Losing Grip

Alice Dawson was in a train accident with her friends and family. Her parents and many other people died. Since then Alice has had visions of peoples death. When she stops five boys from their death; she suffers the consequences. Will she win or will she lose?


15. Chapter Twelve - GET ME OUT!

I woke up in a room. White walls, floor and a bed... with white sheets. I sat up and looked around the room. "Hello Miss Dawson, I'm The Doctor..." - "WHO?" - "No just the doctor, doctor ross actually" he explained. "Where's Niall?" I asked. He raised an eyebrow "I'm sorry who?" he asked. "My boyfriend? Father of my child?" I trailed off. He excused himself from the room. I sat there staring at my walls waiting for him to return. When he did three nurses followed and stood quietly next to the bed. "Miss Dawson, do you know where you are?" one of the nurses asked. I shook my head and looked at the ground. "You have been in a train accident. You have been in recovery for eight months" she said. I shook my head "no no no I've been with Niall and I'm pregnant" doctor Ross shook his head "miss you have brain damage, and because of the trauma you wake up everyday and act as if you have your life outside of the hospital. You have schizophrenia. You have imagined all of this" he told me. I broke down crying before looking up to them "my mum and my friends... Are they ok?" I asked. They looked at each other before nodding "your mum is in a come still and your friends are fine" another nurse said. I nodded and sniffled. "Are you hungry?" They asked. I shook my head and laid back down. "Well we will let you sleep and then check up on you soon" I nodded at them then heard the door closed. How could this happen. How could I just imagine all of this. It felt so real.

The next morning I woke in the same place. One of the nurses that was in the room yesterday was writing down my blood pressure and some other stuff. "Morning miss Dawson" she said as I sat up. I smiled and said good morning back. "Is there any chance I will get fed while I'm in here?" I asked. She laughed at my question and nodded. Her laugh was light and angelic. In a non weird way. She had long finger hair and fair skin. She also looks in her early twenties. "So what has happened in the passed 8 months while I've been "sleeping"" I asked her. She looked up in thought before telling me that nothing has really changed. She excused herself from the room and I sat there in silence. "miss you have visitors" dr Ross said as he walked into the room. Audrey and a black haired girl walked in. "Ally!" Audrey squealed and ran over to me. Human contact. OMG. "Hi" I said kind of quietly. "How are you. It's been eight months. I thought you were going to die" she said. I shuttered at the word 'die' but smiled. "Well apparently I am fine. I'm just a bit hungry" I giggled. Audrey rolled her eyes and sat next to my leg "oh right, this is Daniella she was in the train accident and survived as well" she grinned "just call me dani" she smiled. I nodded and looked back at Audrey "where's jessy?" I asked her. Audrey shrugged "I'm pretty sure he dumped Alison after the train wreck, he found out she was cheating" She sighed "but he got off the drugs and he's not an alcoholic anymore. He said and I quote from another quote I'm pretty sure, "life's to short to do stupid shit. So spend time with the ones you love because you never know... It may be the last time you see them" I don't know how I memorised that but yeah I did" I laughed and looked over at the door were doctor Ross was standing "visiting times over, sorry girls. Come back tomorrow around 10 and you can stay till 2" he smiled before leaving. I sighed and hugged Audrey "bye" we both said. "It was nice meeting you Alice" dani said "you too" I smiled. They both left leaving me once again in my room alone and quiet. 



I woke up the next morning by the familiar sound of beeping. I was alone in the room this time thank god. "Miss you have a visitor" a nurse said. I sat up and looked at the door. A girl with jet black hair walked in with a big smile. "Uh hi?" I said as she walked in and closed the door. "Hey I'm Haylee I was sent here by Audrey" she said. I nodded for her to go on. "Ok she found out some stuff about your coma. Apparently you have schizophrenia but I don't think you do and that everything you dreamt of was real" she explained. "So what are you saying?" I asked her. "I've met you before when you were with Niall and Harry I remember you had a bruise on your leg. You said it was from getting clipped by a car one morning" she lifted up the sheets and revealed a faint purple bruise the size of a golf ball. "You were talking to me about how death was punishing you because you cheated. This is how he punished you. To make everyone forget to change the course of your life" she said "Here" she passed me a letter that said "ALICE" on the front. I opened it and started to read it.   To Alice, I don't know who you are but I dream of you. Not in that cliche way but Its like I've met you before. It's weird I have dreams of you and me together. Talking. Eating. Watching movies. Everything as if it were memories. I don't know how or why but its true. Love Niall.   I gasped and looked at Haylee "what the fuck. What the fuck" I said. "You can get out of here tomorrow. Then we can go find them to fix all of this" she explained. I nodded and then she left. I sighed and laid back down.   The rest of the day was long and actually hot. One of the nurses occasionally came in to check my blood pressure and give me medication for some headaches I had been experiencing. I was up and walking around for the "apparent" first time in months. "Hey gorgeous" Audrey said as she walked in. Haylee and Daniella followed her and sat on the chairs. We sat there in silence until Daniella had a bit of a spaz attack. "Guy's look at this!" she handed Audrey her phone and she gasped then handed it to Haylee whom did the same. "What is it!?" I asked impatiently. Haylee handed me the phone and my face lit up at the sight of Niall. My smile soon faded when I realised it waws a test message. He was sitting on a chair chained and a gun pointed directly at his temple.   Private number: if I were you I'd stop you're looking because hes gone...   "Wait, how could this be happening?" I asked. Audrey looked down and played with her hands that sat in her lap. "I don't know but we need to fix this... If we don't" She paused and looked at Haylee. "All of this could turn around on us and we could die... they could die" Haylee finished. I sat up and looked around the room. Photo's of everything that had happened covered the walls; filling my mind with memories. "I want out... I can't do this anymore. GET ME OUT" I screamed and started banging on the walls and ripping the pictures down.



Ah Guys i know its short but i did finally update... later then i intended... A friend of mines dad passed away and my other friend tried to kill herself and i have been through heaps this week so i hope you enjoyed it!!


love Saskia xox

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