Fan Fic- Niall- VERY dirty!!

Dirty Fan Fic with Niall Horan
Please do not read if you cannot handle sexual content thanks


2. Vacation- Bedroom;)

As he kisses you, you let out a soft sigh. His hands run up and down your hips, soon traveling back to your ass. You grin against his lips as you pull him into the bedroom, kicking the door shut with your heel. You shove him on the bed, stripping from your robe. A bulge immediately forms in his skinny jeans as he stares at your big tits and fine legs. You run your hands up and down your body, teasingly stopping and messing with your bra straps. You place a leg over his thigh and begin grinding, your wetness seeping through the lace panties and onto his jeans. "Only I can get you that wet.." Niall grins, then groans in excitement. Your fingers trail to his zipper, and you gently pull it down revealing his white Calvin Kline briefs with the unmistakable boner popping out. "Mhmm." You groan, your hands cupping his balls through his briefs. "Either do me or I'll go wank!" He moans,  just as you pull down his briefs to release his monster cock. Almost every vein was noticeable as sperm flowed through him. You wank him off before bending your neck to suck his head. Pre-cum seeped from his cock and you suck it up thirstily. "I want you inside me. Now." You say and lay on your back, panties seeping wet. He leans forward and rips off your panties, revealing your dripping pussy. He can't resist, and immediately goes to work. His fingers jam into you quickly, the wetness going from your pussy to his fingers. "OH yes!" You moan, rubbing your clit. He pulled out his fingers and digs his erect cock into your small, tight pussy. "Oh, y/n, you're so tight!" Niall groans as he grinds you. "Oh Niall! Don't stop, Don't stop!" You scream, digging your fingers into the sheets as your walls close around him. Your pussy shakes and vibrates as he rams you hard, making your tits flop. He leans forward, still ramming into you, and sucks your titties. His balls make a clapping noise as he begins to cry out."I'm gonna come!!" He says, and pulls out. He pulls you close and shoves his cock between your tits, and begins to titty-fuck you. You crane your neck to suck his head and moments later, sticky, hot cum smears your face.

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