Killing You (Ziall)

Niall Horan has done the impossible. He's fallen for a killer.

Zayn Malik has one mission: to get rid of Niall and those close to him.

When these two conflicting interests collide, the pair of boys find themselves in a war between the heart and the mind. Which one will win depends on which emotion--love or greed--can win the battle.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

[ Quick A/N: this chapter is dedicated to G@rf!3ld for her amazing comment on the prologue. It was so sweet and made me want to write more so here's this chapter in record time! I hope you're reading this babe because like I said, you made my day! So glad you're liking my story so far :)

So best comment on this chapter gets a dedication on chapter 2 so GOGOGO...well read first ;) ]

Niall wasn't sure how he got here, but he did know that there was probably no getting out now that he was here. He had only just cracked open his heavy lids, but quickly squeezed them shut again after catching a small glimpse of the room before him. He should've kept his eyes closed.

Images of the blood-spattered concrete floor, chains slung carelessly from the ceiling, and the Polaroid pictures along the wall depicting dozens of smiling faces--all of whom Niall assumed to be long gone and disposed of--burned holes at the backs of the blonde boy's eyelids. He let out a low whimper.

So this was it. This was how Niall Horan was going to die.


He didn't remember falling asleep, but Niall was awoken to the sounds of heavy footsteps somewhere behind him. There was a loud crash followed by a mumbled string of curses. Niall flinched and kept his eyes closed, not willing to take in his surroundings a second time.

Suddenly, the Irish boy felt a rough hand under his chin and his head was yanked sideways, nearly giving him whiplash.

"I know you're awake, Blondie," his kidnapper spat at him.

Niall's eyelids fluttered open involuntarily. A dim light overhead had been switched on and he found himself face-to-face with a gorgeous raven-haired boy who looked not much older than Niall himself. Wait, gorgeous?! There is no way he should be thinking that about the man who just abducted him and Niall knew it. He blushed and pushed the thought to the back of his mind and trained his eyes back on the man before him. His black hair was styled into a stiff quiff without a strand out of place. He had brown eyes, nearly black like his hair. His skin was naturally tanned and at the moment, his plump red lips were pulled into a menacing smirk.

"I have a name, you know," Niall croaked out. He hated how his voice betrayed the fear inside him.

Zayn's dark eyes glinted in amusement. "Oh, I know, Blondie. I just prefer not to get...personal, with my Tasks."

"Tasks?" Niall questioned, his voice wavering only slightly this time.

"Mmmm," Zayn hummed in agreement.

His nonchalance was making Niall angry now. "What the fuck do you mean TASKS?!" he shouted.

Zayn laughed at the boy bound before him. He loved provoking his victims. It meant he was getting under their skin and it made him feel powerful. He had always had the need to be Alpha. "Oh, you've got a mouth on you, eh Blondie? Well, you see...I don't kill just for fun, though it is a rush," he said smiling evilly. "No, I do this for a living. Big Boss, as I call him, tells me who the 'task' is, and this time, you and your friends were unfortunate enough to have a big, red target painted on your backs. You--"

"FRIENDS?! No, no, no, NO! Not them too, oh please, god, no!" Niall screamed as Zayn's words sunk in. The boy began sobbing uncontrollably. His friends couldn't die too! What would become of One Direction? It would be over, all over, of course.

"Look, Blondie... I have nothing personal against you lads, but apparently Boss does. He said you four plus anyone else who got in the way had to go. No more One Direction. Those were the orders; I just carry them out."

"What have you done to them?" Niall whimpered through his tears.

Zayn didn't reply, instead pushing himself to a standing position and kicking away the overturned bucket he had been sitting on. It made a clattering sound as it tipped over and rolled slightly. Niall winced at the sound. It was like fingernails on a chalkboard.

"Would you like to see?" the criminal asked from right behind the blonde. Niall shivered at the closeness of his attacker and hesitantly nodded.

"Be right back; don't go anywhere," Zayn chuckled at his own joke. Niall didn't make an effort to respond. He sat on the dirty floor helplessly with his hands still chained above his head, immobilizing him. He hung his head and attempted to wipe the pathetic tears from his face onto the dirty fabric of his pale blue t-shirt hanging limply from his shoulders. He wouldn't give the killer the satisfaction of seeing his weakness.

Zayn returned a few minutes later. Niall heard the metal door at the far end of the room clang open, but didn't bother looking up. He had a feeling he didn't want to see whatever the raven-haired boy was about to show him. As Zayn got closer, however, Niall could hear him struggling a bit, letting out a grunt every now and then. Oh god, he had a body, Niall was sure of it. When he was close enough to the boy chained in the middle of the room, Zayn dumped the heavy weight he had been carrying to the concrete floor. The bundle let out a nearly inaudible whimper and Niall's head shot up. Whoever it was wasn't dead! Not yet at least, Niall thought sadly. He was sure they'd all be just pictures on the wall full of others soon enough.

"This one's been putting up quite the fight all morning. Little rebel, aye mate?" Zayn spoke as he prodded the heap on the floor, rolling it over. Niall's eyes widened in shock as he realized he was staring at none other than Josh Devine. He was black and blue with bruises and fresh red cuts littered his skin, but it was the same old Josh nonetheless.

"No...Josh," Niall stated sadly. "He's our drummer; why'd you need him too?" Niall asked.

"Like I said, he's quite the fighter. I was finishing grabbing the rest of you four and then he had to go and get himself in the way right when I was dragging your unconscious body back to the van. He saw what I was doing and started throwing wild punches and kicks everywhere. He was quite smashed like the rest of you, so it wasn't too hard to drug him and tie him up as well. And that's why he's here too. He brought it on himself, really," Zayn shrugged.

And that's when details about last night--or it could've been days ago, for all Niall knew--came flooding back to him. Harry, Liam, Louis, and himself had been at a club, celebrating their latest Brit Award win. Josh had attended too, along with some other friends. Niall pushed that thought out of his head, though. He didn't want to think about how many other innocent people would die because they were associated with him and the other three lads of One Direction. He wasn't sure what this "Big Boss" guy had against him and the other boys. All he knew was that they were all going to take their final breaths right here in this dark, sterile-looking room reeking of mold, sweat, and another smell that Niall could only classify as 'death'.

"What do you want from us?" Niall hissed. He locked eyes with Josh whose own eyes mirrored the sadness displayed in Niall's.

The mysterious killer shrugged his leather jacket clad shoulders. "Me, I don't want anything from you. It's a shame I'll have to get rid of you, really. What a waste of such a beautiful face," he said as he stepped closer to Niall and reached out to stoke the boy's pale and tear-stained cheeks. Niall flinched away from the almost gentle touch. This boy was here to harm him, he reminded himself.

"Boss on the other hand, well, he says you're a liability. Something about you've seen to much or some bullshit like that. Like I said before, I try not to get too personal. I do the deed and move on," he continued, still uncomfortably close to Niall but no longer touching him.

"You seem to know a fair amount about us, and yet we know nothing about you. I'd like a name to place with the last face I'll ever see, if you'd at least give me that." Niall's voice dripped with venom. On the outside, he appeared confident, but on this inside he was being torn apart. He wasn't ready to die. But worse than that, he wasn't ready to see his friends die, right before his very own eyes.

"Well, you'll be gone soon enough anyway, so I suppose a name wouldn't hurt. You've got no one to snitch to, after all." He smirked and then sighed a little, his face softening slightly. "Zayn. My name's Zayn," he said in a small voice as he ran his hands through his perfectly gelled quiff.

Niall just nodded in response.


The name suited the dark, handsome boy. It was unique and mysterious, two words tailored to the killer. Niall's heartbeat sped up a bit. Zayn was definitely someone he would've chased after under normal circumstances. Hell, he was attempting not to drool over the god-like man even in this awful situation. He knew it broke so many unwritten rules to be smitten with someone intent on killing you, but he couldn't help it. Zayn was the most beautiful human he had ever laid eyes on. It was so wrong, but he wanted him. So much.

Zayn seemed to recover quickly from his moment of weakness. The evil smirk returned to his full lips and he retrained his eyes on the two helpless boys at his feet. Niall had nearly forgotten Josh was there. He was barely conscious and his breathing was coming out in labored gasps. He had obviously been beaten quite harshly. And just like that, Niall went back to despising his captor.

"Now, let's have some fun, shall we?" Zayn asked. "Boss never set a timeline for your deaths, so I'll take my time with you boys," he told them. Josh let out a whimper and squeezed his eyes shut. Niall went weak and hung limply against the chains restraining his arms. There was some clattering around in the background, but Niall's position didn't allow him to see the source. Josh, however, could see everything, and judging by the fear evident in his widened eyes, whatever was about to happen would not be pleasant. Not by a long shot.

"I'm sorry," Niall whispered to his best friend as his crystal blue eyes filled with tears. "So, so sorry..."

[ A/N: so there it is! Chapter 1 :) I hope you all enjoyed, although it is quite a dark story...

What do you think Zayn's about to do to them?!

So to recap a little:
1. There are only four members of One Direction; Zayn isn't in the band
2. Zayn kidnapped all the other boys and intends to kill them...slowly

Umm I think that's about all I have to say, other than thanks for reading and please comment, vote, and/or favorite!

Much love until next time xoxo ]
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