Irresistible; a sequel to Last First Kiss, a Harry Styles Fan Fiction :)

Jessa Parkers had 4 loves, with Liam Payne, who she married and had a child with, but one false night ruins everything. She dated Harry in high school, fell in live with a impersonator, impersonating Zayn Malik, later fell in love with Louis Tomlinson, but had a better time just being friends. What to do now?


3. Why would you say that?!

We splashed into the water, "Harry..."
"I think.... I think I'm falling in love with you...."
He looked at me with tears in his eyes. He swam over to me an held me, "I'm in love with you, too. I'm sorry I messed up in high school. I miss you every day. I literally can't live without you. April, 4th, 2007, worst day ever. I'm still mad at myself.... I never stopped loving you. Seeing you move on...... It..... It destroyed me.... It was horrible...."
I cried now. "I...... I didn't have a reason for leaving you, Harry. I did t think you were dating Alyssa. I didn't like Jake more than you...."
"But.... But you said that Jake was better than me.... And I was cheating on yo-"
"It was Colby.... He.... He raped me.... And he said if I didn't leave you.... He would make your life a living hell.... I did it for you...."
"Jessa, I could've taken Colby trying to destroy me.... You leaving did...."
I suddenly slipped out of his grip. "HARRY?!" Someone was pulling me down, I looked down to see a horribly white face.... Half of his face was burnt.... The other half, twisted, and deformed. He swam down and tugged at my shoulders. His strong grip overpowered whoever.... Or whatever had me. "Shhh.... Don't cry.... It's alright...." He swam over to the shaded island and sat me down. "W-what was that?!" He whisper/shouted. "I.... I don't know...." He snuggled into my stomach, "Harry.... What the fuck?" He smiled on my skin and wiggled his head, I think he wanted me to scoot over. So I did. He laid down and I wriggled into his neck. He wrapped his arms around me. After about an hour, we went home.

[New text]
I clicked open,

<From: [Blocked Number]
I’m sorry you can’t trust me
And won’t ever let me in
I’m sorry you don’t believe in me
And that I could not win

I’m sorry for not being perfect
And being able to break your fears
I’m sorry for messing up
And causing all your tears

I’m sorry I can’t fix it
And make you want to stay
I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough
And now I have to pay

I’m sorry I ever doubted it
And made you second guess
I’m sorry I was so stupid
You haven’t seen my best>

"Harry.... Liam texted me." Harry came over from the kitchen and took my phone. "Hmmm.... That's odd...."
I nodded, shrugged, and laid down.
"Babe..." He shouted over the flame on the stove,
"Yeah, Harry?"
"Do you think the other boys are.... Attractive??" 
I hesitated, then replied, "Yeah-" he looked sad now, so I stood up and walked over to him, hugging him from behind, "-But that doesn't matter, because compared to you, they're a tattoo drawn by a high 76 year old." He laughed really hard and smiled again. He went back to cooking taco meat, stirring slightly. 

-next day-

"NO, JESSA!! I NEVER REALLY WANTED TO BE WITH YOU!!" He shouted. My voice turned into a whisper; well, more a whimper, "Harry, why would you-"
"ALL YOU ARE IS A FATASS BITCH WHO ANYONE COULD HOOK UP WITH. GET OUT OF MY LIFE, I HATE YOU!!" He slammed the door. I grabbed my phone and opened music. I played Fireflies, by Owl City, and laid down on the couch. I cried myself to sleep.

-2 hrs later
Someone was stroking my face. I opened my eyes. Harry was looking the other way with tears in his eyes. Tears welled in my eyes, too, as I scooted to the other end of the couch, burying my head in my knees, wrapping my arms around my shins. "Don't cry-"
"SHUTUP. GET AWAY FROM ME." I jumped up from the couch, my black beat-up sneakers squeaking on the carpet. I ran pretty fast. "Jessa, I-"
"HARRY, GO AWAY!! WHY DO YOU DO THIS?! IT'S JUST LIKE HIGH SCHOOL!!" I folded my legs on my bed, "Jessa. Let me in...."
His voice was breaking, "Please, Jessa...." The one thing I can't stand is a guy crying. I turned the knob and the lock clicked loudly. He was quiet as I looked him in the eyes, hurt. "Jessa...." He whispered. "Management told me to break up with you. They told me I would be out of the band if I didn't. I wasn't trying to earlier, it was just stressing me to think that I had to.... They called it off today because your fans would hate me.... I.... I'm sorry...."
"I don't have fans." I said, looming at the ground.
"When was the last time you were on You Tube??" He pulled out his phone and opened favorites, 
<Hey there Delilah vocal and piano cover>
"And?" I spat. He scrolled down,
He smiled at his screen. He peered behind me, "What's that?" He asked, pointing. "My suitcase. Full. And the one next to it is Josh's suitcase. I'm giving that one to Niall and I'm moving to Florida."
"Jessa.... You can't.... Please, I-"
"I already bought a plane ticket." I turned around, grabbed my suitcase, and walked toward my door. "Stop.... What's up with you lately?!" He looked at me with sympathy, he really wanted to know.
"Harry.... I'm pregnant.... With your child.... And I can't take it!!"

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