Killing You (Ziall)

Niall Horan has done the impossible. He's fallen for a killer.

Zayn Malik has one mission: to get rid of Niall and those close to him.

When these two conflicting interests collide, the pair of boys find themselves in a war between the heart and the mind. Which one will win depends on which emotion--love or greed--can win the battle.


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

[ A/N: Hiiii and welcome back babes :) I think this chapter is a little longer but I write everything on my phone so I'm really not sure... 

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Niall awoke what felt like minutes later. He had cried himself to sleep, images of his best mate's blood flowing like a river onto this cold, dusty floor clouding his mind. He shuddered just from the mere thought. Niall couldn't believe that just like that, Josh was gone forever. He would never again get to witness his witty jokes, his infectious smile, or his beautiful drumming talents. 

More hot tears forced themselves from the corners of Niall's swollen eyes. He didn't want to cry; he wanted to be strong for Josh and the rest of the boys--that is, if they were even still alive. 

At least Zayn had had the decency to remove the lifeless body from the room in which Josh had spent his last moments. Niall wasn't sure he could've taken it if Josh had still been sprawled cold and unmoving in a puddle of his own blood right before the blonde boy's watery eyes. It would have broken him even worse, he was sure. 

So now Niall was once again alone in the dark, echoing room. He could hear footsteps shuffling around on the floor a level above his head. He had concluded a few days ago that this place he was being held captive in was the basement of a house. A quite large one, at that, considering the space just in this one room of the basement. 

The heavy footfalls above him were now moving from being centralized basically right over his head and were making their way over to the area where the door must've been. 

Soon, Niall found himself less lonely, but not necessarily in a good way. Zayn had decided to join him in the musty basement. 

He looked... different today, Niall noted. His eyes had lost their malicious sparkle and hard darkness. Now the only thing they held was a detached, clouded-over look accented by dark bags framing them. His usually impeccable quiff was sticking in every which way. It looked like he had run his fingers through it vigorously, as if he was frustrated. His clothes were wrinkled and loose-fitting, although he had changed from the blood-soaked attire Niall had last seen him in, much the the boy's relief. All in all, Zayn looked horrible. Well, as horrible as Zayn could possibly look, that is. He looked as if he hadn't had a proper sleep in days. 

Niall watched him curiously as he made his way over to the large bucket that had been discarded in the corner of the room. For once, he wasn't terrified in Zayn's presence. 

Zayn dragged the white bucket over and set it down a few feet away from the captive, a shrill screeching sound following as the handle dragged across the cement floor. Zayn plopped down on the upturned bucket wearily and stared Niall down. Niall was expecting him to start hurling insults or something, but nothing came. It was so silent that Niall could hear every single creak the house's foundations made. He kept his head down and breathed as quietly as he could so as not to anger Zayn. 

After a few minutes of this, Zayn got bored of seeing just the mess of brown-rooted blonde locks. He missed Niall's bright blue eyes. "Look at me," he whispered hoarsely. He hated how he sounded almost pleading, weak. 

Niall obeyed. He really didn't want to meet the same fate as Josh. If he was going to die, he wanted to go with dignity. 

Niall's crystal eyes met Zayn's golden ones. He was surprised at how soft and inviting they looked, nothing like the near-black and biting look they usually held. He bit his lip and cocked his head to the side slightly. Something had definitely changed with Zayn. 

What had caused it though? And how long would it last?

Niall was too wrapped up in his thoughts to notice Zayn vacate the position on the bucket. His head snapped up in shock and fear when he felt icy fingers make contact with his still-tender back. Rough fingertips traced lightly over the scabbed-over wounds being stretched apart painfully because of the way Niall's arms were being trapped above his head. Zayn quickly retracted his hands and made his way to his workbench at the back of the room. 

The Irish boy froze immediately as he heard Zayn's footsteps retreating back to the place Niall knew his weapons were kept. As much as he tried to fight it, his body began to shake again. He thought he'd get away without any fresh wounds for the day, but apparently, he'd been wrong. Zayn had wanted Niall to think he was safe for the day before attacking when his captive least expected it. It was all a sick joke. 

It took Zayn a few seconds to find what he was looking for, but he soon spotted the glinting silver object he wanted. He dug it out from under a pile of his other things and slammed the drawer shut. He walked slowly back over to Niall, who was shaking again. Normally, he would love to see his Tasks like this, crying, begging for their lives. But today with Niall, it sent a pang of sadness straight to his heart. 

Wordlessly, he stopped before the boy, who looked up at him with shining blue eyes filled with tears. He watched as Niall relaxed slightly after his gaze flickered to the object held in Zayn's tanned hands. It was obviously not what he had been expecting. 

Zayn wrapped his muscular arms under Niall's armpits and pulled him into a standing position. The young boy looked quite frightened, but significantly less so than before. 

Still not saying anything, Zayn grabbed Niall's bound wrists and inserted the key he had been holding into the lock. Niall breathed a sigh of relief as first his right hand, and then his left, were freed from the tight shackles. He rubbed them gently, glad to finally be free after several days of having them immobilized above his head. 

Zayn was watching him curiously as he tried to coax some feeling into the raw skin. 

Niall realized he was being observed and turned to Zayn. "I-I don't understand," Niall stuttered. "You're not letting me go, are you?" He refused to get his hopes up only to have them crumble once more. 

Zayn chuckled sadly and shook his head. "Sorry, Blondie, but you know I can't do that. Boss's orders." 

Niall hadn't really expected much, so he just nodded. A question popped into his head and rolled off his tongue before he could stop it. "If you live off the feeling of making others feel like they are inferior to you, why do you listen to this 'Big Boss' man you keep referring to?" His eyes widened and he clamped a hand over his mouth when he realized he just questioned a dangerous killer. 

Zayn didn't move to hit him, though. He stood rooted in place, pondering the question. Finally he spoke in a soft voice. "I've thought about killing him, you know." Zayn paused for a few seconds as he thought more about it. "I could do it, too. But he's got way too many connections. If I killed him, I'd end up six feet below just like the bastard himself."

Niall nodded and stood awkwardly looking at the ground. He pretended not to see the dried blood smears crusted to the floor. "Why'd you unlock me?" he mumbled. 

Zayn kept his eyes trained on the boy before him. "Dunno, you looked uncomfortable," he replied in what he hoped to be a nonchalant voice. 

"You're gonna kill me sooner or later, so why do you care?" Niall spat out a little harsher than he intended. He flinched and hugged his arms around his small frame, ready for a beating. None came and he looked at Zayn, who had a pained expression on his face. When Niall's eyes searched his sharp features, the look was quickly replaced with a hardened mask. 

"I'm not a monster, Blondie. I'll show you...I will," Zayn promised before he turned on his heel and left the boy alone once again. The heavy door clicked shut and Niall heard the bolt being dragged across, sealing him in. Not that he had much hope of escaping. At least his hands were free. 

Niall sunk to the floor wearily. Zayn hadn't once tried to hurt him during this encounter. Yes, he'd implied he would still kill Niall, but his words were so much gentler today. No shouting, no sneering. Niall still wasn't sure what had caused the change in Zayn, but for now, he was just happy to have use of his hands again. 

After a few minutes of just sitting there, Niall got bored and picked himself off the floor. He dusted the seat of his pants off and wandered the large room. Thankfully, Zayn had left the dim light on overhead. While he had still been bound, he had noticed the numerous Polaroid pictures stuck to the wall in front of him. Zayn's previous Tasks, as he had assumed. Niall made his way over to the wall and peered at the images there. What he saw was horrifying. Along with each snapshot was a note saying "terminated" with a name and date. 

Niall searched for the one he was looking for and almost broke down when he found it.

Terminated. Josh Devine. 27th June. 

The picture was a recent one, taken on tour one day. Josh looked happy, as he always did when he was playing his drums. Niall began to tear up, but he couldn't rip his eyes from the picture. Soon he was full-on bawling, sobs wracking his small body. He pulled the square of laminated paper from the wall and stuffed it in his back jeans pocket. And with that, he slumped to the wall and hugged his knees to his chest. 

Niall cried until he could cry no more. Tear tracks covered his pale face and made it feel as if it was being stretched whenever he moved his facial muscles. After many minutes of sitting like that, Niall sniffled a few times and stood shakily to his feet. He wasn't sure what he was doing until he was stood in front of Zayn's tool chest filled with weapons. 

He carefully pulled open several of the drawers and peered inside, fascinated by the wide assortment of sharp, pointy, and overall just scary looking objects contained in its depths. He was about to abandon his curious search when a glint of silver metal caught his eye and halted his actions. 

In his hands, Niall held an intricately carved knife. The same knife that had caused him such pain only hours ago. Zayn's prized possession. 

A smile stretched across Niall's face. Two could play Zayn's little game. Zayn thought he had all the control over Niall, but he was about to be proved wrong. Niall was now in charge of his own fate. 

He ran the sharp blade lightly over his fingertips, testing it. He pressed a little deeper than he intended, sending droplets of blood like rubies cascading to the floor. It stung, but it was a good pain because it came at his own hands--of his own accord. 

At that moment, Niall wanted nothing more than to plunge the sharp dagger into the soft flesh of his stomach. He knew it would be a fatal wound. He'd bleed out slowly, much like Josh had, but it would be his own doing. He wouldn't give Zayn the satisfaction of watching his eyes slowly glaze over in death. 

Niall held the tip several centimeters in front of his stomach and willed his hands to close the small gap. His breath came out in ragged gasps and he squeezed his eyes closed. 'Do it, Niall!' he urged himself. 

The Irish boy retracted the knife back about a meter from his body and breathed one last deep, steadying breath. "I am strong," Niall whispered to himself before clutching the blade with both hands and thrusting it through the delicate flesh of his stomach. 

He sunk to his knees and grabbed at the object protruding from his chest. He was gasping wildly, trying to catch his breath. Tears pooled in his eyes and he choked back a scream. The world was beginning to get fuzzy. Just before he blacked out, Niall heard the door at the top of the stairs creak open and a few seconds later, the shattering of glass. 

He drifted into unconsciousness followed by screams of "NO! OH, GOD, NO!"

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