Killing You (Ziall)

Niall Horan has done the impossible. He's fallen for a killer.

Zayn Malik has one mission: to get rid of Niall and those close to him.

When these two conflicting interests collide, the pair of boys find themselves in a war between the heart and the mind. Which one will win depends on which emotion--love or greed--can win the battle.


1. Prologue

"No, Zayn, please...p-please, just don't kill me," Niall begged as hot, salty tears rolled in rapid succession down his ghostly pale cheeks.

The older boy's dark chuckle sounded from several feet away. Niall couldn't be sure exactly how far away, though, as Zayn insisted on keeping him in this dark, dungeon-like space.

"Oh, Ni. You know I can't kill you......yet," he added the last bit with another dark laugh.

Suddenly Niall felt someone's warm breath ghosting over the exposed flesh of his neck. Zayn. The young boy shivered involuntarily at the close proximity. "P-please," Niall whimpered again.

"Please what Niall? What are you begging for this time? Your life...or me?"

Niall pressed himself against his captor as best as he could with his hands bound to the chains keeping him anchored to the center of the room. "You," he breathed.
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