Strange Love

Alex's life is normal, she's dating the high school hottie, she has her friends, but strange things have been stirring up. after her dad and little sisters death, nothing have been the same, like this creepy guy she sees everywhere, possibly stalking her? mysterious deaths have been occurring, her friends been acting sketchy, who can she trust? who is out to get her and why?


1. Chapter 1


“Here we go again.” I sigh a little too loudly. People laugh to themselves.

“Alex do you have something you would like to share?” Mr. Evans asks, making more people giggle.

A blush creeps onto my cheeks when I answer.

“No.” I reply.

Mr. Evans is my literature teacher, who takes his job a little too seriously. Every time someone talk, he makes a huge deal out of it, reciting this huge lecture about how important our education is; how we need to get into a good college to get a good job, blah blah blah.. No one ever pays attention.

My thoughts wander as he continues his scolding. My eyes move to the window beside my desk. My reflection stares back at me. I notice my dark curls are starting to frizz, I sigh again. My green eyes revert to movement beside a tree. It quickly disappeared, but first I catch a glimpse of a person, wearing a long black coat. What the… I could have been imagining it though.

Someone taps my shoulder behind me, I turn to see Mady’s smiling face, she tries to hand me a note, and I peer at Mr. Evans not wanting to have to embarrass myself further by getting caught passing notes. He’s turned to the white board so I quickly grab it from her. It reads:

                                                Mall Later With Sam?


I turn and look at Zach, he winks at me and I nod. I look back at his spiky handwriting smiling at the heart. Zach and I have been going out for about 5 months and I’m enjoy every second of it. I peek back at him, he flips his brown hair out of his ocean blue eyes, and stares off into space, I smile, he too cute.

As class goes on and Mr. Evans lecturing goes on I quietly hum to the lyrics flowing through my brain and doodle to keep myself entertained. My thoughts wander back to that man, it’s a weird thought, to have a mysterious man all in black, on school grounds. Scary right? I wonder if it really was a man I saw, or pigment of my imagination, if I did see it correctly; what was he doing here? There must be reason, why he’s here, or why he was covered head to toe in black.

The sharp, loud, bell scares me out of my thoughts, I jump a little. Gosh I’m Lame I giggle to myself as I gather my stuff together. I turn and run right into Zach’s chest.

“Hey babe” He says. Wrapping his arms around my waist.

“No, take it outside of my room.” Mr. Evans says sternly.

I grab Zach’s arm and drag him out of the classroom to the hallway. Once out in the hallway he lightly pushes me up against a nearby wall. I reach up on my tippy toes and wrap my arms around his neck, our faces inches apart.

“You going drive me after school?” I ask, sadly I don’t have a car yet. But my birthdays in a couple days, hopefully I will get a new one from my mom.

“Of course” he says.

I break the space separating our lips. I feel him grin against my lips. His arms snake around my waist pulling me closer to him. A wave of dizziness washes over me, making my knees feel weak.

“Get a room!” I pull away to see Sam’s dimpled cheeks spread into a grin at us.

“Quit lookin” I laugh as heat rushing to my cheeks.

I unwrap myself from Zach to talk to Sam easier.

“So mall later?” Zach asks confirming our plans.

“Yeah! You driving Alex?” Sam asks

I nod “Yeah we are meeting after school”

Zach pulls me towards him by my hips, I turn to him and give him a quick peck on the lips.

“I have to go, see you at lunch,” I say.

He nods, “bye babe”


After school walk out to Zach’s car, he’s not there yet so I pull my phone and headphones out. Pushing in place each ear bud I turn on my music, once that’s on I play games for the remaining time. Just as I look up, I see Zach and Izzy walking out of the doors of the school, laughing together, I don’t mind that, I do mind when Izzy grabs his arm and laughs flirtatiously. I pull out my headphone and turn of my music, shoving them into my pocket. I walk to them, anger and jealousy trying to edge its way into my mind, I shove it back. I should be used this. I’m used to the younger girls drooling over my boyfriend, I can’t blame him, his sexy hair and his gorgeous light blue eyes and not to mention his perfectly toned muscles, he’s a lacrosse player, well lacrosse champ. But Izzy? No, she’s my best friend.

“Hey” I say once I caught up with them.

“Hey babe” Zach replies, Flip his brown straight hair out of his eye.

“So are you coming with us?” I glance at Izzy.

“Yeah I was going to text you to ask, but I just assumed you wouldn’t mind.” Zach replies for her.

“Yeah, you don’t mind, right? “Izzy asks running a hand through her long blonde hair.

“No! Why would I?” I smile.

Zach gets into the driver seat. I get in next to him and Izzy climbs into the back.

Once we are at the mall, what we see surprises us all. Cop cars, people, Sirens everywhere. Plain chaos. The cop cars are scatter around the entrances, cops guard the actual doors and “Caution” tape is blocking the crowds of reporters and people. A cop yells through a mega phone,

“Everybody! Stay calm! And back up!” he yells.

  What is going on? My curiosity takes over, swinging the car door open I run out to the crowd people surrounding the “caution” tape. I have to push people away to get to the tall officer standing by the tape.

“Please stand back Miss” he says. I ignore him and try to look pass him to see what’s going on inside the mall.

“Alex?” the Policeman says.

“Uh? Do I know you?” I ask him, looking up to his sweaty square face, its familiar. “Yeah! It’s Andy! Wow you’ve grown a lot!” he replies. Then it clicks.

“ohh hey! Yeah! It’s been forever!”

Andy’s an old family friend. He used to work with my father, until… the accident happened, our families were really close, until he had to move units and cities forcing his family to move with him, we used to have barbeques all of the time! We would have pool parties and I would watch his younger son on the weekends when our parents hung out a few years back.

“Yeah so how you been? How’s your mom?” he asks, scratching his short dark hair.

“Uh good, we are good. So what’s going on here?”

“I can’t say much but since you’re an old friend, I will tell you that there has been a body found, no cause of death. It’s been identified, but I will get fired if I shared that information with you.” He says, rubbing the dark stubble on his chin.  He take a quick look at the crowd to make sure no one is doing anything they shouldn’t be doing.

“ohh alright! Thank you!” I say about to leave.

“Hey hold up” he writes something down on a pad of paper. “Here, let’s get in touch.” He says ripping the page out and handing me the paper. It has his number on it.

“Okay great, yeah definitely” I say. He sticks out a beefy, I hesitate, but I grab it. It’s sweaty, just like the rest of him. Probably because he’s been outside all day.

Weird. That was just weird. I get a unsteady feeling in my stomach I take one more look behind him if I can see anything, then the mall doors swing open and policemen walk out, behind them are paramedics pushing a gurney out with a body, a bright yellow tarp cover it from head to toe, the feeling grows bigger, I turn to find Andy but he busy taking care of reporters and news people. So I just walk back to the car, Izzy still sitting in the car, she has bad claustrophobia and can’t handle big crowds and Zach leaning against the driver’s side door, he on the phone.

“Yeah, we are here. Where are you?” He pauses. “Damn really?” He runs his hand through his hair looking frustrated. “Alright. Yeah. See you then. “He pauses again. “Yes just meet at my house”

I give him a questioning look, he holds up a finger indicating to give him a second. He says good bye then hit end and puts his phone in the pocket.

“Well?” he asks

“Well, there was a body found. Not cause of death yet.” I reply

“Who is it?”

“I don’t know, he couldn’t say.”

“Yeah, speaking of him, he acted pretty friendly to you.” He said suspiciously 

“Oh, he’s an old family friend.” I say reassuringly. 

“ohh, yeah?” I can practically hear the jealousy in his tone

“He was my dad’s partn-“my voice breaks before I could finish.

“Hey” he pulls me towards him so we are just inches apart. Tears brim my eyes, I still can’t talk about my dad without braking down.

 “Don’t worry.” He puts his hands on my shoulder, I wrap my arms around his waist so we are hugging. I blink away the tears. Shaken up about seeing that body on the stretcher and meeting Andy again, gives me Goosebumps rise on my arms and I shiver.

 “I’m here for you” he says softly

I pull away to look at him, he puts a finger under my chin, pulling my face to look up at him. He leans down and kisses me. I kiss him back pulling my arms up onto his chest leaning into him, our kiss lasts for a while, making me shiver. I pull away and smile up at him, I wrap my arms around his neck to pull him into another hug the weird feeling in my stomach subsides finally. I take a step back.

“Come on” I say nodding my head towards the car.

We both get in the car, a little shaken up about the whole dead body thing, I grab his hand, he intertwines he fingers with mine and I smile at him.

“So uhh what happened?” Izzy asks

“A body was found, we have to look on the news who it is.” I reply. “So where’s Sam?” I suddenly remember we were going to meet him.

“He was in the mall, so he has to be questioned and stuff. He will met us at my house later tonight.” Zach says squeezing my hand. I nod before I look out the window to watch the chaos one more time before Zach starts the car and we drive off.

 Zach’s parents are out of town so we are going to throw a party, this weekend. Tomorrow. It’s going to be great. It’s partly my 17th birthday party and partly just for fun.

 When we get to Zach’s house we order a pizza and Izzy calls over Jackson, her boyfriend. We put in Hunger Games because it’s personally my favorite movie ever!

I curl up next to Zach with my head in his lap when Jackson comes, I didn’t want Izzy to feel awkward so I sat be her. Jackson sits on the floor next to Izzy. Zach strokes my hair while I draw shapes on his thigh. Jackson and Izzy then laid down, probably to make out, I can’t help but giggle to myself.

I sit up to look at Zach, his hand cups my chin and he pulls me towards him so I’m sitting on his lap with my legs on each side of his stomach. I drape my arms around his shoulders and neck. I admire how perfectly shaped his cheek bones are, he blinks and my gaze follows up to his long, dark eye lashes, then to his perfect ocean blue eyes, the way they sparkle when he looks into my eyes makes me melt. We kiss his lips soft on mine, our lips moving together in harmony, he tongue asks for entrance by grazing my lips, I greet mine with his. It was truly magical. I feel dizziness take over my body. His hand moves from my hips up to my back, my hands move up to his head pulling him closer. My hands tangle in his hair and he moans against my lips. His hands move down from my back, back to my hips he skims the hem of my shirt tickling my stomach just under my shirt with his soft hands. He moans again as I grind my hips against his, I grin against his soft lips when I feel him harden underneath me. Pleasure rolls through my body, as he sucks softly on my neck. My hands are a little shaky. this is where the fun begins.

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