Looking out for you

When Emily dies, she finds herself full of unfinished business. Only problem is, she doesn't know what that business is. Watching out for her former classmates, she finds a way to communicate with them. As she texts and helps her former crush, does he start to fall for her?


1. Unfinished business

I opened my eyes to see a roof. As if I was in a coffin. Oh wait a minute, I was. I died. So why am I still here? I looked at my hands. Just ordinary hands. I pressed them against the lid and to my surprise they went straight through to the other side! O...my...god! I'm a ghost! I sat up and saw the cemetery outside. Looking down, I realised only my head was actually above the dirt. I pushed myself fully up and started walking. IM A GHOST! I wasn't sure whether to be completely amazed, happy, or sad. I wanted to test stuff out.. Wait! CAN I FLY?! I've always wanted to fly! Butto my dismay, I couldn't. I could,however,float. I was still shocked. What do dead people do for a living? Ill start by checking the time. I saw a office nearby and peeked through the window 8:30am. Hey, school must've started! Maybe ill go from there..

I saw my bestfriend Jazminl get off the bus. She looked terrible! Like she'd being crying for weeks! Her blonde hair looked like it had being left loose so people couldn't see her face. Was this because of me? I wondered. "Jazmin?" I whispered when I got right next to her ear. She kept walking. "JAZMIN!" I yelled this time. She looked around when Katie walked up. "Did you hear something?" Jazmin asked her. Katie shook her head, "anyway we're late for class." The bell rang and they walked off. I heard someone say "hi!" I turned and there was another girl around my age, I think she was dead. "You got unfinished business too?" She asked, brushing her red hair. Huh? "What?" I asked she looked at me sadly. "You only just died didn't you?" I nodded. "Here, ill explain things. Follow me."
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