Strange Love

Alex's life is normal, she's dating the high school hottie, she has her friends, but strange things have been stirring up. after her dad and little sisters death, nothing have been the same, like this creepy guy she sees everywhere, possibly stalking her? mysterious deaths have been occurring, her friends been acting sketchy, who can she trust? who is out to get her and why?


4. ~ Authors Noteee! Pleasee readdd!~

    ~I need helppp! I need someone to be able to help me and "review and edit" my work before I publish it. my last movellas... didn't work, but im really confident with this one! I have it all pre typed, I just need a Editor!!!

~ comment if you want to helppp or kik me : DylanTheDinosaurrr

~ pleeaaassseeee help meee! im begging! (:


Oh and sorry for no updating!! my sister had a huge volleyball tournament, no wifi /: then my dog died, and Easter and my sisters birthdayyyy.... I will update at least once a week! or moreee ;)


love yalll who is reading thisss <33

thank you soo much!!! <3

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