Losing Grip

Alice Dawson was in a train accident with her friends and family. Her parents and many other people died. Since then Alice has had visions of peoples death. When she stops five boys from their death; she suffers the consequences. Will she win or will she lose?


11. Chapter Nine - Don't Even Bother Coming Back

I woke up to niall talking quietly to his laptop. I sat up and gave him a weird look. "twitcam" he said simply. I crawled to the end of the bed where he was sitting with his laptop and smiled at him. "everyone this is Alice" he said into the camera. I saw multiple comments pop up. Some were really harsh and others were like "naww is she your girlfriend" or "she's so pretty". "ohk guys, I don’t care what you say or think cause it's my decision, if you really cared and loved me you would be happy for me… Alice is my girlfriend" he paused and looked over at me. "my beautiful girlfriend" he finished. I felt tears prick my eyes and I just sat there smiling like a total dipshit. I turned out of his trance and looked at the computer screen. Everyone's posted "nawws" and "awws" all over it. Niall said bye and closed his laptop. "I was going to announce it more interestingly, but that didn’t happen" he said. I gave him a hug and kissed him softly on his lips. "I don’t care" I mumbled against them. "c'mon let's go see what's for breakfast" he smiled when we broke apart. I nodded and got up with him following my actions then walking out the door. I rolled my eyes and walked out too. Everyone was sitting in the lounge room around harry. He had his head in is hands and a bucket underneath him. I rose my eyebrows. "hung-over already?" I asked. Liam shook his head. "nope food poisoning" he said shaking his head. I sighed and softly patted his messed up sex haired curls. "me and niall are going out for breakfast; anyone like to join?" I asked. Louis nodded and got up "I will" he smiled. I smiled back then looked up at niall who was in a trance but smiling cheerfully. I giggled and dragged them both out of the room. "we need to get dressed" louis laughed. I rose and eyebrow and smiled evilly. They both chuckled knowing my plan.




"uhm excuse me, but may I ask why you three are wearing bright pink onezies?" the lady at the counter asked. We smiled sweetly and I looked up at louis who smiled back at me. "I’m too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my onezie, too sexy for my onezie, so sexy it hurts" he said in a deep seductive voice. I bit my lip trying not to burst out laughing. "ohk, what can I get you three?" she asked. I hummed and looked at the board. "can I please have  strawberry smoothie and a bacon mcmuffin, but just with bacon im allergic to eggs" I lied. I just really hate eggs. She nodded and wrote it down then looked at niall. He practically ordered everything and smiled successfully when she gave him a 'what the fuck?' look. She nodded and looked at louis who ordered the same as me. It took not even two minutes until she put the stuff then sat it in front of us. We grabbed it and ran back out to louis' car. We climbed in and we ate it all on the way back to the hotel. We walked into the room too five angry people. I grabbed onto niall's hand and hid behind him a little. "yes?" louis asked. Paul huffed and got everyone to sit down. I sat down on Nialls lap and put my head on his shoulder; still not letting go of his hand. "I got a call from Ellen's manager's and unfortunately Ellen has cancelled the show" he said. The boys gasped. "what why?" liam asked. Paul shrugged and looked down "she is attending a funeral" he said quietly. We nodded and sighed. "so when is our first show?" harry asked. Paul pulled his phone out of his pocket and clicked a few buttons. "you have rehearsal's later on, then all tomorrow then a show at 7 tomorrow night" he said. Louis groaned and leaned back on is chair. "this isn't a vacation, this Is lockdown… prison WERE GOING TO DIE PAUL" he yelled and flopped off the lounge and onto his knees. I giggled and niall shifted his leg which made me fall off. I growled and stood up taking louis' place. I crossed my arms and avoided his glare and looked down at louis who looked as though he could be dead. "I will meet you at all phones arena at 4… for now stay here and do not leave!" he said before walking out the door; closing and locking it. The boys, perrie and I groaned and slumped onto the floor like louis. "what are we going to do for five hours?" harry asked. I shrugged "sleep" I yawned and closed my eyes. I heard giggling and then a pillow being thrown at my head. "who ever the fuck did that, you have five seconds to start running" I growled. I felt a collision of pillows hit my body. "1, 2, 5" I yelled and jumped up. Everyone ran as fast as they could to the bedrooms and locked the door. I smiled evilly and ran into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and got out whipped cream, sauce, Niall's chocolate fudge cake - I smiled at this knowing he would disown me… ohk I shouldn’t smile at that - and honey. I smiled to myself and ran to mine and niall's room. I knocked twice and said extremely sweetly "baby come here" I heard him chuckle and then opened the door. BAM. Chocolate fudge cake right into his face. I grabbed the sauce and squirted it all at him while laughing hysterically. He sat there screaming like a little girl and that when the other boys and perrie came out. I turned around and started to attack them with the food to before running into the kitchen and hiding in the fridge. Yeah im smart. "ALICE" they all screamed before running into the kitchen. I had to pinch myself from giggling. I was holding whipped cream in one hand and BBQ sauce in the other. "shh, where'd she go?" I heard a thick British voice say. Harry's. It was extremely quiet for a couple seconds before someone yelled "AH HA- oh". I giggled quietly and got out my phone. I dialled all there numbers as a group call. "hello?" they all answered. "I can see you, but you can't see me" I said quietly and evilly. "babe where are you?" I heard niall say through the phone and I could tell he was right in front of the fridge. "get away from the fridge… I'm in you're room now" and like on queue a door slammed. I heard heavy footsteps disappearing. "where about in my room?" niall asked again. "behind you" I said and hung up. "AHHHHHHH" I head everyone scream and run out of the room and into the kitchen. "oh my god, where the fuck is this kid" perrie said breathlessly. I swung open the door and jumped out "RAH" I screamed. That shit themselves and piss bolted into the lounge room. I fell to the ground crying it was so funny. I felt someone come and sit on me though. I opened my eyes into harry's bright green ones. I smiled and he glared at me. "dude not cool" he said. I nodded "it was funny" I laughed. He shook his head then got off and walked away. I sighed then got up and walked into the lounge room. All the boys but niall were in the room. "wheres niall?" I asked. Everyone shrugged and continued to watch tv. I shook my head and walked down the hallway to mine and niall's room. I opened the door and surprisingly he wasn’t in there. I frowned and walked over to the bed and pulled out my suitcase. I picked out an outfit and got dressed. After that I went out of the room and passed the boys and opened the door realising that paul didn’t lock it. I smiled and walked out. I heard footsteps follow me and then stop. "where are you going?" louis asked. I shrugged to go get some food" I said as if it was simple. I walked into the elevator and pressed the floor button. It took five minutes until I got to the bottom. I smiled and pulled out my phone which I slipped into my jeans back pocket before I left. I checked the time which was 2:47. I sighed and left the building. To be honest all I know is that I was in the city and it was big. I walked around the streets and ended up at a Sydney Dance Academy. I smiled at myself. Ive always wanted to be a dancer. I walked into the smalled café which had a few people ready what I think were scripts. I smiled and walked over to the counter. "what can I get you lovely?" the man spoke with a strong australian accent. "uhm a expresso" I said. He smiled "what is a british girl doing in sydney?" he asked as he made my coffee. "uh, my friends are doing a few concerts here" I said. He nodded "garage bands are the best" he said. I chuckled "they aren't a garage band, they are a boy band and world famous" I muttered. He smiled "snooty?" he asked. I shook my head. "one direction?" I heard someone say. I turned around to see a girl who looked around my age. Blonde hair and greyish blue eyes. I nodded slowly and she gasped "oh my god… I hate them" she laughed. I shrugged "well In my case im actually da-" I was cut off by my phone ringing. "excuse me" I said and answered.


Me: ello?

Person: where the fuck are you?

I sighed

Me: more like where the fuck are you?

Niall growled

Niall: well me and the boys and perrie have been lost out of our minds trying to find you

Me: really cause last time I checked you're the one who disappeared

Niall: what ever just get back here

Me: you're my boyfriend not my dad, you don’t choose what I do

Niall: you know what fuck you, where done; don’t even bother coming back


He hung up and I stood there in shock. The guy handed me my coffee and smiled. I smiled "thanks" I handed him the money and he handed me a piece of paper. I looked at it which had his number and name. "thanks josh" I said. "what were you saying" the blonde girl said. "oh nothing… doesn’t matter" I smiled. "do you dance?" she asked. I shrugged "kind of" she nodded "come with me" she said and dragged me out of the café and down the ally way. Yes an ally way but it was like two metres long and not dark. We got to a pier and she pulled me about half way down it and into a door. "welcome to the dance academy… I'm alicia bannit also known as kat from dance academy the t.v. show… you should audition" she said and pointed to a room. I smiled "uh ok" I said. She pushed me towards it and handed me a piece of paper and a pen. "just fill out your details… you can borrow my Leo and pointes" she smiled. I nodded and signed up.




"OH MY GOD" I screamed and jumped up and down. "you got in?" alicia asked. I nodded crazily and she joined jumping and screaming with me. "OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE TO MEET THE OTHERS" she yelled.

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