Losing Grip

Alice Dawson was in a train accident with her friends and family. Her parents and many other people died. Since then Alice has had visions of peoples death. When she stops five boys from their death; she suffers the consequences. Will she win or will she lose?


4. Chapter Three - CRUSHED


*2 weeks later*


Me and perrie moved in with the boys. Me and niall have become closer since that night but we havent talked about it. At this very moment I was sitting in a shoe shop with louis. He was picking out a new pair of TOMS. "what about these ones?" he asked and showed me batman ones. I shook my head "you're wearing them" I sighed. He looked down and smiled. "Im pretty sure you have every pair of TOMS in the universe" I said. I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I ignored it for the 100th time. "you ok?" louis asked. I nodded "yeah" I lied. He sat down next to me and gave me the 'don’t fuck with me' look. I sighed and rolled m eyes "its just I havent talked to my brother in 2 weeks, he hasn’t sent any messages to me or even called… I don’t even know what I did". He nodded "have you tried to call him" I nodded. "a million times but he would just hung up half way through it ringing" he nodded this time. "ohk, well come on lets finish shopping, we still need to get Christmas presents for the others" he said and stood up. I nodded "its good we can do it together cause we both already got each other a present" I laughed. "that made no sense but made sense"  he laughed. I walked over to the converse wall. "purple… my size… LOU" I yelled. He came running over. "how much?" he asked. I shrugged and looked at the tag. $80. I sighed. "miss they are half price today" the lady at the counter called. I smiled "$40" I said quietly. "I found my Christmas present" I said cheerfully. I walked over to the counter and paid for them. I took the bag and walked back over to louis. "c'mon lou, you'll find something else" I said. He sighed and crossed his arms. "ohk, lets go get something for harry" he said. I nodded. He pulled my out of the shop and through the shopping centre. "what doe harry want?" I asked. "a purple dildo" louis said. "real mature" I laughed. "I don’t know… shopping for him is always hard" he explained. "looks like shopping and his dick have something in common" I giggled. Louis nodded then stopped in his tracks. "what?" I asked. I looked up to were he was looking which was at a couple kissing. His eyes went watery and he dropped to the floor. People around us started looking. I kneeled next to him still watching the couple. "lou, what's wrong?" I asked. "th-that's eleanor… my f-fiancé" I whispered. I stood up and marched over to the couple kissing. I tapped the girl on the shoulder. She actually looked a bit like louis. She broke apart and gave me a weird look. "hi are you eleanor?" I asked. She nodded her head. "do you know louis Tomlinson?" I asked her. She nodded. I slapped her across the face , hard. She gasped and dropped to the floor. "HE IS YOUR FUCKING FIANCE AND YOUR KISSING SOMEONE ELSE YOU WHORE" I screamed at her. She stood up. "so what big deal… its not like louis will find out, your just another fan he has no proof of this" she scoffed. I pointed to louis who was still on the floor crying. "no I don’t need to tell him because he saw you do it" I said. I turned around and ran back to him. "its ohk baby" I said and hugged him. He shook his head. "she's the love of my life were supposed to be getting married in two months" he whispered. I helped him up and walked over to a bench. I think this is when people started to realise who he was. "do you want to just go home?" I asked him. "well stop by the supermarket and get ice cream and chocolate" I said. He nodded and stood up. I wrapped my arm around his waist and led him back to his car. Him still sobbing. Since Im 16 I cant drive so he drove which I didn’t want him to but he did. I felt my phone buzz again. I pulled it out. 32 new messages.


Mr hazza styles: ally hurry up we have something important to tell you

Pezza chap: hey cuz were you at?

Zayn: dude get your asses home

More stuff like that.


You have a missed called. Voice mail was left. I clicked on it and put the phone to my ear.


"hey babe its niall, when you and lou get back we need to talk, its important… just don’t talk to harry until you talk to me… yeah I guess that’s it love chuu" I sighed and slipped my phone back into my pocket. "what's up?" lou asked. "boys want to talk to me" I sighed. He nodded. "you know what about don’t you?" I asked. He glanced at me then back at the road and nodded. "what is I about?" I asked. "I cant tell you" he said. I sighed "what ever".




I walked through the door and was instantly whisked up stairs. I landed on the bed with a thud and instantly someone was on top of me. "ally, can I asked you something?" he said. I nodded. "will you be mine" he asked. "I-I dunno" I sighed. His lips crashed into mine and I was in shock. I moved my hands to his hair and started kissing back. my hands were lost his a sea of his curls. "please" harry whispered against my lips. I broke apart and pushed him off me. "wait I need to talk to niall first" I said. Harry sighed and pulled me back to the bed. "please ally" he whispered again. I looked down but he lift my chin and smiled "be my Christmas present" he said. I shook my head. "let me talk to niall first" I said quietly. He nodded and sat back on his bed "ill be waiting" he said. I nodded and ran out of his room. "NIALL" I yelled as I ran down the hallway o his room. He opened his door and I ran in and flopped on his bed. "harry just asked me out and kissed me" I said. He joined me on the bed and smiled but it was fake. "what did you say?" he asked. "that I needed to talk to you, what did you want to talk to me about?" I asked. "oh right, we got a call from your therapist saying you missed your appointment… she wants you to come in tomorrow" he said. "that’s it?" I asked. He shook his head "no I was going to ask you out but harry did so yeah never mind" he said. I sighed and walked out to louis… he was sitting on the lounge eating ice cream. "hey lou?" I asked. He looked up at with red puffy eyes. "yeah" he crocked. "can I be your rebound girl… harry and niall just asked me out… and you need someone so yeah" he nodded "ohk" he whispered. I climbed onto the couch and snuggled next to him "its going to be ok" I said quietly. We sat there for a few hours in silence just watching movies. Not one word was said but I knew what he was going through. "ALLY, HELP" Perrie yelled from upstairs. I looked at lou then bolted up the stairs to where I heard a few screams and gasps. They were surrounding a bathroom were blood was all over the ground.




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