Dark teacher.

You may not know me, my name is Valerie . For years ive been called the neighborhood slut. Its tru tho, i have sex with men . I lost my virginity at age 14 i didnt expect to. I would have a guy only as a one night stand. I wouldnt want a boyfriend. So i turned down each of them. Can anyone ever stop me.?
.... Thats until he came. Harry styles. The sexiest , yet darkest teacher you have ever met. He changed me into a more certain girl.


2. The teacher is darker.

The bell rang and i had no hurry out the door when mr. Styles called my name. "Ehh valerie stay here." He said. "Ill text you later." I said to my other friend daniela. "Kayy have fun." She said and walked out. I walked up to mr. Styles desk. Oh how much i would love it if we could just do it right here right now.! "Yes mr. Styles.!" I said. "You got a failing grade.! Im dissappointed so im putting you up for tutoring. Your grades arent acceptable." He said in such a dark voice. "I understand sir." I said. "Good lets get started." He said. I grinned and put my bags down and i realised i got every boys attention by bending down. So i quickly bend down.

Styles pov•
What is wrong with this girl.!

Valerie pov•
I didnt feel anything so i got up and sat down dissappointed at my failed action. "Ok so what dont you know about history." He asked.
"Uhmm everything basically." I said. "Wow this is gonna be a long day." He said. I quickly looked into his eyes smiling. "What ." He said. Honestly i never complimented on a boy before. "Your eyes are so pretty." I said. "Hmm i thought youd be more of a nasty girl than a girl that compliments." He said. Woah woah woah hold the fuk up.! "Well.! Im pretty.!" I said . He got me so angry. "Hahaha tell me how many guys sleep with you.!" He said. "THATS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS." I screamed. "Well you know i can suspend u ." He said. Who the hell does teacher think he is.! "STOP GOD YOU ARE SO NOT THE TEACHER I EXPECTED YOU TO BE." I said. "What, you thought i was going to be NICE. And fall for your ACTIONS, and have SEX with u and be your BOYFRIEND.!" He whispered in my ear. Anger boiled inside of me. "Ugh . Im done with u .! " i said getting up. "No i can be way different than that." He interrupted. "What." I hissed. "I can be darker than ever, i can actually help you with your problem and be your worst nightmare at the same time, i can be your boyfriend but im not gonna be your one night stand" he said. How does he know all this. "Look uhhh just forget it." I said. "Thats what u were thinking of me when u first saw me huh, you looked at me a if u wanted to have sex with me and be your one night stand huh.?" He said. I flinched as he placed his hand on my face. "Well let me show u how it is to have a one night stand with me." He said.
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