My life ruined before my eyes

Hi. Ever imagine being so young at the age of 16. And losing something so important you can't buy it? Well that is exactly what happend to me.
Tilly smith. 16. Australian girl. Got abused in school. Mum comes home drunk every day. Dad walked out 12 years ago. I am unwanted. I hate my life and everyone in it. Except the fact that one night everything got worse.
Kidnapped. Robbed call it what you wish but this is a story that was its twists,tumbles and turns. Would you love having sexual attention or none at all?


11. Home sweet, well

We got home and well let's go LIVE:

'babe! Come here!' Zayn yelled from the living room. I walked in from the kitchen.(I am also like a maid for them, not the best job)

'yea what' I said , not really caring about weather I had aditude or not.

'straddle me' he said with a smirk. This got basically all the boys attention. I was gob smacked! 

'Now babe. I need you' Zayn said and patted his member. I rolled my eyes and straddled him, not the way he wanted though, I sat on him facing the TV not him. I heard him moan as my crotch hit his lower region. Louis and Liam where shocked. Zayn flipped me so I was facing him. He kissed my lips gently, slowly getting rougher and wrapping his arms around my small waist.

i then heard Liam saying something along the lines of- 'I wanted to make-out with her today, in about 30mins!'to Louis.

Zayn whispered in my ear,' I want you Til, so badly but I-I can't. Your so beautiful.' And he had found the button to my pants. I gave him my famous death glare. He laughed.


'Right, who wants to play... Truth or dare?' Harry said breaking the tension.


everyone agreed, which means..... I have to play, lucky me!!!!

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