My life ruined before my eyes

Hi. Ever imagine being so young at the age of 16. And losing something so important you can't buy it? Well that is exactly what happend to me.
Tilly smith. 16. Australian girl. Got abused in school. Mum comes home drunk every day. Dad walked out 12 years ago. I am unwanted. I hate my life and everyone in it. Except the fact that one night everything got worse.
Kidnapped. Robbed call it what you wish but this is a story that was its twists,tumbles and turns. Would you love having sexual attention or none at all?


9. Wow

Tilly's pov

The car ride was a bumpy and actual 'pleasent' ride. No one dared to touch me, well except Harry to take the thing out of me.

we arrived at the studio and we walked in side. It was a wide dark studio with little bits n bobs around the place but nothing big.

there was a room with a table tennis table and arcade in it though. The boys raced in to it and immediately started playing.

I walked in and stood next to Liam who was playing an arcade game.

'hey babe' he said not taking his eyes off me.

'sup' 'ughhhh the sky?' He replies stupidly.

i walked away from Liam over to zayn and whispered in his ear 'her baby' he smirked and I kissed his cheek. I walked away from him over to Louis. 'Tilly what in the world are you doing?' He asked and spun me around. 'Saying hello to everyone' I say and kiss his cheek. He smirks. 'But babe you know it turns us on. Itll  e worse for u at home.' And nibbles on my ear lobe. I moan. All the boys laugh.  I walk away from Louis over to Harry. 'Hi sweet cheeks' he says and snakes his arms around my waist. 'Hey curly.' 'Dont call me that! Only Louis can call me that.'he whines. I kiss his neck and I can see a glimpse of him biting his lip so he doesn't moan. I smirk in to the kiss.. He plays with my hair and lifts my chin up to his face.' I would be careful baby, if u turn us on to much you might regret this after.' He smiles. I shrug. Then he returns to his game. I walk towards a brown arm chair in the corner. I sit down and play with a strand of hair. 'Why didn't you come to me?' Niall said. I jumped. He laughed and came in front of me. He sat knealing on the brim of my toes. He sat their and gazed. I blushed and looked down. 'Hey don't do that. Your beautiful' he said. 'No I'm not. I don't know why you people chose me out of 65 Billion other girls.' I said and started crying into my hands. All of the boys were around me comforting me and saying stuff like 'you are beautiful' and 'we love you.'

Louis stands up and start singing. 'You are beautiful, know matter what they, words can't bring you down. ' 

i smile at the thought of him doing that. Niall kisses my nose lightly and whispers in my ear.'i would never ever hurt you Tilly. You are beautiful and special and I love you' Paul walks in.'boys come on! Get into the booth and record' he says pushing the out of the room. 'But Tilly has to watch' Liam says. Paul gives me a look which means .ugh boys.

i walk into  the outside of the booth and I see all of them rehearsing. 'Loved you first, rolling.' A man said who was controlling the sounds. Omg they are fricken amazing. Live. My god. I didn't think they were that good. Niall and Louis were looking at me and smiling while Liam, zayn and Harry focused on the lyrics.



sorry for late update!!!


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