New Beginning

Kirsty is the girl that all the guys want, that all the girls want to look like and who everybody hates but secretly loves. She had a boyfriend, great friends, but when things start to go from amazing to horrible, she knows its time for a life change. She moves to New York City to start over. She moves in to her very own Manhattan apartment, gets and internship at Teen Vogue, makes friends. She hits the big time when she meets 5 guys who change her life forever. Does she live her life as a normal girl trying to find her place in the world? Or live her life as a celebrity she is about to become?


5. First day at Teen Vogue...

Hey all my readers. Thank you so much for reading and liking my fan-fic so far. It really means a lot to me :') I would really like to know where my readers come from, so If you want, just include what country you're from in your comment.

This chapter is dedicated to 'onedirection_k' thanks for the comment. And I will think about having a Harry and Liam love triangle.

Hope you like this chapter. :)

Its Monday morning. The big day has finally arrived for me to begin my internship at Teen Vogue. I am beyong excited, I'm thrilled, overwhelmed. Ok, no words can describe what I'm feeling.

I do the last of my make-up and I'm done getting ready. I slip on my black Christian Louboutin heels that make me look a little taller than I am. I grab my Louis Vuitton bag and make my way to the elevator.

I press the down arrow button, but the elevator didn't come down. After five minutes of waiting, I press the button again and again. When I hear a soft spoken, but really deep voice come up behind me.

"You'll break it if you do that any harder!" The guy says jokingly.

I jump around facing the guy with the voice that came out of nowhere.

"Oh my gosh, you scared me! Didn't your mom teach you not to sneak up on a girl?" I ask a little scared but jokingly.

"Oh honey, guys do it tome all the time. So don't be afraid. I'm Kyle Jones. Nice to meet you. I haven't seen you around here before." He says holding out his hand.

Is he gay or just saying that to not make me feel afraid? Well if he's gay, he is my new best friend. I love gay guys, they are a single girls safety net, shopping buddy, girl friend, but also a guy friend, and a friend for life. I had a gay best friend when I lived in South Africa. His name is Brad, we were friends ever since middle school, then he left me in 12th grade and moved to LA.

"I'm Kirsty Roberts. Nice to meet you Kyle. I'm new to the city. I'm from South Africa. And I'm new to this apartment as well. I live in number 36." I say back shaking his hand.

"South Africa hey? That's a shit country! No offense love. You live right new door to me, I live in number 35." He says with a smile. "Where are you headed?" He asks curiously.

Oh god, he's gay. He must be the guy that I heard having sex with another guy the other night. I'm blessed. My very first friend/person I just met that happens to be a gay guy. Yay me!!

"No offense taken hun. I hate the contry too, one of the many reasons I left." I explain to him. "I'm going to Teen Vogue. I start my internship today." I say excitedly with a huge smile.

"Finally a person that works at the same place I do and lives in the same apartment building as I do, that I have ever made friends with." He says. "I'm an intern as well. I've been there for eight months already." He says. "Do you want to catch a ride with me? The driver will be here in 5?" He asks me smiling.

"Yeah please. It will beat catching a ride with a cab. Thank you so much." I say smiling.

The elevator finally arrives and we both get in and down we go. We get into the lobby and make out way to the big glass doors of the building.

"Excuse me Miss Roberts, this cane for you." The doorman says handing me a Manila envelope.

"Thank you Charles." Taking the envelope and running to catch up to Kyle.

We arrive at Teen Vogue offices. I step out of the luxury black Range Rover and walk straight to the entrance of the elevators. Kyle and I walk to the entrance of Teen Vogue and I get my phone out and take a picture of the Teen Vogue logo on the wall. I go to Twitter and I see I have thirteen followers already. Its a start. I'm getting there.

( I changed Kirsty's Twitter username to @Kirsty__Roberts )

"@Kirsty__Roberts: My very first day at @TeenVogue :D I'm so excited:D And I met a gay guy today, Kyle :) Great day so far:) #Smile Bye..."

I walk straight to Amy's office where I see her sitting at her desk drinking Starbucks coffee, and talking on the phone. I knock first and she looks at me standing at the entrance to her office. She shakes her hand telling me to enter her office. I walk over to the white leather chair in front of her desk and sit. She finishes on the phone and take another sip of her Starbucks.

"Morning Amy. Sorry for bothering you. I just want to know where the intern offices are? So I know where I'll be working?" I ask her.

"Morning Kirsty. Not a problem. I'll take you on a tour of this place, so you know where everything is and how everything works and so fourth." She says standing up from her chair and taking her iPhone.

"You should really get one of these." She says showing me her iPhone.

I look at the black elegant looking mobile phone in her hand, its so pretty and it will suit me better than I BlackBerry I think.

Amy takes me on a tour of Teen Vogue. This place is huge, I didn't know it would be. Amy went back to her office and I went to the intern office, where I will be working in. There are about four other interns in the office. At least I don't have to work in a crowded office. I sit down at my desk, turn on the Mac desktop computer and log into my Twitter account. I look around and everyone is taking to each other. Kyle comes over to my desk and looks at me with a questioning look.

"Stand up babe, so I can introduce you to everyone." He whispers.

I stand up and Kyle takes my hand and takes me to the front of the room.

"Everyone meet the new intern. She's all the way from South Africa. She's new to the city and I think we need to show her around. I present to you, Kirsty Roberts." He says smiling at me.

I just look at him, hang my head and laugh.

"Well thank you for that fine introduction Kyle." I say with a giggle.

"Hi everyone. Nice to meet all of you. Glad to be here." I say with a little wave.

"Hi I'm Britney. Nice to meet you." She says giving me a hug.

"Hey there, I'm Lesley. Nice to meet you. I'm also new here. So you won't have to feel alone. Welcome to the team." She says hugging me.

"Hi I'm Amber. Nice to meet you." She says shaking me hand.

She doesn't look very impressed that I'm here but who the fuck gives a damn? I don't. Bitch.

I make my way back to my desk. And I see an IM. Its from Amy.

"Hope you enjoy your office and colleagues. Hope you have a good day."

I smile at the IM, she's such a nice and caring person. Glad to have her as my boss.

"Thank you so much Amy. I'm sure I'll fit in here. Same to you. xo."

I hit send and close the chat. I browse through my computer to check the programs, my new email account. I get another IM, its from Kyle.

"You look bored! Wanna grab something to eat in the cafeteria? Just you and me."

"Sure, why not. I just need to swing by Amy's office and tell her I'm going to the cafeteria."

We both go to Amy's office and she's not in there. Instead there is Teen Vogue Style Editor, Andrew Bevan, taking to three girls. They're probably models, judging how tall and skinny they are. So I don't even go into the office, I just turn around and walk right into Amy.

"Oh shit, I'm so sorry Amy. That was so clumsy of me. And so stupid for not looking where I was going. I say in shock.

"Its fine. It was a mistake." Ame says laughing. "I assume you're looking for me, what can I do for you?" She asks.

"May I go tot the cafeteria to grab something to eat?" I nervously ask.

"Yeah sure you can. Just wait for a second." Amy sais going into her office.

She comes and gives me a company card to pay with at the cafeteria. We make out way to the Elevators and I see Hailey Jones, walk right past me. The gorgeous model that is known all around the world. I wish she was my best friend. She's so beautiful.

We get down to the cafeteria, its so beautiful. First of all it is bigger than my high school cafeteria and it has everything you can think of: Hamburgers, Sushi, Pasta, Salad, Sandwiches, Starbucks products and whole trays of desserts. And the seats are all sofa-rounds table'ish with amazing 'I don't know how to explain' "glass things from the floor to the ceiling.

I get my BlackBerry and take a picture of this cafeteria. While standing in line waiting to get food, I go to Twitter and see what's happening.

"@Kirsty__Roberts: Look at the @TeenVogue cafeteria :') It's beautiful!!! Standing in line to get something to eat. #HungryTweet

"I can't believe you still have a BlackBerry. Girl, get into the modern time of technology." Kyle says showing me his iPhone.

"Hey, its my baby! Don't go hating on my BlackBerry. It seems like everyone here has an iPhone." I say giggling.

"Are you working tomorrow?" Kyle asks. "Cause we need to go get you an iPhone missy." Kyle says tapping my head.

"I'll let you know hun." I say moving forward in line.

I get sushi to eat for lunch. I love sushi, its the best food ever. We find a table, sit down and eat lunch. I look up and I see Eva Chen, Beauty Editor at Teen Vogue, walk right past me and smiles at me too. That is just absolutely amazing.

I go back to the office after lunch and get some work done. I need to do research for an article I'm writing which will be in at the end of the day. So I'm doing great at my new job, and I love it.

Its almost time to go home. It was such a busy day. I get my bad, turn off my computer and walk to the elevator with Kyle to do home. I get into the crowded elevator and get the manila envelope that my door man handed me this morning.

"Kirsty I'm in New York, trying to find you. And I will find you sooner or later. Watch your back."

I stare at the letter for about five minutes and think who this letter is from. While I'm in deep thought I get interrupted by the ding of the elevator. I walk out and head for the doors to the Range Rover.

"What's wrong Kirsty? Kyle asks. You were awfully quiet on the drive home." Kyle says.

"Look at that letter I got this morning." I say handing the letter to Kyle as we walk into my apartment.

"Fuck, this is freaky shit. Just forget about it and chuck it in the trash. You and I are going out tonight, to a club to meet some of my friends. Go and get ready. Oh, Hailey Jones will be there by the way." Kyle says walking out of my apartment.

"Ooooooh yay. See you later honey." I say closing the door.

I get myself some apple juice from the refrigerator and take my bag, and go to my bedroom to get ready for tonight. I take my phone put some music on and go run the bath water. I put mint and line bubbles in the bath and get in. While I'm laying in the bath, I get a text from Amy.

"You like One Direction right? Well if you do, I need you to come to the photo shoot at the office on Wednesday morning at 9:00am. I will fill you in on the details then. xx Amy."

I read the text twice to see if I am reading it correctly. Amy wants me? Me to be at a photo shoot with One Direction? I am beyong fucking excited. I cannot wait.

I get out the bath, get an outfit to wear tonight, do my hair and make-u and I'm done.

I go to Twitter to see if One Direction have tweeted anything about the photo shoot, and they have.

"@Kirsty__Roberts: Going to be at a photo shoot with @onedirection on Wednesday. I am so excited.:D #Excitedface:D going out with kyle. #Dance

Kyle comes and knocks on the door and we leave to go party.

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