Hiding Behind the Lens

Ally Meyers has loved photography ever since she got her first disposable camera at the age of 6. She loves being able to capture fleeting moments and make them eternal with the push of a button. Yet her constant position behind the camera lens has kept her isolated from relationships. What happens when her passion for photography lands her a job as One Directions personal photographer? Will the luscious lifestyle of the boys take her from the photographer to the photographed? Or will she continue to live vicariously through the filter of her lens?
Well, there’s only one way to find out.
A Harry Styles fanfic.


4. Bad Boys and Good Girls

Harry drew in a deep breath and placed both hands on the sink, staring himself down in the mirror. His face was slightly flushed and his hair was in a state of disarray thanks to Allyson Meyers.

Harry wasn’t sure how he felt about tonight’s events. He had been in control the entire time... Up until she pushed him against the wall and commanded he tell her a secret using only his eyes.

He sharply turned the water on cold and splashed his face with it. Thinking of how close she had been, how he could smell her perfume and feel her fingertips on his chest, only proceeded to make his face flush even more. He closed his eyes and remembered how intensely she had stared at him. Her deep blue eyes never left him and he remembered how they dilated when he brought the rose to his lips.

Smirking at himself he realized he hadn’t relinquished all control.

‘She was as turned on as I was” he thought stripping his shirt off and getting ready for bed.

She was exceptionally pretty, but she wasn’t his type, he thought brushing his teeth. She was much too shy to be his type. 

Yet he would dream of her that night, replaying their encounter countless times until the sun arose the next day.


Allyson had spent her evening in much the same manner, except she couldn’t sleep. She spent the evening filing through the hundreds of pictures she had taken of him. The first half of their session had been lacking in emotion, but the second half was power packed with it.

She caught herself fantasizing about the night’s transpiring’s more than once while she worked to edit the photos; particularly when she came across the ones where he gently touched the rose to his lips. She wished more than anything she could have been that rose.

There had been electricity between them. No spoken words were exchanged but arrange of emotions were expressed. She loved to photograph him. He was simply entrancing. Every contour of his face, every emotion it displayed drove her mad.

And she hated him for it.

She had finally taken control, yet somewhere in the silence she lost it again.
Closing her laptop she groaned. She was going to need her sleep to survive another day at work with him.


“Mate what is with your hair?” Louis asked as Harry walked into the final vocal practice before the tour the next morning.

“Or whose hands were in it?” Zayn smirked.

Harry returned the smirk and ran a hand through his hair. He hadn’t fixed it since last night; he kind of liked the way it looked.

“Meyers got a little frisky during my shoot last night,” he replied grabbing a microphone.

Some of the guys laughed, “You’ve got to be joking mate,” was all Liam said.

“I’m not. She pushed me against the wall and tried to take my shirt off.” Harry exaggerated.

“She doesn’t even like you, you aren’t her type,” Zayn said clearly disbelieving everything Harry was saying.

“Yeah, she’s too sweet and shy to go for a guy like you,” Niall said, realizing it came out a little harsher than he had intended. “I mean, you’re just a step too far out of her comfort zone...” he trailed trying to recover.

“Too far out of her comfort zone?” Harry repeated dryly, giving Niall a look. “I’m in every woman’s’ comfort zone,”

            Niall shook his head. Harry could be so arrogant when it came to girls.

“I think Niall’s trying to say we just don’t see her trying to get ‘frisky’ with you... at all,” Louis chimed in. “She just started working for us, she wouldn’t jeopardize her job for a one night stand. Especially with the way you treat her,”

Before Harry could respond their vocal teacher told them it was time to get to work.

Harry wasn’t sure why, but it bothered him that his mates didn’t think a girl like Allyson would fall for a guy like him. I mean sure he had a type, but it wasn’t as if he could only attract one kind of girl. He could get any woman to want him. What made her the exception?

For the next hour Harry’s mind was anywhere but on the task at hand. He kept thinking about Niall’s ‘too far out of her comfort zone,’ and ‘sweet girls like her don’t go for guys like you,’ comments. What did he think she was more likely to fall for him? They’d only known her for a week! They couldn’t possible know what type of guy she went for. They definitely hadn’t seen the way she looked at him last night.

‘Even sweet girls like bad boys,’ he thought smugly. And Harry Styles was as bad as they come.

“Mate would you pay attention?!” Liam sighed frustrated. Harry had been zoning in and out all practice. “You butchered just about every note today. Quit thinking about how for once a woman isn’t throwing herself at you and harmonize. You’d only break her heart and make us find a new photographer anyways,”

Seething, Harry said nothing and continued to butcher every note. How could his attitude go from self-confident to seething in less than an hour? His ‘mates’ certainly weren’t helping. They thought all he was capable of was breaking hearts and ruining good girls.

He didn’t need their approval.

He didn’t need their support.

All he needed was some time with this girl to prove that bad boys can get good girls.

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