Hiding Behind the Lens

Ally Meyers has loved photography ever since she got her first disposable camera at the age of 6. She loves being able to capture fleeting moments and make them eternal with the push of a button. Yet her constant position behind the camera lens has kept her isolated from relationships. What happens when her passion for photography lands her a job as One Directions personal photographer? Will the luscious lifestyle of the boys take her from the photographer to the photographed? Or will she continue to live vicariously through the filter of her lens?
Well, there’s only one way to find out.
A Harry Styles fanfic.


12. Suspicion and Espionage

                The following morning Harry Styles was a little giddy, and rather reluctant to give a solid answer why. His mates knew him well enough to determine that this sort of mood (especially during the morning hours, which weren’t Harry’s finest)  were undoubtedly brought upon by a girl, and when Harry entered the bath, they were presented with the opportune time to fraternize about themselves.

                “Mates, Harry disappeared again last night, and there’s only one explanation for his giddiness.”  Zayn said.

                “I vote we go double O 7 on him, and dig around in his personal items!” Niall shouted excitedly, which spurred at first some shushing, and then a unanimous agreement. Louis issued the orders,

                “Liam, you’re guarding the loo. I estimate we have a good 25 and a half minutes while Harry enjoys his reflection. Zayn, search the drawers, I’ll search under the bed, Niall, make yourself useful in some other way. Platypus is the word. When shouted by Liam, everyone act natural.” Louis did a ninja roll over to Harry’s bed, executing it rather poorly. Zayn decided to approach the situation with a less grade school like mentality and simply strolled over to the drawers and starting rummaging through them. All the while Niall sang the James Bond theme.

                “PLATYPUS!” Liam whispered in the loudest way possible. Niall froze, Louis pushed himself the rest of the way under the bed, Zayn put his hands in his pockets. Harry came out of the bathroom and observed the scene. His belongings had been overturned from his drawers and pulled out from under his bed, which Louis’ feet were sticking out of. Niall was frozen making a finger gun with his mouth wide open and Zayn was wearing a rather guilty looking expression.

                “You would all make God awful spies.” Harry said smugly, catching the shoe that Liam threw at him in response to the comment, without turning around.

                “He’s not offering any explanation, and there are few things the bloke is quiet about.” Liam said after Harry exited the room. Louis finished his thought,

                “Hmmm, and he’s spending time with a girl that he wishes to be secretive  rather than brag about….  That’s curious. Whom do we know that is supposedly off limits? And based off of what we know of Harry, how do you think he’d react to being told something is off limits? To what lengths would he go to retrieve said off limits person and why did he recently purchase a box of twinkies?”

                Niall was beginning to think that Louis was taking this whole James Bond thing to an extreme after his series of rhetorical questions that were delivered in an over dramatic manner. He cut to the chase.

                “I’m beginning to wonder where Ms. Allyson Meyers was last night.” Niall said.


                Allyson had concerns of her own. For one, was she being played by this attractive pop star or did he feel anything for her at all? Was it all just a game? Her head spinning, Allyson clambered down the stairs into the arena where the boys were practicing for the nights show. She hoped to get some good group pictures. But mentally, she was only half there. She found herself avoiding Harry and trying to interact with the others more. If anyone wondered why she was paying the four of them some extra attention she would claim they each needed more individual shots.


Harry could not be more confused. He had tried to catch her attention several times, he brushed against her ‘accidentally’ when he went to get a sip of water, he cleared his throat whenever she walked by, threw million dollar smiles her way, and he even resorted to ‘dropping’ his water bottle on her foot at one point. All he had received was a hushed “Sorry Harry. Didn’t see you there” as she dashed off to the other side of the stage.

                Harry’s mood had suddenly soured.

                As the practice ended and Allyson practically sprinted out of the room Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam shared a look of agreement, something was not right with their photographer; and something was definitely wrong with Harry: they could feel it.

                Harry had finally thought he’d done something right and Allyson was sending him closed signals. This could not stand. He tossed his microphone at Niall bitterly and made sure to slam the door after him as he ran off in the direction he had seen Allyson go.

                “Who the bloody hell does she think she is?” he mumbled to himself, tearing the beanie off his head and angrily shaking out his curls. “What the bloody hell did I do wrong?” he muttered scanning the hallways for her. He heard the clicking of those knee high boots he liked so much and quickened his pace.  She had some explaining to do.


                “This bloody place is a maze!” Allyson exclaimed to the air. She was horribly lost in this maze of a stadium; thus foiling her plans of rushing off to find Amy and get their pictures uploaded to the fan page. She needed a distraction; anything to keep her mind off of Harry. Maybe he would have mercy on her and rather than publicly humiliating her he would just pretend like nothing had happened?

‘He’s probably telling the guys how bad of a kisser I am right now,’ she thought with a sigh.


                She silently marched throughout the corridors in search of any exit. She didn’t care if she had to walk around the entire outside of the building she just wanted out of these dark and somewhat creepy hallways! Just when she thought she was finally getting somewhere she came upon a dead end. She was about to start ranting to herself again when she heard her name being called out.


                “Meyers!” the familiar deep voice of Harry Styles bellowed. “Bloody hell woman you are a real piece of work!” He continued pulling his beanie onto his head.

                “Harry? What are you-“ she began  only to be interrupted as he kept on shouting.

                “You must think you’re a real comedian. Acting as if I’ve got the plaque! Avoiding me the entire day! Well let me tell you something little Miss Thang, if you think you can strut around here in your leather boots and tight pants and make a fool out of me you’re sadly mistaken!”


                Oh he was angry. She could see the anger rolling in waves off of his body. His fists were clenched, his brow furrowed, his eyes wild, and judging by the way he kept advancing toward her she knew he was furious.  She kept trying to get a word in, but he simply wouldn’t allow it! He was currently yelling about the fact she had kissed him then seemingly ignored him. Finally she decided she’d had enough of his ranting and shouted:

                “Well if you would stop being such a thick headed moron you would know that I was worried you didn’t want me to kiss you! Or that you thought I was a bad kisser! Or that you would tell your friends I came onto you again!” Now it was her turn to rant, her words echoed off the walls just as his had done moments before. She was pointing her finger at him accusingly, advancing towards him just as he had done to her moment before. “And I for one would like to keep my job! Paul would have another meltdown if he knew I was swooning over one of the hottest pop stars in the world! So don’t you raise your voice at me Harry Styles! I was only taking precautions to avoid heartbreak and humiliation!” she finished, crossing her arms defiantly across her chest and giving him a steely glare.


                Allyson was just about to turn and leave when she felt him grasp her upper arms and push her small frame against the cool concrete wall.  She barely had time to process what was happening when he whispered:

                “The only heartbreaking news you’ll receive today is the news that if you hadn’t shut the door on me so quickly, I could have kissed you back.”

                Allyson gasped and stammered to say something: “Harry I-“but before she could say anything his lips were centimeters from hers and he asked firmly:

                “Would you stop stuttering and let me give you a proper kiss?” Without waiting for a reply his lips pressed firmly against hers, and his hands slid down her arms to her waist. His lips were gentle but determined.  Allyson’s head was swimming with emotions as she hesitated to kiss him back, afraid this was all in her head. When he bit gently on her bottom lip, she gave in and kissed him back. Her hands finding his shoulders and eventually venturing up to his curls as his hands pulled her by the waist flush against him.

                All too soon they pulled away gasping for air but still clinging to each other.

“I had a wonderful time last night,” Allyson whispered.

Harry stared at her lips, swollen from kissing as he replied “Does that mean you’ll stop ignoring me now?”

“Only if you promise to kiss me properly again,” because if this is what ‘properly’ kissing Harry Styles was like, she wanted to do it as often as she could.


With that he kissed her again, and this time she didn’t hesitate to kiss him back.

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