Fan Fic- Niall- VERY dirty!!

Dirty Fan Fic with Niall Horan
Please do not read if you cannot handle sexual content thanks


1. Vacation- DateNight

You and Niall are walking on the beach after a VERY intimate dinner at an outdoor diner. The beach is cool between your toes, nothing is heard but the slight whisper of wind and the crash of the waves. He grasps your hand in the darkness as you step into shallow water. "Babe, it's getting dark.. Wanna go back to the hotel..?" "Sure baby." You whisper to him, smiling. He leads you down the strip and back into the hotel. You walk into your bedroom and shut the door, cleaning yourself up. You begin to speak to yourself."Waxed pubes, check. Waxed titties, check, Shower, check." You let your hair flow in loose curls as you dress in nothing but a black and red lace bra and matching g-string panties. You slip into your back-breaking stilettos and your red silken robe, then open the door. He leans against the door threshold, smiling. "God Jesus, Niall!" You whisper, but then end in a smile. He smiles at you, then his gaze drifts down to your chest which is barely exposed out of the robe. "New bra?" He winked, and you nod. "Just for you baby." He let out a sexy grunt. "Baby.. Let's do this." He says and leans forward, kissing your lips softly. 

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