Strange Love

Alex's life is normal, she's dating the high school hottie, she has her friends, but strange things have been stirring up. after her dad and little sisters death, nothing have been the same, like this creepy guy she sees everywhere, possibly stalking her? mysterious deaths have been occurring, her friends been acting sketchy, who can she trust? who is out to get her and why?


3. Chapter 2

He moves me so I lay down on the couch and so he is on top of me. He smiles down at me his perfect teeth and slightly red lips from all of the kissing and sucking, heat rises to my cheeks and spreads all over my body. His lips find mine, he kisses me for a while and then my neck, slightly sucking leaving soft love bites, and he kisses my sensitive spot making me moan into his neck. His hands explore their way up my shirt rubbing my breasts making me moan again. My fingertips explore his abs running up and down them, tracing them. Our hips grinding against each other. I push him away a little.

“Let’s go” I say pointing down at Izzy and Jackson.

They are enjoying each other too, I can’t tell where one of them start and the others end. Their moaning intensifies signaling we should go, Zach groans and stands up lifting me with him, my legs wrapped around his waist. He walks us up the stairs to his. I think about it for a second, we are going fast, really fast, faster than I’ve ever gone, and surprisingly I don’t mind it. Hunger for his touch washes through me, I grab my other hand around his neck to pull myself up so I can reach his neck with my mouth, I kiss his neck, his stubble tickling my lips. I find I spot and I suck. Hard, using part of my teeth. He groans.

“Alex…” he moans.

 We finally make it into his bedroom where then he sets me down on his bed.

He takes off his shirt throwing it to the ground, he climbs into the bed and he leans down and kisses my neck in that sensitive spot making me moan, he moves to my lips, he pauses, his hand tugs up my shirt reveling my stomach. Push him up so I can take off my shirt, I throw it to the ground as Zach admires my body with a grin on his face. Heat climbs to my cheeks, once again.

“You’re So Beautiful” he says.

He moves his hand to my stomach then up to my breasts, moaning I pull him closer to me so I can kiss him our tongues clashing together. I thrust my hips up to grind on his erection making him moan against my mouth making me press harder against him. I love the way it feels to have him moan against me and have our body pressed together, sweat, heartbeat, everything together.

He moves his hand down to the hem of my pants tugging down a bit. I’m not ready for that though. I’ve never actually gone all the way. I feel my nerves shiver, my hand shakily goes down and stops his.

“Not yet” I whisper. He nods, respecting me. I love that.

His lips met mine, he kisses me fiercely, and he stops to kiss my neck slowly down to my chest. He kisses down to my breasts grabbing each he kisses them both making me moan. He squeezes them and I thrust hips again against his, making him groan against my breasts, he kisses up to my neck leaving love bites on my neck, slightly sucking just under my ear. My body screaming for more I do something I never thought I would have ever done before. I bring my shaking hand down to his pants, slowly I try to unbutton his pants, my shaking hand makes it harder to do, but I get it undone. He’s surprised by my actions I can tell, he shimmies out of his pants. I reach and I feel his bulge under my hand. It’s big.  My hands are still shaking. He moans, I rub my hand up and down, doing my best with shaking hands. This is my first time ever going this far. My hand moves in a steady rhythm.

“Oh god” he moans into my neck. “Yes”

“You like that?” I whisper

“Oh god yes.”

“Hello? Are you guys in here?”

“Hello?” someone knocks on the door.

“Um yes one second!” I say in a rush to get up.

“shit” Zach mutters

It’s Sam! We forgot about him! Shit.

I quickly grab my shirt while Zach gets dressed, I mat down my hair as I open the door.

“Oh hey! Who let you in?” I ask

“Am I interrupting anything?” he smirks leaning over to look at Zach, I turn to see him pulling on his shirt.

“No! Of course not!” I say heat quickly rises to my cheeks.

“Okay, well pizzas downstairs!” Sam says.

“Alright I will meet you guys done stairs” I exclaim nodding.

He turns to walk so I shut the door and I turn to Zach who I fully clothed now.

“We will have to finish that another time” he winks at me.

I blush and nod.

I walk to the bathroom connected to his bedroom, I feel Zach’s gaze following me, making me blush even more. I can’t believe I just did that. I look in the mirror shocking myself. My hair is sticking up everywhere and my makeup is smeared, my lips are swollen and bright pink and my cheeks are bright red. God, that was amazing. I smile to myself remember our moans, our lips pressed hard against each other, bodies smashed together. It felt amazing, I’m pretty sure he’s think that too.

the thoughts of the body found at the mall, it goes by quickly.


I run the water letting the cool water warm up for a bit, once it’s warm I let it pool into my cupped hands. I splash it onto my face, rubbing off the last of my running mascara. I grab the closest towel I can find and I dab my tan skin dry. I look at my reflection again. My face now clean, eyes piercing green, dark curly hair, framing a slim skinny face. I grab some of Zach’s gel and I rub it around in my hands then I work it through my thick frizzy curls. There, I look better now.

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