Love Haunted

Chelsea Nightingale is a gorgeous girl. But because she is chubby her life is a nightmare. What happens when she meets the Irish god, Niall Horan, from One Direction. Will her past come back to haunt her or will everything stay normal?

Thanks to Always-Myself for coming up with the name. (:


1. Hired Out

As Tracy Brown, the populist and richest girl in the school, entered the school gym, decorated in blue and white balloons, streamers and tablecloths, everyone stopped and stared. But it wasn't because she was wearing an amazing, long, midnight blue, sequined dress that brought out her auburn hair, amber eyes and her freckle covered cheeks, but her date. Every guy and some girls in the school asked her to the spring fling, but she denied them all, even her boyfriend! Tracy bragged about how her date is the best and that no one will know who it is. She liked it like that, to be in control. Everyone knew her dad would hire her a date, it wouldn’t be just anyone, but someone famous.

‘Hello everyone, this is my date Niall Horan and no you can’t dance with him, he is mine,’ Tracy snarled.

Tracy’s best friend paid the band playing $20 to play a romantic song as Tracy pulled the poor Niall onto the dance floor. As soon as the song was over Niall made a run for it, he ran out the gym doors, through the halls and out the front door, bumping into someone and knocking their art pad out of their hands. Niall stopped immediately in his tracks and bent down to pick it up as he came up he got lost in her eye’s.

‘I’m Niall,’ he said not losing eye contact.


Chelsea’s P.O.V

‘I’m Niall,’ he said, I couldn’t believe he was standing in front of me.

I quickly shut my mouth and replied, ‘I’m Chelsea, and that’s my art pad.’ *shit* I thought, why’d you have to say that Chels.

‘Oh, yeah, sorry ‘bout that.’ He said blushing. I couldn’t help but smile, then I remembered two words, Tracy Brown.

‘You can drop the act, I know Tracy’s dad hired you to be her “boyfriend” for the night, and I know she sent you out here to make fun of me. Well you can tell her I don’t care anymore so she can leave me alone.’ I snapped and took my book back before walking away.’

‘Wait,’ he grabbed my arm, ‘yes Mr Brown hired me. But as soon as Tracy let go of her suffocating grip I ran for it. She is so stuck up and ignorant, and I’ve known her for thirty minutes.  I don’t know how you cope with her.’

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