Hiding Behind the Lens

Ally Meyers has loved photography ever since she got her first disposable camera at the age of 6. She loves being able to capture fleeting moments and make them eternal with the push of a button. Yet her constant position behind the camera lens has kept her isolated from relationships. What happens when her passion for photography lands her a job as One Directions personal photographer? Will the luscious lifestyle of the boys take her from the photographer to the photographed? Or will she continue to live vicariously through the filter of her lens?
Well, there’s only one way to find out.
A Harry Styles fanfic.


1. Telephone Booths and Memory Cards


Snap! Snap!

“Ok now Niall, pretend to be making a call again...Perfect! ” Ally beamed, glancing down at the screen on her new Nikon. She had just finished her first photo shoot of the boys and she was certain she had the shot right there.

“Damn that was fast,” Liam said hopping down off the red telephone booth.
“Agreed” Louis chimed in with a grin.
“This was much more enjoyable than our last shoot,” Niall said as he hung up the phone. Zayn chorused in with his approval throwing Louis off his shoulders.
Harry said nothing and quickly took out his phone.

“I’ll bring in the edited photos tomorrow and you can pick from those which you’d like to use for the album cover,” she replied still looking down at the camera. Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn all gave her hugs as they headed towards the van, ready to be finished with the day. Harry stayed back, seemingly too enthralled with his text messages to move.

 Ally walked over to the table and unzipped her new camera bag. Taking extra care, she took apart the camera slowly, placing each piece delicately into the bag. She had never touched such an expensive camera, let alone owned one. This was quite literally a dream come true for her. Not only did she get to do what she loved, she was being paid absurd amounts of money to photograph five of the world’s most attractive men. She sighed happily; the day had been nearly perfect.

Then a voice brought her out of her trance, practically causing her to drop the cameras memory card.

Oi Meyers,”

“Yes Harry?” she turned, placing the memory card on the table.

“Pass me a water bottle would you?” he said dully, glancing up at her from his phone. She silently obliged. Grabbing her camera bag, she then headed toward her car ready to leave.

“Hey!” he called again causing her to nearly drop the bag.

She turned around and saw him stride towards her. He didn’t stop until he was right in front of her.

“First day on the job and you’re already forgetting things,” he breathed pressing the memory card into her palm. Ally opened her mouth to thank him but he simply stepped back and strode towards the van without another word.

Allyson sighed again and ran a hand through her blonde hair.  It was time to go home.

Once she got home she immediately got to work. Sitting down at her computer she quickly booted up Photoshop and began editing a few of her favorite shots. Tomorrow she would present them to the band and their managers and they needed to be perfect.

Her mind wandered as she sifted through the final photos.
Something about Harry’s attitude today had thrown her off. The rest of the boys seemed excited that she was to be their new photographer and really enjoyed the shoot. However, whenever she gave Harry directions about where to position himself he seemed... unimpressed.

‘He must think I’m an amateur,” she thought shaking her head. Thoughts of their earlier encounter ran through her head.

‘He probably thinks I’m an idiot too.’ She thought recalling how she couldn’t even make out a simple thank you. In her defense he had gotten much closer to her than he needed to. She couldn’t be blamed for tensing up around him...

She decidedly pushed her insecurities aside she kept editing for another hour.

When she finally put the finishing touched on the photo it was well past midnight, but she was not going to risk anything going wrong tomorrow. She wanted to impress everyone with her work. Especially Harry, he needed to see that she was good at her job and even if he didn’t particularly like that she told him what to do, her final product was flawless.


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