Losing Grip

Alice Dawson was in a train accident with her friends and family. Her parents and many other people died. Since then Alice has had visions of peoples death. When she stops five boys from their death; she suffers the consequences. Will she win or will she lose?


3. Chapter Two - GAMES


I looked at the time in harry's house. Yes I went with them. Im stupid but they are famous. I'll leave in the morning. "dinner?" niall asked. I shook my head. I always ate dinner never missed a meal, I just wasn’t feeling the best. "you ohk?" he asked and sat down next to me. I nodded and moved the blanket closer to my chin. "cold?" he asked. I nodded again. He got up and walked off. Well that was a bit rude. "ALY DINNER" harry and zayn called from the kitchen. I got up and walked out to the dining room but bumped into niall. He smiled and handed me a pile of clothes. "go to my room and put them on, your freezing" he said. I nodded and walked off to the room he showed me earlier. I walked in closing the door behind me and got undressed. He had a simple room I guess. Blue and black were the main colours. He had guitars leaning up against a wall and on stands. His bed was messy. Typical boy. I put on his sweatpants and a white sweatshirt. It had a bird on the right side of the chest. It was really comfy and warm but massive. I picked up my clothes and sat them on his desk then walked out back to the dining room the boys were all sitting down and niall was wriggling around in his seat. I gave him a weird look and he just smiled. "uh niall loves food and we were waiting for you to come back to start eating so this is incredibly hard for him" harry laughed. "fair enough" I said and sat inbetween liam and louis. After a few minutes of everyone (including myself) eating and silence; I broke it. "so who's single and who's in a relationship?" I asked. "single" harry, liam, and niall chimed. "engaged" louis smiled. "taken" zayn shrugged. "names boys?" I asked. Louis giggled "eleanor or el for short, she's gorgeous and she's just like me you will love her" he smiled. We all looked at zayn who was just staring at his food. "zayn?" harry said. He looked up and looked at us all. He had tears forming in his eyes but he didn’t let one fall. "I'll be right back" he said and walked out. "did I do something?" I asked quietly. Liam wrapped his arm around my waist and hugged me "no, he's just been through a lot with perrie, that’s his girlfriend; shes from little mix" he said. I gasped "your kidding right!" I squealed. They all gave me funny looks. "perrie's my cousin, she is moving in with me and my brother tomorrow!" I squealed. "wait, wait, wait so perrie is your cousin and she's dating zayn, which makes you and zayn related in a way, which means you can live with us and she can come live with us, and her and zayn can get married and have kids, and then yeah" louis squealed. I nodded "FAMILY" harry screamed. We all looked at him and cracked up laughing. I stopped laughing and got serious "wait so you guys are seriously offering me to live here?" I asked them. They nodded "we have a spare room well four actually, its yours if you want" Liam said. I nodded "seriously yes!" I said bouncing in my chair. "even though I like met you's today" I laughed. They nodded "well your nice a girl… oh my od lets have a mini party us six and play games and shit" louis said bouncing in his chair. I nodded "buuuuttt we need lollies and ice cream and cream and chocolate, lots of food! Otherwise im leaving" I said and stood up. "will you marry me?" niall asked and grabbed my hand. I laughed and nodded "yeah sure" I joked. "hes probably serious because he loves food" harry said. I smiled and looked at the blonde boy smiling. "someone get me a dress" I joked. Louis ran off then came back with something behind his back. "close your eyes he said. I closed them and heard he boys start giggling. I god. I felt my self getting wrapped up. Uhm ohk? What' s going on? "can I open my eyes now?" I asked. There was a short silence "louis she cant see you nodding dipshit" I heard harry say. "oh right yeah you can" louis said. I opened my eyes and looked down I was covered in toilet paper. "har-har hilarious, get this shit off me" I rolled my eyes and started pulling random parts of the toilet paper off myself.




"ohk question number 14… are you a virgin?" harry asked me. We were sitting in the lounge room up stairs wrapped up in sleeping bags. I shook my head. "mr harry, are you a virgin?" I asked him. He shook his head. "when did you loose it?" niall asked. I looked down "uhm two years ago, harry?" I said. "uh I dunno I cant remember" he shrugged. "who's the lucky guy?" he asked. "uh I dunno, I was at a party with a few of the girls I used to be mates with… we got really drunk and I had sex with a few guys that night… I remember wakin up the next morning in her bed and my vajayjay was fucking drilling plus the massive headache I had and I couldn’t walk" I shrugged. "if I ever fucked you, trust me you wouldn’t be walking for days" harry winked. I scoffed "not going to happen anyway" I laughed. I looked at niall who went quiet. I was practically sitting on his lap. "ohk truth or dare? Is miss aly a scaredy cat or a dare devil?" harry comentated. I giggled "miss aly is a rebel" I winked. He laughed "I dare you to kiss niall" he said. I shrugged and I felt niall tense a bit. "ohk" I said. I got completely on niall and put my arms around his neck and brought his lips to mine. We had a 10 second make out sesh right there. I pulled away and looked at harry. "ohk truth or dare mr hazza" I asked. "truth" he said and shuffled over to me and niall. I didn’t get off nialls lap either but I could see him blushing out of the corner of my eye. "scaredy cat" I winked. He just scoffed "well…" he said. "ohk if you could have any person in the entire world who would it be?" I asked. "louis" he laughed. "DAYYUM" louis called from the kitchen. Oh yeah he was making popcorn. I laughed "seriously who though?" I asked him. He shrugged "I don’t know" he said quietly. I nodded and looked at niall who was just smiling at me. He had his arms around my waist and his head was leaning on my shoulder. "ohk niall truth or dare?" harry asked. "dare" he said. Harry looked up and hummed "hmm, I dare you and alice to go into your room for seven minutes and you know" he winked at us. "like seven minutes in heaven?" I said. Harry nodded. Niall gave me a look to get up. I got up and helped him up before he lead me into his room. He shut the door and locked it and I sat down on his bed. "OHK YOUR TIME STARTS… NOW" harry yelled. "what would you like to do?" he asked me. I shrugged. "do you want too, you know…" I said and moved my hands in a motion thingy. He shrugged. "if you want to" he said and sat down next to me. "6 MINUTES" harry yelled. "a quickie?" niall asked. "yeah why not… only time though" I said he nodded. I leant in and kissed him he started to kiss back. I played with the hem of his shirt and lifted it up. We broke apart and he took it off. "you know what fuck it" he said. He stood up and pulled me up too. He pulled off his and my sweats and then my top. He started to kiss down my stomach and too my underwear. He kissed the inside of my legs and pulled them down and I stepped out of them and he stuck a finger into me. "5 MINUTES" harry called. "OH-OK" I tried to say. I heard snickering on the other side of the door. Then niall did something I didn’t expect. He pulled out his fingers. Yes he had three in. He replaced his fingers with his tongue. I started to get weak in my knees. I felt my self nearing a climax. "n-niall" I moaned. "hmm" he responded. "can we take this to the bed?" I asked. He nodded slowly and stood back up. I laid down on the bed and he pulled off he under then hovered over me. He slowly thrusted into me and kept a slow pace for a while. "3 MINUTES" harry screamed. "WERE GOING TO N-NEED MORE THEN THAT" I yelled. The other boys started laughing. Niall brought my lips to his as he picked up the pace. I moved my hands from his hair to the sheets. "f-faster" I said and arched my back. He started to go faster and tense up. "oh my god" I moaned. I was on the edge. "n-niall" I stuttered. "babe im about to cum" he whipered. In my ear. I nodded. "keep going" I said. I gripped the sheets harder and I reached climax. "ONE MINUTE" harry yelled. "DUDE SHUT UP" niall yelled. It was an on going orgasm. "aly, im going t-" he started but didn’t finish. He started to slow down and then he pulled out of me. He flopped down next to me. "that was… wow" I huffed. He nodded and smiled. "COME ON CHILDREN FOODS READY" harry screamed. "LET US RECOVER" niall yelled. I heard multiple gasps. "M NIALL CHOSE SEX OVER FOOD… DIDN’T EXPECT THAT" louis said loudly. "NO HE CHOSE MOI OVER FOOD" I laughed. "JUST HURRY UP WE WANT TO START THE MOVIE" zayn yelled. "OHK" me and niall screamed. I slowly sat up and started to pulled his clothes on. "c'mon im hungry" I said. He got up and did the same. "ill meet you out there" I said and winked. "k" he smiled. I unlocked the door and walked out closing it behind me. "well…" louis asked. "well what?" I asked. "how was it?" harry asked. "amazing" I smiled.

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