Dark teacher.

You may not know me, my name is Valerie . For years ive been called the neighborhood slut. Its tru tho, i have sex with men . I lost my virginity at age 14 i didnt expect to. I would have a guy only as a one night stand. I wouldnt want a boyfriend. So i turned down each of them. Can anyone ever stop me.?
.... Thats until he came. Harry styles. The sexiest , yet darkest teacher you have ever met. He changed me into a more certain girl.


6. I gave u what u wanted.

A strong arm grabbed hold of my waist making me yelp. A huge palm covered my mouth. As i was being pulled back , the person let go . "WTH .?..... Andy.?" I asked. "OH SO IN MR.STYLES ROOM I SEE HUH WHAT IF EVERYONE KNEW WHAT YOU DID WITH A  TEACHER HUH." He said. "Andy please no.!" I said. "I will tell unless..... You give me what you promised. " he. Chuckled. "OK FINE." I said. I didnt want anyone to know what happened between me and harry. I walked off slowly with andy holding my arm tightly. 



i walked out of the room furious  and picking up my clothes on the floor. "See u tomorrow sexy." Andy said calling out from the room. I rolled my eyes and went outside. What did i just do. I cant believe myself i told myself i would stop. Oh no. Wait till harry finds out. 



the next morning i woke up tired and exhausted . I curled my hair and put on a hoodie with some skinnys with blue converse . I put on a little make up and got my backpack and left. I walked in the cafeteria and saw the table my friend sat in. I sat down and saw people giving me "dirty" looks. "So whats up.?" I said making alissa turn around. "Oh uh hi." She said annoyed. "Something wrong.?" I asked. "You are in deep trouble valerie. " she said. "What?" I asked confused. "You know andy, well apparently he kept bragging about u and him having sex and he has a gf and well she over heard so she wants to meet you and have a fight, and i dont think we should hang out cuz then ill get picked on and i dont want that." She said. I cant believe it. My own best friend doesnt want to hang out for her own safety.? FRIENDS STICK UP FOR EACH OTH- "Hello slut." I heard a very squeaky voice from behind. I saw alissas eyes in fear and she got up and moved. I knew who it was  anyways. I chuckledand got up. "Hello to you too." I said. I saw andy standing beside her , acting innocent and shit. "Look around noone likes you whore." She said. "Your bf doesnt like you that explains wgy he wanted the sex." I said. "Just punch her already.!" Someone from the herd of crowd shouted. I smirked and waited. A sharp pain went hard on my cheek. I looked up and i pulled her hair. 


we were both on the ground kicking, pulling hair, punching each other as people from the crowd yelled, "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.!" Suddenly i felt strong arms around my waist pulling me away. I looked behind still pissed and saw ha-  i mean. Mr. Styles. "Stop its not worth it." He whiseperd as i was kicking off to go hit that bitch again. I finally calmed and found myself in front. Of thecounselor  office. Great.

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