Losing Grip

Alice Dawson was in a train accident with her friends and family. Her parents and many other people died. Since then Alice has had visions of peoples death. When she stops five boys from their death; she suffers the consequences. Will she win or will she lose?


1. Chapter One ~ TRUTH


I woke up to my brother shaking me. I was covered in sweat. "im awake" I said. He let go of me and sat down on my bed. I shifted up and leaned against my bed board. "what happened this time?" he asked me. I sighed. For the past two months I've had night terrors every night id wake up screaming and crying. They weren't memories but they would change every night. They would get worse. "there was a car and another car and the person driving was on the phone. It was around one in the morning. She was coming home from work. She got a call from her husband who was explaining to her that there daughter couldn’t sleep and she didn’t like the fact that she was out so late. The other car driver was speeding he found out his father suicided and he was pissed. He was on the verge of being drunk but not completely" I paused and looked down. "she pulled over to the side of the road to finish talking, and she was about 50 metres away from a petrol station. It was ahead of her. The drunk driver stopped there and filled a can up. She stopped talking to her husband and watched him. He got into the car and started to drive towards her. He stopped a metre in front of her and held the can upside down and poured t all over himself. The women realised what was happening and got out of the car trying to stop him. He threw a heap of it on her too and started screaming 'now we can suffer like my father' he pulled out  lighter and lit them both on fire. They ignited in a flash. There terrifying screams filled the street and there flesh started to melt off. After a minute they were both dead no clothes, no flesh, lying in the middle of the road" I had tears streaming down my face by the time I finished. Jessy sat there hugging me before helping me out of bed and to the lounge room. "do you want me to call Audrey?" he asked. I shook my head. "no I don’t want to bother her its like 4:30 in the morning" I sighed. He nodded. "early breakfast?" he asked. I nodded and sat on the lounge while he walked off to the kitchen. I sat in the middle of the lounge in my pajamas; a singlet and long pants. I twisted my birth ring a couple times on my  right hand middle finger and turned on the t.v. I put it on the news even though it was boring, there was nothing else to watch. " incoming news that there has been a homicide or suicide on palm avenue. Two adults man and women lit on fire at one thirty this morning" she kept rambling on and I sat there shocked. "JESSY, IT WAS TRUE" I screamed. He came running out and jumped over the lounge and re-winded it watching it again and again. We watched in pure horror. "how did you know?" he asked me. I shook my head this is the fourth time its happened since the accident" I said in shock. "your not going to school today" he said and stood up. "why?" I asked. "your going to see a therapist" he said and picked up a phone. I nodded knowing if I argued with him I'd lose.




"so miss Dawson, can you please tell me what has been happening?" she asked me. I looked at my brother and he nodded I gulped and looked down and became very interested with my birth ring. "for the past couple weeks I've had four dreams and they are all about people dying. I've woken up screaming and crying because of it. Then in the morning or the next day, my dream would of happened and be on the news" I said. Yeah this is crazy and im probably going to be institutionalised cause of it. The therapist gasped and walked to her draws. "where you by any chance on that train crash two months ago?" she asked. I nodded slowly. She opened up a draw and pulled out two more folders and handed them to me. "even though we aren't supposed to share details, these two girls were in that accident too, they came into me last week saying the same thing. I thought maybe they were around for the accident or that they were trippy, but you’re the third so maybe this means something" she said. I looked at the folders and saw the two girls, Audrey and hope, my best friends. I gasped how come they didn’t tell me, although I didn’t tell them. "they are my best friends" I said. The therapist looked shocked. "well, I will organise you's too all come in tomorrow, hopefully it wont get worse" she said. My brother went to say something but I cut in. "of course, by any chance would you know what we have?" I asked. She shook her head "it’s the third case but it seems like you's are psychic in a way" she shrugged and we all stood up and led us to the door. "tomorrow 11?" she asked. I nodded and walked out the door with Jessy. We walked to his car and we jumped in. It was quiet for a while till he pulled into his girlfriends house. "why are we here?" I asked him. "I need to pick something up" he said and got out of the car. I sighed and stayed. I hated his girlfriends she's a bitch and doesn’t deserve him. She treats him like crap and takes him for granted. Its bullshit that he has to put up with it, but he is to oblivious to it all. I heard yelling and screaming inside the house but I ignored it. My brother came out raging. He practically ripped my door off and stood there with a bright red face. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY CAR" he screamed. He has never screamed at me. I was shitting it to be honest. I jumped out of the car and stood two metres away from him. "YOU FUCKING LITTLE SLUT! HER OWN FUCKING BROTHER WHO IS LIKE RELATED TO YOU!" he screamed. I had no idea who he was talking about. "YOUR JUST LIKE MUM, A FUCKING DIRTY SLUT WHO DESERVED TO DIE" he screamed at. I had enough I was balling my eyes out and I grabbed him by the hair and kicked him repeatedly in the balls. "DON’T YOU DARE FUCKING SAY THAT" I screamed. He through me off him and I hit the car door. Instant bruise on my back for sure. "ITS YOUR FAULT SHES DEAD" he screamed. I broke down crying even more and just ran. I ran down the street to Audrey's house even though the was at school. I sat down on the kerb and pulled out my iPhone. 3:26. she should be home soon. I sighed and started to play games cause I was bored but it wasn’t helping. Something was getting in the way.

*day dream*


Date: 12.2.13

Time: 3:41pm

Place: Woodhill avenue


"Louis you have to calm down, your going to make us crash" a blonde one screamed. "NIALL, SHUT UP! SHE'S GONE. ELEANOR'S GONE… I deserve it!" he raged pushing the accelerator pedal down more. 90…100…115…130…145… "LOUIS WATCH OUT" a curly haired one screamed. BANG. Louis lost control of the car and it rolled seven times. Five boys flung around the place. The blonde boy through the windshield. Dead… all of them.


*end of day dream*


I yelped and stood up. I looked at the time 3:34. I ran down the street and saw the car starting to speed up. I jumped out in front of the car and screamed for them to stop. The car slowed down and stopped. They all looked very shocked. The driver got out and I fell to the ground. "oh my god are you ohk?" he asked. I shook my head. "in exactly two minutes all of you were supposed to die" I explained. The blonde one helped me up and smiled. "how do you know?" he asked. "I had a dream, you… your names louis you were screaming 'niall shut up, she's gone Eleanor's gone' " I pointed at the driver. And he looked down. "I was actually" the rest nodded. I sighed. "you know you just saved our lives right" the blonde one said. I shrugged "yeah I guess" I said. "you do realise we are one direction world wide famous boy band right?" he asked again. I shook my head then nodded and realising. "my friends has posters of you all over her bedroom walls" I said. They nodded and shrugged. "we would have expected you to go all fan girl on us" the curly haired one said. I shook my head "nope to be honest I really don’t like you's that much" I said quietly. "uh why?" the curly one asked. I shrugged. "you's just kind of seem stuck up, in away" I said. They nodded and the blonde one sighed. "why do you think that though?" he asked. He seemed to be getting angry. "look blondie, I just think that cause of what you guys say on interviews and shit especially the harry kid practically fucking every girl In his sights" I turned around and stormed off but blondie grabbed me by my shoulder and turned me around. I flinched and ducked. "whoa im not going to hurt you?" he said quietly. "I saw that your shirt was ripped and your backs cut and bruised" he gave me the face that says 'whats happened' and I sighed and shook my head. I told them about what happened earlier and they nodded. "you need somewhere to stay?" the curly hair one asked. "I don’t even know your names and you don’t know mine or even me?" I said confused. They shrugged. "im niall, this is louis, harry, liam and zayn" the blonde one sad pointing to each boy. "im Alice" I said quietly. They nodded "beautiful" liam said. I shrugged "I guess". "so where you headin' ?" harry asked. I shrugged "my brother just kicked me out practically, so I was going to see if I could stay with a mate" I said simply. They started to shake there heads. "your staying with us. End of story… we are officially adopting you now" louis said and hung his arm around my shoulders. I nodded "ohk" I said. Niall smiled and got back in the car. This time in the drivers seat. "you do realise you just cheated death" zayn asked. I shrugged "that type of stuff isnt real" I jumped into the and buckled my seat belt. "its all just a legend" I finished.

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