Dark teacher.

You may not know me, my name is Valerie . For years ive been called the neighborhood slut. Its tru tho, i have sex with men . I lost my virginity at age 14 i didnt expect to. I would have a guy only as a one night stand. I wouldnt want a boyfriend. So i turned down each of them. Can anyone ever stop me.?
.... Thats until he came. Harry styles. The sexiest , yet darkest teacher you have ever met. He changed me into a more certain girl.


7. Need more attention, he cant tell me what to do.


i got out the counselors office and got outside to leave. School was over like 1 or 2 hours ago. I sighed and sat on the bench. "Mind telling me what happened." A dark husky voice said behind me. "Non of your business" i snapped. I swear i was fucking pissed at him and everyone else. "So after i tried helping you, you have sex with a man again.?" He said, ok hes gonna get it. "WHO THE FUCK DO U THINK YOU ARE.? YOU DONT FUCKING OWE ME YOU ARE JUST MY TEACHER BUT IN SCHOOL.! STAY OUT OF MY LIFE I NEVER ASKED FOR YOU TO COME IN MY LIFE.!" I screamed, he smirked . "Fine, i get it, i know why you are mad, its because of what i said." Harry smirked. "I uh.." I felt water burn my eyes. " i know why i got turned down and i understand very well to teach u how it really is to love." He said. And with that i walked away.


i was walking down the street when a sign across said "dirty dancers help needed" 

i walked in and saw a buff guy. "Excuse me where do u think u going.!" He said blocking. "Im here to try out.?" I said more rather of a question. "Oh ok back here and try this on." He said leading me backstage and giving me a bra and a skirt. Alright. " you got 10 mins so hurry." He said. I quickly got dressed an looked at myself. "So i got the part.?" I said. "Yup u did.!" He said. Great.! Im a stripper. I had to admit i looked quite sexy. "Alright huddle huddle." The guy said. "We have a new girl valerie , now remember you guys will get paid $20 an hour plus what the guys throw at you." He said. "Hi." This girl with curly red hair said. "Hi mi names val what yours.?" I asked. "Cassie .!" She said with a big grin. "Ok out u go!" The guy said giving us the signal. I went out and saw guys cheering. I was lost. "Just go over there to your spot on that pole and dance." Cassie said. I walked over to the pole and walked around it. "Ooo we got a young one.!" A guy said . I smiled and swinged around the pole. I put my leg around the pile and swing some more. I look over to cassie who had taken off her bra, she winked and signaled me to take mines off. I unclasped my bra and heard more cheering. "OH MY GOD" i heard a guy scream jerking off. Bleh. I look over to the first row and see the most calmed guy there. He has the dark curls and the bright green eyes.  Oh no it cant be ... Harry.! I swing onemore time   and see him grin more . I was too embarrassed to continued so i walked out. "Hey whats wrong.?" The guy asked not bothering to check out my exposed body i guess he was used to his job. "I need to go home pronto." I said. "Mkay just change and be back tomorrow you have a night shift." He said. Ok. I walked off and changed i put my jeans on and removed my hoodie and just put my shirt on leaving my boobs bounce around with no bra. I walked out of the back door where i was lead to and alley. I walked and then a dark figure towered me. I backed off. "So sexy why did u leave i was barely enjoying myself." The stranger said . I said nothing i was trapped. Suddenly he grabbed me and pushed me to the alley wall. "Get OF ME.!" I screamed but he covered my mouth. "Shut up and enjoy." He said removing my shirt. I cried . He massaged  my boobs and started licking my nipple. He removed my pants and shoved his hand into my clit. Making me cry harder. "Remember me." He said. Who is this guy. "Its me valerie , its eric." Oh my- eric. Wtf.! "Hey LEAVE HER ALONE." I heard the same husky voice from earlier say. Thank god. "OR WHAT.!" Eric yelled. I saw harry tower eric and punched him nonstop. I was panicked. I didnt know what to do. "STOP HARRY STOP." I yelled. Harry was gonna kill eric if he continued. "HARRY STOP." I pushed him off. Eric was knocked out . And i was just exposed. Harry checked me out. "Go put on your clothes." Harry said. 

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