New Beginning

Kirsty is the girl that all the guys want, that all the girls want to look like and who everybody hates but secretly loves. She had a boyfriend, great friends, but when things start to go from amazing to horrible, she knows its time for a life change. She moves to New York City to start over. She moves in to her very own Manhattan apartment, gets and internship at Teen Vogue, makes friends. She hits the big time when she meets 5 guys who change her life forever. Does she live her life as a normal girl trying to find her place in the world? Or live her life as a celebrity she is about to become?


2. Arriving in New York City...

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Excuse me Miss, we are landing in New York in 15 minutes, please be prepared for landing." The air hostess says to me while waking me up.

I wake up tangled up in wires from my earphones. I untangle the wires from my neck and arm and put them and my iPod back in my handbag. I try and remember what the air hostess said to me while waking me up, but nothing came to me.

"Please can all passengers fasten your seat belts, we are prepared to land at JFK Airport. Thank you." The blonde air hostess says over the intercom.

I fasten the seat belt around my pelvic area and be prepared for landing. I look out my window and I could see New York City clearly, the sky line, the lights, the buildings. It was the most beautiful city I have ever seen in my life.

The airplane finally comes to a stop. I un-buckle my safety belt and wait until the air hostess or pilot says we may start collecting out things and get off the plane. I look around checking if I have everything, and wait for the announcement.

"Good Evening ladies and gentlemen. We have landed at JFK Airport. Hope you had a safe and comfortable flight. You may collect your things and get off the plane. Thank you for flying with Emirates Airlines." The pilot says over the intercom.

I stand up and stretch. My legs and arse are totally numb. I open the compartment above me and collect my carry on bags. I get my handbag, put it over my shoulder and start walking to the airplane door to exit. I get off the plane with some people pushing and shoving at the back of me.

I follow everyone off the plane to get my luggage on the conveyor belts and that is such a pain. My luggage always comes out last or in ones. One bag here and one bag there. Its super annoying. I stand at the conveyor belts waiting for one last bag to come. I wait about 5 minutes and there I see it arrive. It was the last bag to come through. I take it and get a luggage cart and put all my bags on it, and make my way to customs.

"Anything to declare miss?" A fat but tall security guard asks me.

"Um... No I don't have anything to declare sir. But you can check my bags, if you want to." I say to him with a small smile.

"Its alright miss. Where are you from and what are you coming to do in New York?" He asks me inquisitively.

"I'm here from South Africa, I'm coming to live her sir. Start my life over. If you know what I mean." I say back.

"From South Africa hey? Well I wish you all the best here Miss." He says back smiling.

They take all my bags and put them on the conveyor belt that leads to the baggage collection point. The man let's me walk through and go into the airport terminal where my bags are at. I walk over the conveyor belt and get all my bags. I have the same luggage cart for my luggage, put my bags on it and make my way to the doors that lead into the main terminal. I walk out and look around, it is the most busiest terminals I have seen before. People walking everywhere, talking, moving around. I felt a little light headed, I sit on one of the benches they have in the terminal. I start thinking.

*Thought* 'If it is the busy in the airport, how is it going to be beyond the exit doors to this place?'

I stand up slowly and begin to walk to the exit, while pushing my luggage cart. I get outside, and luckily there are taxi cabs. I walk over to one of them and the driver looks at me.

"Where to Miss?" He asks me in a harsh tone of voice.

"Would you kindly help me with my luggage please? I'm going to 435 E 79th Street, Manhattan." I say smiling putting a piece of paper nervously back in my handbag.

The driver steps out of the cab. He looks so angry and with the accent he has, he is a mexican. He helped me with my luggage and carefully put my bags in the trunk of the cab. I get in and put my carry on bags I had on the plane, on the back seat of the cab. I get my BlackBerry from my handbag, put my new sim card in and switch my phone back on.

We are driving to my apartment my parents bought me in Manhattan, Upper East Side. Its really fancy by the looks from the photos I saw. I take in all the scenery of this place, the city is so amazingly beautiful. I can't believe I'm here. Its a really long drive to my apartment and the traffic is making it even longer to get there. We halt to a stop.

"We're here Miss!" The cab driver shouts from the front of the cab breaking the silence.

"Oh thank goodness. How much will that be?" I ask him in a scared tone of voice.

"$100 miss." He says holding out his hand.

"Here you go." I say stepping out the cab.

I walk to the trunk of the cab, and get all my luggage. I put each bag on the sidewalk and sighs. I look up and the only apartment with the lights on is mine, on the 9th floor. I walk to the big glass doors of the apartment building and ask the doorman to help me with my bags. He takes my bags and walks into the lobby of the building. I gaze up and look around. Its so stunning. White marble floors, beige walls, modern artwork hanging on the walls, nice looking couches in the corner of the lobby and a very nice desk where the doorman must sit or something.

The doorman leaves my bags in front of the silver elevator doors and goes back to the desk and gets the keys to my apartment. I push the 'up arrow button' and the elevator doors open. I quickly put all my luggage into the elevator, out of breath, I get into the elevator and push the glowing button with a 9 on it. The doors close and the elevator shakes a little and goes up.

The elevator dings and the silver doors open, I throw my bags out of the elevator, cause I don't want the doors to close and I'm still inside and go down or up and leave my bags in the corridor. I throw the last bag out and jump out, of the elevator in time for the doors to close.

The corridor is long, beige walls, lights shining brightly, almost blinding me and a few pot plants here and there. I take two bags at a time and look at each door I pass for my apartment number. I finally reach the end of the corridor and the last door is my apartment. I slide the shiny key into the door and there is was as I swung the door open. My beautiful new home, fully furnished with the latest technology, stunning furniture and a whole lot of light. I go the rest of my bags and put them all in the bedroom. Its already 9:00pm and I'm not even tired yet. I know they say things about jetlag, but I don't know what the big problem is about that. I start unpacking all my clothes into my walk in wardrobe and get all the other stuff in places I know where everything is. I'm done doing all the things that needed to be done. Now I'm tired, I get undressed and get into my silk pink pajamas and get my BlackBerry, get into bed and text my parents that I got here safely. I sent the text and drift off to sleep.
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