Dark teacher.

You may not know me, my name is Valerie . For years ive been called the neighborhood slut. Its tru tho, i have sex with men . I lost my virginity at age 14 i didnt expect to. I would have a guy only as a one night stand. I wouldnt want a boyfriend. So i turned down each of them. Can anyone ever stop me.?
.... Thats until he came. Harry styles. The sexiest , yet darkest teacher you have ever met. He changed me into a more certain girl.


3. You cant change me.

He roughly pulled me closer to him. After what he said i didnt want to have sex with him anymore. "Let go." I said as he held on to my waist . "Id like to show u how it is to have a night stand with me the darkest person." He said. I was all shocked. "Ill protect every girl i love even you ." He said. But i barely met this guy.! He kissed my neck making me moan. "You dont know the real me yet valerie, im sure u would like to meet the real me." He said . "I--...." "Shhh babe." He said interrupting me. He grinded against me from behind as he sucked on my neck. "S-stop we cant do it here." I said. "Then lets go to my place." He said in his deepest tone. I homestly didnt want to go with this dude to his place. "No." I said releasing. "What do u finally have a problem with one night stands." He asked. Something inside me teard apart. It wasnt just my virginity from age 14 but it was my heart. He was right. What i was doinfg my whole life was wrong. I could have been pregnant. What i do all my life was wrong. "So you finally understand." He interrupted me from me daydreaming. Tears began to form. I didnt even want to have sex with this man anymore. "I was just testing u when i was on you . I wanted ro see how u would react. And now u understand." He said, i began to cry putting my hands over my face. "I know i was wrong i just wish i could relive and rewind and start over." I cried . I felt someone pulling me towards a hug. It was styles. "Its alright." He said. "I can change you , we cant just be together because we just met." He said. I nodded. "No one can change me." I said. "I know i can well at least i can try." He said.
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