Irresistible; a sequel to Last First Kiss, a Harry Styles Fan Fiction :)

Jessa Parkers had 4 loves, with Liam Payne, who she married and had a child with, but one false night ruins everything. She dated Harry in high school, fell in live with a impersonator, impersonating Zayn Malik, later fell in love with Louis Tomlinson, but had a better time just being friends. What to do now?


2. Paradise

The next day, we drove to Niall's apartment the next morning to pick up Josh. "Harry." I said on the car ride there. "Yeah, Jessie?"
"You're too young."
"What? I'm too young fo-"
"For this. You can't be a stepdad, if it even comes to that...."
"Yes. Jessa, I'll do whatever I have to to stay with you."
"Eyes on the road, bub."
He smiled, "You are amazing, ya know that?"
"What do you mean?"
"I love you." I knew exactly what he meant.
We pulled up at Niall's and we just looked at each other. Neither of us said a word, we both leaned into each other, our lips almost met, I jumped out of the car and he leaned in, his head hitting the seats. "Ow..."
We both walked in to see Niall playing peek-a-boo with Nina and Josh. Nina crossed her arms at me, "No fair!! I want one!!" I gestured her to come into the kitchen, "We might have to put him up for adoption...."
"I'LL ADOPT HIM!! And you can come and visit anytime you want to!!"
I laughed. "You sure?"
"Yeah!! I'm 20, Niall's 20, it's ok!"
Harry stepped in, "You ok, Jess?"
I nodded. We walked over to Niall and plopped down. "Hay." He smiled.
"Hey." Nina gestured him to come into the kitchen. Niall pouted, "But I wanna play with Josh!!"
I sat with Josh and we played with building blocks. Harry came over and sat next to me, "Hey there, Josh." He smiled. Josh smiled too, "Hi, Hally." He smiled. "You sure?" I heard Niall ask. I yawned, "You tired, babe?"
"Mmmm.... Mmmhmm."
"Wanna go home?" I nodded again. Niall wouldn't let us take Josh home, he actually started crying, so we let him stay.

-at home-
"I'm going to take a shower...." Harry gripped me behind the hips and swayed me from side to side. "No...." He whispered. I felt his warm, uneven breaths flowing down my skin, "Stay...." He planted teeny kisses on my jawline, "Mmmm.... Harry...." He smiled and went down to my neck. He sat down and I sat on his lap. He rubbed his fingers in small circles on my inner thigh. "Babe.... Come with me." He picked me up and I wrapped my arms around his neck. "You're strong...." I whispered. He plopped me on the bed and crouched over me, hovering. "Shhh." He smiled. He kissed me roughly, tugging at the corner of my shirt, asking for access. He took it off and traced his hands down my mocha colored stomach. He unbuttoned my pants and I tore his shirt off. He smiled. I slid down his pants to reveal a slight bulge. I traced my hands around the fabric as he grew. "We haven't done this for a while...."
"Six years...." He answered, letting a slight moan wriggle it's way in between his words. He un clasped my bra and rubbed his thumb across my nipples. I groaned loudly in his mouth, "Harry...."
"Yea, babe? You want me to stop?"
"Yes.... I want you to stop teasing...." I pouted.
"Hmmm, no." He slid down my under wear. I slid down his boxers as his erection slapped his lower stomach. He slid a finger inside me and I gasped. He pumped in and out. He slid another inside me. "HARRY! QUIT TEASING." I traced my hands across his dick and he started moaning. "Babe.... Don't tease...." He whispered. "It's not nice." He finished. He suddenly posed me over on my back and slid into me. "HARRY...." I hissed. He thrusters in and out. "FASTER!!" I yelled. He thrusters faster and faster, "I'm c-close." He stuttered out, "M-me too...." I replied. We orgasmed at the same time. "Jessa..." He asked after a minute of laying there. "Yea?"
"What are your favorite fruits?" I smiled, "Mango, Oranges, Cherries, Watermelon, and Lemons." He smiled back, "Okay. Thanks."
"Wanna take a shower?" I smiled and nodded. He hugged me and a few minutes later, I started my shower. I could hear it. I could hear the squeaky faucet, I could hear the repetitive clicking of his keyboard, I could hear his fingers tapping the desk. I fell down, breathing heavily. "Harry.... Harry, what's happening?!" I yelled as loud as possible. He ran in, "What?? What is it?? Jessa.... Jessa, what's wrong?? Jessa?!" Then everything was silent. The silence burned.... I screamed, I couldn't hear it, he shouted, I couldn't hear it. "Harry...." I shouted.... At least, I think it was a shout, I couldn't hear it.... Everything went black and I woke up the next morning. Everything was fine. Except.... Harry was gone. "Harry?" I talked, to myself. He wasn't home. I walked downstairs to see a fruit basket, each fruit cut into flowers. I smiled and read the note,
"Hey Jessie. Went to the store. I'll be home soon. Love you!!" I smiled again. I sat on the couch. I flipped on the news, "Hello, ladies and gentlemen, today is a bright and sunny day, perfect for a swim here at the local park, Sunny Falls, on Jellsezy street. The famous Liam Payne of One Direction-" My head jerked up, "Has been spotted sitting on a park bench, crying. If we zoom into the picture, we can see deep cuts on his wrists, not old enough to be scars. He and Jessica Parker's had just broken up about a week ago, is she really getting to him, or are the other reasons? We will notify you when we get more details. Back to you, Kelly.
Thanks, Dave, as you know-" I shut the tv off. I felt bad. It was my fault. The door knob clicked and turned, I looked at it before realizing what an idiot I was.... My phone was buzzing and I looked at the door, assuming it was the cause.
"On my way." It was from Harry. Sent seven minutes ago....
He stepped in.
"Hey, Jessa."
"Hey, Harry."
"You ok??"
"I guess."
"It's Liam.... Huh?"
"Come on. Go grab your bathing suit. I wanna go swimming."
"Uh, okay...." I grabbed my swimming suit and we got in his car. We drove for about twenty minutes when I finally said, "Harry..... What are you doing??" He just smiled and told me to wait. We stopped at a place surrounded with trees. "What the-"
"C'mon. This is my secret hiding place." He smiled and grabbed my hand. We walked through a small break in the trees, almost a cave, hidden by moss covering the entrance. A beautiful meadow shaded with large, tall trees, birds chirping, butterflies drifting, stood there with rays of sunlight shining through at various areas. "Harry...." I whispered, gazing. He smiled and looked to the ground, still walking. We came to moss and vines, acting as a wall. Almost like those beads that hippies and tarot card readers have in there doorways. Like.... Nature's curtain. Nature's wonderland. Harry's wonderland. Our wonderland. We pushed through to reveal a huge cliff and a sparkling waterfall, leading to a large pond down below. "How did you...-??" I walked to the front. I stretched my arms out and jumped off. Harry jumped too. And we both fell. To a wonderland. Being swept away to a paradise.
Falling down,
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