My life ruined before my eyes

Hi. Ever imagine being so young at the age of 16. And losing something so important you can't buy it? Well that is exactly what happend to me.
Tilly smith. 16. Australian girl. Got abused in school. Mum comes home drunk every day. Dad walked out 12 years ago. I am unwanted. I hate my life and everyone in it. Except the fact that one night everything got worse.
Kidnapped. Robbed call it what you wish but this is a story that was its twists,tumbles and turns. Would you love having sexual attention or none at all?


1. I'm a dumbass

I have lost all hope. I live on the streets, I got one set of clothes and I beg every night for everything. Not exactly the life of a normal 16year old. Well my dad left me 12 years ago and my mum got drunk every night and day, so I left. But being the dumbass I am I left everything at home.
Great thinking Tilly!
It is a Saturday night around 11:30pm and I wandered up near the local library. Being Saturday night a huge CLOSED sign on the front door. Duh?! Who else would rock up to a nice, warm library at 11:30pm on a Saturday night.
I sat on the steps thinking about life when a dark figure covers me. I lookup to see a teenage boy with brown curls for hair and bright green eyes. A smirk crossed his face as I look frightened as hell. 'Wheres your mummy darling?' He says. 'Piss off dude.' I say and walk away. Well I at least try. FAILED ATTEMPT! He grabs well I thought it was him. Not him, a new boy bout same height and age now has my wrists behind my back. The first boy puts a cloth over my mouth and clogs my nose. 'Just breath Tilly' unfortunately I forgot about what happend four seconds ago breathed in the substance and blacked out.
Harry's Pov-
She was stunning. Louis,Liam, Niall ,Zayn and I saw her outside the club a few weeks back and we did our research on her. Not much but she was fresh meat at 16 and still a Virgin.
Wow that sounded better in my head. Anyway she just blacked out. Plan worked.
Niall carries her to our van and laid her down on the ground.
Tilly's pov
I woke up in someone's arms. Then I remembered, I was fricken Kidnapped last night!!!!! I stood up well attempted to.*BANG* I fell instantly. I was in a car then. 'Calm down love, it's fine' a boy replied to me. He looked so familiar. 'What the frick do you want with me?!' I yelled. 'Oi! No language or you get a punishment!' Another said.'i am harry.'the boy said with the mop of curls. Oh that's harry, Harry who tho, ugh oh STYLES! All the high school girls scream his name when the one direction bus zooms round the streets. One direction. Oh shit, that did not just happen. I have been kidnapped by one direction. THE BIGGEST BOY BAND IN THE WORLD. Well pisides the Beatles.
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