My life ruined before my eyes

Hi. Ever imagine being so young at the age of 16. And losing something so important you can't buy it? Well that is exactly what happend to me.
Tilly smith. 16. Australian girl. Got abused in school. Mum comes home drunk every day. Dad walked out 12 years ago. I am unwanted. I hate my life and everyone in it. Except the fact that one night everything got worse.
Kidnapped. Robbed call it what you wish but this is a story that was its twists,tumbles and turns. Would you love having sexual attention or none at all?


12. Truth or Dare

"Truth or dare Til?" I swallowed the lump in my throat as they all smirked at me.


"I had a feeling she would say that," one of the boys whispered.

"If you could choose who to loose your virginity to , which one of us would you choose?"

"I thought it had to be a yes or no question," I replied, not wanting to answer it. 

"Remember Tilly, we make the rules," Zayn's smirk grew even wider. "You picked truth so you have to answer it." I looked at all five of the boys as they stared back at me. I could sense the excitement they got from the awaited answer.

"None of you." 

"You can't say-"

"I answered it," I replied sharply. "Truth or dare?" I questioned Louis quickly. 


"I dare you to kiss Harry." I was expecting Louis to cower away, but the eagerness he held told me otherwise. I watched as he and Harry playfully snogged. 

"I love you Boo Bear," Harry stated in a girly voice causing everyone to laugh. 

"Truth or dare Zayn?"

"Dare," he replied cockily.

"I dare you to take Tilly into the closet and have seven minutes in heaven." It didn't take a mirror for me to know that my cheeks had tinted pink. Seven minutes in heaven didn't sound like a fun thing for a girl like me.

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