Dark teacher.

You may not know me, my name is Valerie . For years ive been called the neighborhood slut. Its tru tho, i have sex with men . I lost my virginity at age 14 i didnt expect to. I would have a guy only as a one night stand. I wouldnt want a boyfriend. So i turned down each of them. Can anyone ever stop me.?
.... Thats until he came. Harry styles. The sexiest , yet darkest teacher you have ever met. He changed me into a more certain girl.


5. It was nothing

"Tea.?" Harry came back with two small cups of tea. "Oh thank you .!" I said grabbing the cup. I took a sip and instantly fell in love with the warmth of the tea. "Mmm." I said smiling gripping the cup of tea. There was silence aeound the room for a couple of minutes. "Uhm so...." I said. "So your grades." Harry said. He should know i only got a bad grade because of him.! "I will pay attention next time." I said. "Really because u payed attention very well today." He said. My eyes widened and i took another sip of tea. "Well.... I... Was thinking... About..uhh-" "Me." Harry said finishing. Heat rised in my face. Blushing i look away shyly. "Thats cute." Harry said. I turned around. Why is my life like this. I never asked for any of this. Im probably a sinner anyways. "I should go." I said putting the cup of tea down. Ehh but i want to finish it. "No.. Wait." He said grabbing my arm. "Yea.? I said turning. "Kiss me." Harry said. I looked down. I leaned in to kiss his cheek. But instead of smooth skin i felt a pair of lips on mine. He held on to my head kissing me . I pulled away. "Woah..." I just said woah. It was like woah no words to describe, period. "Ehh sorry." Harry said. "Its fine but... I cant be with you.." I said. I really do like him but i just dont know how it is to have a boyfriend or what love is. "Oh yea its fine ... It meant nothing anyways." He said. My heart just stopped. It didnt mean anything.? Oh... Thats.,. Ouch. I felt a little tear coming but i held it. "Bye harry." I said getting up and leaving. I CANT BELIEVE THAT HAPPEN. I... LO- LO- LOV- Lo-...... I cant even say l-o-v-e.
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