Irresistible; a sequel to Last First Kiss, a Harry Styles Fan Fiction :)

Jessa Parkers had 4 loves, with Liam Payne, who she married and had a child with, but one false night ruins everything. She dated Harry in high school, fell in live with a impersonator, impersonating Zayn Malik, later fell in love with Louis Tomlinson, but had a better time just being friends. What to do now?


1. Irresistible; a sequel to Last First Kiss

Irresistible; a sequel to Last First Kiss

Jessa's POV

"Hey there, Delilah, what's it like in New York City, I'm a thousand miles away, girl, but tonight you look so pretty-"
"Jessa...... I took pills.... Seventeen pills.... My heart is going to stop any second...."
I started crying, really hard, "No, Louis, please..... Stay here.... Stay with me..... Louis, please...."

He was almost dead when we got to the hospital. He's was okay after about a week.

"LOUIS?! LOUIS, BABY, I'M SO SORRY!!" Melissa ran inside. I had hoped for her to come back.
"Melissa...?" He whispered.
"I think it's best you guys get back together.... It's better for the both of us." I suggested. He understood, and Liam stepped inside. "Hello, Mr. Payne." I gritted. "Jessa,-"
"No. I can't go back. Let's just be friends.... Okay?" You could tell I just ripped him into pieces, but he knew that it would make me happy, so he agreed.

I met up with Harry at Starbucks the next day.
"Hey, Jessie."
"Hi, Harry."
"You ok?"
"Yeah. I've missed you...."
He looked shocked at that, but a huge grin spread across his face.
"I've missed you too." He smiled to the side.
"Wanna go see a movie?"
He nodded, "What movie?"
"Hmmmm.... Don't know...." I replied.

We saw Silver Linings Playbook. He cuddled me, and after a while, I fell asleep. "Hey, Jessie, wake up." He was hovering over me, shaking me softly. "Hmmm, good morning."
"It's three in the afternoon, silly. C'mon. Let's go get some ice cream."
I nodded. After getting ice cream, we went to his apartment. "Hey, Harry?"
"Yea, Jessie? What's up?"
"What about Tiffany?"
"Oh...." He looked pissed now, "She was hooking up with some other guy...."
"Oh, my god.... Who?!"
"I think his name was Justin...."
"I.... I know Justin........."
"Who is he?"
"He's Colby's older brother..... Harry.... I should go.... I can clearly see you still love Tiff...." I got off the couch and began walking to the door. Harry jumped in front of me, "NO! Jessa, I love you. I have since we broke up, that shattered me...."
We spent the night cuddling.
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