Hiding Behind the Lens

Ally Meyers has loved photography ever since she got her first disposable camera at the age of 6. She loves being able to capture fleeting moments and make them eternal with the push of a button. Yet her constant position behind the camera lens has kept her isolated from relationships. What happens when her passion for photography lands her a job as One Directions personal photographer? Will the luscious lifestyle of the boys take her from the photographer to the photographed? Or will she continue to live vicariously through the filter of her lens?
Well, there’s only one way to find out.
A Harry Styles fanfic.


8. Drunkards and Irritation

Harry Styles is infamous for his curly locks and gorgeous voice, but not for his brains. Sneaking out with Allyson had gone exactly as planned, but Harry hadn’t had the sense to plan exactly how he’d sneak back in. After wishing Allyson a good night and dropping her off it occurred to Harry that his mates were more than likely to have already returned to their hotel room. Shit. He paced the hallway, trying to conjure up some story of how and why he had not been in their hotel room sleeping, but was lacking in that form of creativity. So, like any stupid vocalist, he settled for climbing the fire escape.

As Harry ascended several flights of stairs up to the floor where the boy’s suite resided, his four mates entered the hotel room. All but Louis returned sober, and were constantly trying to get Louis to shut up.

“Look guys my hand is a dolphin!” Wailed an incredibly drunk Louis who mimicked the motion of a dolphin with his hand.

“Why the hell do you have to be such a loud drunk?” Whined Zayn.

“You’re gonna wake the whole damn building up!” At that point in time Louis flung himself face first into the wall, hit the floor and started rolling. This was accompanied by loud laughter and more slurred comments about dolphins.

“Crap. Liam you get his left arm, I’ll grab the right. Zayn, help us push him down the hall.” Said Niall. The three sober members of one direction picked their mate up off the ground and proceeded to assist him down the hallway to the elevator. By then, Harry was a little over halfway up the fire escape. Louis had to be held on the opposite side of the elevator of the buttons to prevent stopping at every floor. Harry’s mates stumbled clumsily out of the elevator and after several failed attempts to quiet Louis into their suite. Harry had reached the room simultaneously. After several minutes of climbing fire escape stairs and freezing his butt off, he realized that the window was locked. Careless of sleeping guests inside the hotel, he threw a fit.

“GOD DAMN IT!!! I SHOULD’VE KNOWN THE FRICKIN WINDOW WOULD BE LOCKED!!! WHAT THE HE—-“ He trailed off. Louis had seen him through the window and was walking towards him. Harry was contending between bolting or making up some brilliant excuse for being out the window. Louis fumbled with the lock but eventually got the window open.

“Hee-eey there Har-ry. Why you out the window mate?” He leaned in real close to ask that question and Harry got a good whiff of his breath.

“Dear God what were you drinking?” He asked. Louis’ response didn’t include a real answer.

“It was amazing, I became a dolphin. The pool is an ocean Harry. There were mermaids.” Louis was now dangerously close to the window and needed to be moved away. Niall wandered down the hallway and discovered Harry and Louis.

“Oh did he wake you up? Sorry bout that. We wouldn’t have let him drink that much, but it was kinda funny so we watched him down a few too many. Why were you sleeping in that?” Niall looked Harry straight in the eye.

“I couldn’t sleep so I changed and waited for you guys to get home.” Was all he could come up with. Louis chimed in,

“He was with the girls out the window!”

“Mate, you’re pretty wasted.” Responded Harry. Louis looked terribly confused, but only for a few moments. After making a noise similar to that of a moo he passed out and the four sober members of one direction had to heave him onto a bed. Given the amount of time it took the four of them to drag him about 10 feet, one of two things could be said of them. Either Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Liam needed to workout, or Louis needed to lose weight.

As Harry had hoped, Louis woke the next morning with no recollection of opening the window for him. He smiled to himself, proud of fooling his mates and successfully sneaking out with his attractive photographer, Allyson Meyers. After a quick breakfast, Paul informed the band that after they were done eating they needed to see their stylists because another photo shoot would take place. Ally was caught off guard by this announcement. Didn’t he feel the need to tell her, the photographer about this photo shoot prior to announcing it to everyone else? She inhaled an orange and set off on a search for her camera. First, a group photo, then individuals. While in search of her camera, Ally’s mind buzzed with ideas for the photo shoot. She’d taken a lot of shots of the boys in full color and had recently entertained the idea of black and white photographs. Something about pictures in black and white seemed timeless to Allyson, since she’d already captured the boys from a sensual perspective, why not go for an image that was a little classier this time around?

The boys were waiting for Ally on set, and per usual they were sharing a laugh. What exactly was it that the boys were constantly laughing about? Only God knew. Ally said good morning to the boys individually, as she’d grown accustom to doing, but Harry’s response failed to satisfy. He simply sneered at her and spat,

“Meyers.” Um, excuse me? Allyson was both irritated and confused, but leaning more towards the irritated end of things. Who does he think he is? Despite her frustration, Allyson realized that she couldn’t let Harry’s band mates realize he’d upset her. She decided to launch right into the photo shoot.

“Alright guys, we’ll do the group photo and then individuals. I want all of you to pick Niall up, no, not like that. No, like he’s lying down in mid air.” Louis, who still suffered from a hangover had dropped Niall’s head and managed to take the whole band to the ground with him. All of them laughed but Harry, who from under Niall’s sneaker whined loudly,

“That was a dumb pose.” That was a dumb comment. Allyson found herself thinking. Fine, he didn’t like that one? We’ll try another. After going through a series of props and a few memory cards, the perfect pose came to mind. She lined the boys up, and instructed them to lean back into each other. Ally had strategically placed Harry at the end of the line up so he’d be supporting the most weight.


With numerous group photos taken to Allyson’s satisfactory, they moved on to individual photos. The boys had a great chemistry with each other, but she’d be lying if she said she didn’t like the time she spent with their undivided attention a little bit more. Like before, she breezed through the photos of Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis. Louis had a little trouble keeping his eyes open, but that didn’t hinder Ally’s ability to take a great picture. The hours rolled by until finally Ally was left once again, alone with Harry Styles.

“Where do you want me?”

“Over there.” Ally motioned towards the back. Harry slugged over. Ally positioned and repositioned Harry but he refused to cooperate.

“Let me see the photos you’ve taken.” He ordered.

“Not a chance.” She responded. They stared coldly at each other.

“Meyers, we’ve been at this for hours. Why can’t you take a good picture?”

Now you have to understand, Harry Styles had been playing with Allyson’s temper all day. Taking her out to eat and then pretending as though none of it had happened. Ally was not one to mess with……

“I’m sorry Harry but it’s not easy to get a decent picture when your big mouth takes up half the frame!”

Harry’s faced was a mixture of bewilderment and insult.

“My what? How does your lack of experience have anything to do with my mouth?”

“I have no trouble photographing your mates. It’s not my lack of experience, its your lack of both energy and a mouth of proportional size!”

He snickered, “You can’t get a decent picture so you’re blaming my mouth?”

“It’s open in every picture! I want to see your teeth, not your uvula!” He opened his mouth to continue, but Ally was pissed.

“And you do you think you are?! You take me out to dinner and then ignore my existence!”

“You said it yourself Meyers, it wasn’t a date.”He grinned wide. It occurred to Allyson that he’d heard her conversation with her mother.

“You’re an ass! Forget it. I have the pictures I need.” Allyson stormed off to find Amy. She took a moment to regain her composure and then opened the doors to Amy’s office. She showed her the concert photos, the group photos, and finally the individuals. Amy spoke,

“You’re really are awfully talented Ally, but I noticed while you were scrolling through the concert photos, there are an awful lot of Harry.” Amy was a little bit older and easy to get along with. But the grin on her face meant that she knew too much.

“Really? It was unintentional, I’ll try to take more of the other boys as well.”

“Harry is awfully cute isn’t he?” Amy inquired. Not knowing what else to say, Ally simply agreed, intent on distancing herself from Harry Styles for the rest of the tour. But Amy, the crafty old woman who could at a moment’s notice request more individual pictures, had other ideas.

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