Love Haunted

Chelsea Nightingale is a gorgeous girl. But because she is chubby her life is a nightmare. What happens when she meets the Irish god, Niall Horan, from One Direction. Will her past come back to haunt her or will everything stay normal?

Thanks to Always-Myself for coming up with the name. (:


2. The Past

‘Wow you are as good as an actor as a singer. I’m not stupid you know. Now if you don’t mind I’m leaving.’ That was the hardest thing to say for me.

‘You are a fan. I know that was the hardest thing to say.’ Niall said then smiled. It just happened when my book dropped it opened on the page of my drawing of the boys.

‘Niall, Honey where are you?!’ I heard Tracy’s roaring voice boom down the halls.

‘Look if you want to survive without the queen clinging onto you I suggest you follow me.’ I realised it was dumb after remembering he could be on her side.

 I started running, past the grounds keepers shed, until I came to a forest of trees. I looked behind me to see if Niall was still coming and if Tracy was with him.

‘What, are we climbing trees now?’ Niall asked?

I didn’t answer because I was still deciding whether I should show him or not. *Snap out of it Chels, take the poor guy. You might not see him again.*

You grabbed his hand and ran through the tress with Tracy’s voice in the background. Everything was a blur as you ran but you knew exactly where you were going. You stopped running, you were here. It was even more beautiful at night due to the lights.

‘Where are we?’ Niall said gobsmacked as he spun around like a little kid in a candy store.

‘This is my paradise.’

‘Yours?’ Niall questioned.

‘Yeah mine, no one knows it is here besides the groundskeeper.’

‘But why?’

‘Take a seat, I’ll explain,’ you replied folding up your dress and sitting on the wooden bench. ‘You see, Tracy and I were best friends in elementary and middle school. My parents then split and I ate my feelings. Before we started high school I lost weight but not all of it and Tracy started dating her older brothers’ friend. Everyone wanted to be friends with her, but not if she was friends with me because I was ‘Chubby Chelsea’. Tracy chose popularity over friendship.’

‘Wow, I’m so sorry.’ Niall said with sorrow filled eyes.

‘Please don’t be. Anyway, the groundskeeper, Phil, is my mum’s brother-in-laws nephew. I’m very close to him and he knows I get bullied, so he made this retreat for me. I’m the only one who knows about it.’

‘Can I tell you something?’ Niall asked, holding your hand.


‘You are amazing and beautiful. Please don’t let anyone tell you different or bring you down.’

‘Thank you.’

Niall’s P.O.V

I had to kiss her, I just had to.

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