Strange Love

Alex's life is normal, she's dating the high school hottie, she has her friends, but strange things have been stirring up. after her dad and little sisters death, nothing have been the same, like this creepy guy she sees everywhere, possibly stalking her? mysterious deaths have been occurring, her friends been acting sketchy, who can she trust? who is out to get her and why?


2. ~ Authors Note~

Hey guysss..... if anyones actually reading thiss....... im doing this story and unfortunately I wont finish my first one..... Im having mmmaaagggerrrr writers block with that one.


This idea.. actually came from my 6th grade "story book" I found the notebook in my closet and I was fond of this idea

(: I have noooo clue what up with the paragraphs... sorahhh


I suck at updatinggg so just comment when I should and remind mee (:

Loveee yaaa <3 (who ever is actually reading this). 

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