their merchandise in fashion spreads, articles and advertisements. Our staff are passionate about bringing style, beauty and school activities to the Consatina Waldorf community with fresh, relatable content. Waldorf Daily is amazing for students to get real-life experience, as many of our staff have held at major publications." I say taking a breath of air.

"What made you apply to be an intern at Teen Vogue and some of your best experiences at your other editor in chief positions?" Amy ask smiling.

"I worked in the beauty department of Seventeen magazine last summer and for my mom at her job as a stylist, and quickly fell in love with beauty. I have been an avid reader of Teen Vogue since is conception, so it is natural that I would go to a magazine I love. The beauty department receives products before they hit stores so I love trying new products and blogging about them on my blog. I am really into glitter and neon nail polish, so my nails are always painted crazy colors. I am starting to really get into my skincare regimen-premature aging is not in my plans anytime soon. The beauty terms of both Seventeen magazine and Teen Vogue are comprised of incredibly inspiring woman and I have learned so much from both of them." I say nervously taking a breath of air.

"Your fashion/beauty inspiration?" Amy asks sipping on her Starbucks.

"I am inspired daily by real woman and teens. I was in Starbucks recently and I started discussing beauty products with an older woman. There was an instant connection when she realized we both loved Mac make-up products and the Nors Cap Ferat eye shadow trio. Beauty connects woman, no matter the age. It is universal; even the simplest of woman, who may only use a dab of concealer and a swipe of mascara, will indeed connect with you when you discuss brands, products, what they like/dislike etc. I love the beauty of the sixties. The bright poppy colors, the innocent-yet-sexy cat eye, spider lashes I could go on and on. I especially love Barbra Perkins in the Valley of the Dolls. If I had a muse, it would be her. Fashion inspiration? Christian Louboutin. I am lusting over their Fall collection of shoes. I think I blog daily about my want/need for their entire collection." I say smiling.

"Career plans?" Amy asks looking directly at me.

"I definitely want to continue working in beauty and fashion, whether its working in a beauty/fashion department of a magazine or in a public relations department of a brand. And I would like to pursue a career in the modeling, singing and acting industry." I say back confidentially.

"Any advice for other girls looking to score an internship at places like Teen Vogue?" Amy asks while writing something on a piece of paper.

"INTERN! Seriously, you learn skills that are invaluable as you had into the workforce after graduating from high school. It makes a difference when you can walk into an work place and show you've gone above and beyond in high school - not only in class. Follow your dreams. If you want to work in fashion or at a magazine, you can do it. Be persistent, always stay positive, and never let the fear of failure stop you from attaining your dreams." I say proudly.

Amy sits there in her chair looking at me smiling. She gets up and goes to the draws that are under the window and gets something out one of them.

"Well Kirsty, from what I have heard you say in this interview, I am really impressed! Without further a-do I am not even going to run it by anyone else, you are hired, as out very new intern. The beauty/fashion department will be lucky to have you in their team. And you will be writing articles for the magazine as well, so here you go." Amy says smiling, handing me a landyard with intern on it.

"Thank you so much. I am thrilled, grateful and so excited to be working here. Do you mean I get my own column in the magazine?" I say standing up to shake Amy's hand.

"We will be proud to have you. Welcome to the Teen Vogue team Kirsty. And yes I do mean you will have your own column. You start on Monday, next week." Amy says handing back my resemè.

"Thank you. I will see you on Monday then Amy." I say making my way out of her office.

I go outside of the that Teen Vogue is in and stand outside for a while to take this all in. I get my phone out of my bag and continue to walk till I get to the edge of the sidewalk. I shout for a taxi and three stop for me. I get in the one that is right in front of me and call my mom and dad to tell them the good news.

I finish up the phone call to my parents. My mom started crying when I told her, they are so proud of me. The goodness they had for me is that my mom is pregnant. I am finally going to have a baby sister or brother.

I go to the Twitter app and I have to tweet the good news to my five followers. How lucky am I to have five followers. NOT!!

"@KirstyRobertsNY: I have the internship at @TeenVogue :D So happy! I am treating myself to a late lunch and a shopping spree! :) #Shooooes"

I tweet another tweet, just maybe I gain a few more followers. I doubt it though.

"@KirstyRobertsNY: I need a new username. Let me start thinking. :) #ThinkingTweet

I put my phone back in my bag and wait for my apartment, and then go to lunch and a shopping spree.
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