Hiding Behind the Lens

Ally Meyers has loved photography ever since she got her first disposable camera at the age of 6. She loves being able to capture fleeting moments and make them eternal with the push of a button. Yet her constant position behind the camera lens has kept her isolated from relationships. What happens when her passion for photography lands her a job as One Directions personal photographer? Will the luscious lifestyle of the boys take her from the photographer to the photographed? Or will she continue to live vicariously through the filter of her lens?
Well, there’s only one way to find out.
A Harry Styles fanfic.


9. Acknowledgements and Agreements

Amy Whitmore was not stupid.
It didn’t exactly take a detective to pick up on the fact that Allyson had feelings for Harry; but it was also obvious to the wise woman that Allyson was not ready to acknowledge these feelings. So rather than try and pry it out of her, Amy decided she would change the subject.

“This group photo is fantastic, has anyone told you that you’ve got a gift?”

“You’re too kind. I wanted the boys to look like they really depend on each other, that they trust each other. This just pose seemed to portrait that,” Allyson said quietly whilst simultaneously crossing her arms gently across her chest and leaning back in her chair.
She wasn’t accustom to anyone complimenting her on her work besides her art teach and her parents. But they were obligated to praise her; they’re her parents after all.

“Well in case I haven’t told you recently, you’re one gifted young woman.” Amy declared smiling sweetly at her. She wanted Allyson to trust her, to open up to her, they’d be working together constantly and Allyson’s closed body language told her that the girl had her guard up.
She was determined to tear that wall down, brick by brick if need be.

A cautious ‘thank you’ was all she received in return. That simply wouldn’t do.

Closing the lid to her laptop, Amy directed her gaze towards the apprehensive teen: “Look, Allyson, I know you think I’m some nosy 30 year old woman who likes to play matchmaker on the weekends. You couldn’t be more wrong.”

“I never suggested...” Allyson interceded.

“I’m not dumb, and neither are you. I’ve been where you are, young and thrust into a whirlwind adventure. I’m just saying be open to whatever happens; don’t miss out on anything because you’re afraid of the consequences or face your feelings. You’re gorgeous and talented. Don’t waste either of those things.” And with that she rose and collected her things, leaving Allyson to draw her own conclusions as to what she had meant.


The following day the dynamic between the two had taken a 180. The girls talked about their families, boys they dated, boys they wanted to date, movies they’d seen and what they wouldn’t give to have the boys stop leaving the toilet seat up in the bus bathroom.

The prior evening Allyson had considered every possible meaning to what Amy had said finally coming to the conclusion that the woman was genuinely interested in Ally’s well being. Which came as a relief; after all they would be working in close confines for nearly a year.

“...And I swear I’ve told them a million times! Paul’s guilty of it too!” Amy sighed shaking her head.

“Uh, yeah, I think I’ve caught him a time or two as well...” Ally said finally zoning back into the conversation, but there was something she needed to get off her chest: “Look Amy, I know you think I’m a guarded teenager who was upset about you accusing me of having a crush on a rock star. You couldn’t be more wrong.” Before Amy could react she continued, “I want you to trust me; to think of me as a mature adult. So please don’t be offended when I say that I was a little worried at first you’d try to hook me up with Harry, it’s not that I don’t find him attractive. I just... I just want to be professional and not risk this opportunity over a fling with a heartbreaker who’d throw me away like an old toy.”

Taking a deep breath, Ally mentally prepared herself for what was coming next; but she never could have guessed Amy’s reaction would be to hug her.

“You are more mature than anyone gives you credit for,” Amy said patting her on the back.
‘Maybe a little too mature for her own good.’ She mentally noted.

Pulling out of the embrace they eased back into conversation smoothly. A mutual understanding had been met, and Amy got the feeling the pair would be good friends.

Amy ended the day with that reassurance and one very important bit of information:

Allyson did indeed fancy Harry Styles, even if she tried to convince herself otherwise.

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