Looking out for you

When Emily dies, she finds herself full of unfinished business. Only problem is, she doesn't know what that business is. Watching out for her former classmates, she finds a way to communicate with them. As she texts and helps her former crush, does he start to fall for her?


2. The text

We sat on the roof of the school while she explained that some people didn't even realise they had unfinished business. I was one of them. So was she. She's been trying to figure it out for 10 years now. "It's not so bad," she said after seeing the look I gave her. It must've been terrible! "There's a couple perks to being a ghost you know." She added after a while. "Like?" I asked. She smiled my names Ally by the way." "Oh sorry! I'm Emily." I smiled.

The first thing ally told me was how to move stuff and touch things. She also told me how if someone's looking in the mirror we can appear there and they'll see us, but we can't stay for too long because an organisation called the "ghost counsel" didn't like us having to much contact with the human world. "Here" she said giving me her address. "But I mostly just float around town so yeah or mainly here at the school." I smiled "thanks." She laughed "and one more MAJOR perk..." She handed me a mirror and disappeared. I looked in it and couldn't believe my eyes! It's like all my flaws had been taken away! The thing in the mirror was me but so much more...finished, beautiful then I was alive.

I thought about what ally had said. I could touch things..but I couldn't give myself away in front of people... Hmm maybe I could get my life back.. Or at least some of it.

I saw my old class heading in for form. I followed them inside. It was different being dead but a bit lonely I have to admit. For a start, no one knew I was there and I even heard conversations where my name was brought up once or twice. Wow. I honestly didn't even know half the amount of people would be affected, but everyone was.

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