Killing You (Ziall)

Niall Horan has done the impossible. He's fallen for a killer.

Zayn Malik has one mission: to get rid of Niall and those close to him.

When these two conflicting interests collide, the pair of boys find themselves in a war between the heart and the mind. Which one will win depends on which emotion--love or greed--can win the battle.


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Niall's heart was beating against his ribcage at an irregularly fast pace. Whatever was about to happen had him and Josh both panicked. Niall, because he couldn't see what Zayn was up to and was imagining the worse, and Josh, because he could see what Zayn was doing, and it obviously wasn't pleasant.

Niall's innocent blue eyes widened impossibly large as he felt Zayn's hot breath on the back of his neck. "Niall..." Josh breathed quietly, terror flashing in his eyes. Niall's breath hitched at Josh's tone of voice. He gulped and stiffened his body for the pain he knew would come at any second now.

"Calm, down, Blondie. I just wanna have some fun," Zayn purred in Niall's ear. He nibbled at the lobe, and had Niall not been so petrified with fear, it would've felt heavenly.

"Please," Niall pleaded in a shaky voice. "Just-just let us go. I swear, we won't tell a soul. If it's our money you're after, then fine. Take it. Just please, don't hurt us."

"I've got specific orders. Not one of you are to walk out of here alive or it's my neck on the chopping block. Boss made himself quite clear. No survivors," Zayn replied. He was still stood behind the blonde boy, only a few inches away. He looked at the shiny object that fit so comfortably in his palm. The blade had been a gift to him from the boss after he managed to get rid of one of the city's richest, most influential men, who had happened to be on Big Boss's trail. He hadn't been an easy Task, but Zayn had figured out that the man, Mr. Abbott, was a creature of habit. And that was the mistake that cost him his life. He had simply been too predictable. Zayn grinned masochistically as he remembered the businessman's shouts and pleas as he lay crying and bleeding in his formal black suit and tie on this same floor. Served the rich bastard right, as far as Zayn was concerned.

It was sort of ironic if he thought about it. The more powerful the person, the more gratification Zayn got from the yelps and pleas, and ultimately, the kill. He loved being the most dominant person in the room, the one with all the power. And his way of getting what he wanted was by showing his victims he owned them.

He was brought out of his thoughts by a low sob. The Irish kid was crying. Again. It really was too bad that Zayn would have to kill the boy. He quite liked his thick accent and those large pools of blue that were constantly glistening with tears. He'd be the last to go, Zayn decided.

Zayn flicked open the silver blade and ran his index finger along the sharp edge fondly. He nicked himself slightly on the razor-sharp surface and pulled his finger away, examining the small bead of crimson blood that had sprung to the surface. And that was all it took to drive him insane. Zayn was just like a shark when it came to blood. He yearned to see more--to feel more--of the sticky red liquid between his fingers. In one swift movement, Zayn had slashed the back of Niall's shirt, leaving his pale, muscular back exposed. Niall's sobbing got louder and the boy shook uncontrollably as his kidnapper used the tip of the blade to push aside the ruined remains of his t-shirt. The boy could now feel the cool edge of the knife pressing into the flawless flesh of his back.

Zayn dragged the cool tip along the creamy white flesh, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. He didn't yet push hard enough to break the skin; instead, he traced random patterns, teasing the boy. Niall was still shaking like crazy. He swiveled his neck to face Zayn with those baby blue eyes of his. He looked absolutely heartbroken and terrified. "Why are you doing this?" he choked out as fresh tears spilled over his red rims.

Zayn sighed, clearly showing his increasing annoyance. "I told you, Blondie. I'm under orders of the boss."

"No, I--I mean...why don't you just kill us? Just get it over with," he begged. Niall couldn't stand the constant pain and fear that came along with this dark place and the equally dark boy running it. He'd rather just be dead and away from all the hurt and sorrow.

Zayn remained silent. He realized that he had stopped moving the blade and then suddenly pressed the sharp edge into Niall's skin more forcefully than before. The young man let out a shriek of pain, and Zayn knew he had broken skin. His patience was fading, and fast.

"Well that takes all the fun out of it, doesn't it!" he hissed as he dug the blade into Niall's back once again. The slashed skin stretched between the boy's shoulder blades and was dribbling blood out at a fast pace. Zayn ignored his screams of agony and began carving deeper into Niall's mid-back.

By the time he was done, Niall had lost an immense amount of blood. It was spilling in scarlet pools around Zayn's feet on the floor. He stepped back a few meters to admire his handiwork. Inscribed into the smooth flesh were three letters. "ZJM," Zayn's initials. "You're mine, get it?" he whispered right in Niall's ear.

Niall nodded weakly and before he knew it, everything went black.


When Niall cracked his eyes open, he saw Josh lying face down in front of him, his hands bound with rope behind his back.

He was still. Too still. Niall began to panic. "Josh? JOSH?!" he screamed, his shrill voice echoing off the harsh concrete walls.

Slowly, his friend began to stir slightly. Niall let out a relieved sigh. The relief was short-lived, however, because he soon heard heavy footsteps descending the stairs outside the closed door. And the maker of those steps would most likely not be happy to have been woken up, if it was even morning. Niall couldn't tell; there were no windows in this "dungeon" as he had become fond of calling it.

"Shit," he muttered to himself. Niall slumped over once again, his head lolled forward so it touched his chest, his arms still suspended by chains over his head. He hoped he looked like he was asleep. Maybe Zayn would think he was having a nightmare.

Of course, he had no such luck. Whoever came up with the saying "luck of the Irish" certainly had not met Niall Horan.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT, BLONDIE?" Zayn screamed at him. Niall foolishly kept up the sleeping act, only further infuriating the killer stood before him. "Cut the bullshit, Kid. I know full fucking well that you're awake," he growled before harshly grabbing Niall's chin and yanking it to face him. Niall's eyes flew open from the jerking movement of his neck and found his eyes staring into the depths of Zayn's harsh brown ones. "Now answer my goddamn question! What. The fuck. Was that?" Zayn spat. His eyes were smoldering with anger and Niall attempted to make some distance between the two of them, but Zayn wouldn't have it. His fingers were still digging into the soft flesh under Niall's jaw, locking him in place. Niall could feel angry bruises beginning to form, and against his mind's will, he let out a pathetic squeak of pain.

"Fine, then. I guess last night I didn't teach you well enough who's in charge around here. We'll just have to fix that, eh?" Zayn said in an eerily calm manner. Niall gulped and Josh began to struggle against his bindings, now fully out of whatever haze he had been in previously. Zayn strolled to the back wall of the room and Niall heard the familiar clattering around that only meant one thing: pain.

Zayn's slow, teasing steps echoed around the cave-like room. Niall could only listen helplessly as they grew closer and closer. The pain would soon be upon him.

Niall could now hear Zayn's ragged breathing just inches behind him. He squeezed his eyes closed and prayed for it all to just go away. He was pulled out of his momentary peacefulness by the first noise uttered by Josh for quite awhile.

"NO! Leave him alone!" Josh boldly shouted at Zayn. Niall spun around as far as he could with the chains still holding him hostage, only to be met with Zayn's prized blade a mere four inches from where his face now was.

Zayn looked shocked for a second and he held his knife frozen in midair. "Excuse me, mate? Do you forget who's in charge here? Who has the knife? Or Who's lying in a pathetic blubbering heap on the floor? Whose blood I can spill with one flick of my wrist?" he swiped his tongue over his full lips as he imagined Josh's lifeless body painted red with his own hot blood. He forgot all about Niall's outburst that made him come down to this damned cellar in the first place and stepped purposefully over to stand in front of the drummer.

Josh cowered into the floor, his confidence fading fast.
"Not so bold, now, are we?" Zayn sneered. He got down on his knees next to Josh, something he normally wouldn't do because it made him feel inferior. The reaction he got from Josh was more than enough to make up for it, though. The boy on the floor was now shaking like a tree caught in the middle of a hurricane. But the best part was the fear so painfully evident in his eyes. He knew he was going to die, but only Zayn knew when.

And he chose sooner rather than later. The bastard had questioned Zayn's authority one too many times for his liking.

"Didn't think so..." Zayn whispered right next to Josh's ear. His hands worked mechanically, of their own accord. Before he knew it, he was covered in Josh's warm, sticky blood, a long, deep slash visible across his throat. He hadn't been able to take his time with the kill like he would've liked, but the sight of the blood quickly draining from Josh's lifeless body was enough to give him a slight rush at least. His thirst for blood quenched--for now--Zayn stood up. His hands were dripping blood in small splatters across the dirty floor.

It felt so good to kill again. His last Task had been nearly a month ago and hadn't been nearly as satisfying as this one was. He was in absolute euphoria and barely even registered Niall's screams of horror and sadness at seeing his best friend murdered right before his eyes.

One word from Niall's yelling caught Zayn's attention though and pulled him from the buzz of adrenaline bubbling in his stomach.

"You're a monster!" Niall screamed, tears streaming down his face at an alarming rate.

Zayn wasn't sure why, but with the mention of that word, the euphoria he had felt after killing Josh immediately left him. The familiar detached feeling once again settled in the pit of his stomach, but he could also feel something else. Something he'd never really experienced before.

Remorse? Regret? Guilt?

Zayn didn't know. All he did know was that he hated what Niall saw him as. To the Irish boy, that's all he would ever be. A cold-hearted, evil monster. And that thought hurt more than a dagger to the heart.

He would change Niall's mind.

[ I actually cried writing this. Not my Joshiekinz!!!
*starts bawling like a baby*

I'm fucking weird, I know...

Anyway...I'm pretty happy with how well this book has been received so far. I wasn't sure if people would like it because it is super SUPER dark and I didn't know if anyone but me would be ok with that. But I guess you guys are alright with my dark mind and what it comes up with so I'll keep going :)

I'm still doing dedications so that's your cue to vote/fan/ and most of all COMMENT! Unless you don't want me to update...that would be awkwardddd -_-

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