My life ruined before my eyes

Hi. Ever imagine being so young at the age of 16. And losing something so important you can't buy it? Well that is exactly what happend to me.
Tilly smith. 16. Australian girl. Got abused in school. Mum comes home drunk every day. Dad walked out 12 years ago. I am unwanted. I hate my life and everyone in it. Except the fact that one night everything got worse.
Kidnapped. Robbed call it what you wish but this is a story that was its twists,tumbles and turns. Would you love having sexual attention or none at all?


5. Tick tick goes the Sexy clock

I actually fell asleep last night with all the 'moaning' and kissing. My bum is super sore from the punishment earlier Saturday night and my neck hurts from the love bites Zayn gave me.
I opened my eyes to find I was in a bedroom, on a bed. With no one else! Yay!
That memory faded as Harry and Louis walked in. 'Baby now this morning you come down stairs with us. You attempt to run, a punishment not worthy for you is up.' Harry said with a smirk.
'And you are having sex with one of the boys tonight.' Louis said quickly before running out the room and squealing.
I walked down stairs to see niall, Liam and zayn playing x box.
'Hey Tilly.' They said in unison, not moving their eyes off the game.
I got a tad angry and marched in front of the playing.
'Listen, all of you. I am 16, never had this type of attention or sex so if one of you are gonna be doing it to me tonight. I deserve some respect!' I yell. Why do I make the bad choices.
'Tut tut tut Tilly, you've forgotten already, WE MAKE THE DESICIONS around here!' Louis exaggerated. 'Come with me Tilly' Harry said and started walking up the stairs.
'no!' I yelled and went to hide behind Louis. He laughed and made a awww sound.
'Here harry.' He said and picked me up likei was a feather.
We went to his bedroom and he gently placed me on his bed. 'Open up Tilly' he said trying to ply my legs together. 'Tilly I wouldn't do that if I were you.' He said with a tone you don't want to mess with.'i I just wanna go home!' I wailed. 'You will never go home at this rate!' He yelled and he smacked my bum. He got something from his dressers. A plastic thing. Boom! 'Arhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!' I screamed! He pushed it inside of me. He pulled my knickers up and took my hand. 'This has 25 different levels,I can change them, watch.' He said and pulled out a black remote from his pocket.....
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