Losing Grip

Alice Dawson was in a train accident with her friends and family. Her parents and many other people died. Since then Alice has had visions of peoples death. When she stops five boys from their death; she suffers the consequences. Will she win or will she lose?



Dear boys and pez,


I'm sorry I had to do this but it's for the best. I love you's all so much and you's have to stay strong. Louis this isn't your fault so don’t blame yourself. Im sorry I wasted all of your time… perrie, please look after yourself and stay yourself don’t change please. Harry, I'm sorry but you do mean a lot to me and im sorry I had to do this but I just had to… zayn, keep perrie happy your like the brother I wish I had :) liam, never change your amazing. And niall… this is probably the hardest to write… I guess since I first met you I had a bit of a thing for you… the thing started becoming a lot bigger and I'm incredibly sure that I might just so happen to be utterly and completely, truly, madly, deeply in love with you. Im sorry if this breaks your heart but we were never really good for each other. The other night was fun and I love being with you. I love you's all so much!

-Alice xox

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