Losing Grip

Alice Dawson was in a train accident with her friends and family. Her parents and many other people died. Since then Alice has had visions of peoples death. When she stops five boys from their death; she suffers the consequences. Will she win or will she lose?


5. Chapter Four - DRUNKIN' MORNINGS

It was a rush getting to the hospital. I couldn’t move louis and zayn had to carry me to the car and inside the hospital. I was freaking out and crying. "shh Alice he's going to be ok" louis soothed as he sat down on a chair. I sat there shaking my head and sobbing. "I let this happen" I sobbed. "its my fault" he wiped my tears and hugged me tighter. It seemed as though I was frozen and everyone else was in fast forward. I don’t know how long I sat in louis arms but I fell asleep and woke up back at home. I rubbed my eyes and sat up slowly. I blinked a few times hoping it was a dream. It wasn’t. I hobbled out of bed and down the stairs to the lounge room. Perrie and zayn were sitting there crying. "where's lou?" I croaked out. Perrie got up and gave me a hug. "he's still at the hospital… do you want me to take you?" she asked quietly. I nodded slowly. "got get something warm on its freezing outside" she gave me a small smile before sitting back next to zayn. I sighed and walked into niall's room. I grabbed out his sweat pants and his jack wills jumper. I got undressed and looked at the clothes. I love these clothes to be honest. I put them on and sat on his bed for a second to fix up my socks. I pulled the hood over my head and shoved my hands in the front pocket. I sighed got up and walked out. "ready?" Perrie asked and grabbed her car keys. I nodded slowly and walked out the door with zayn following us. I got in the back seat and leaned against the window. Perrie started up the car and we drove off.




It felt like the longest car ride ever. We pulled into a car spot and I seriously jumped out of the car and ran into the hospital. I ran towards the recovery ward and slid through the doors I saw louis sitting in a chair with his head in his hands. I sighed and walked over to him. He looked up and smiled. "hi" I whispered. "how is he?" I asked. H shook his head and shrugged. "no ones said anything… I've never expected him to behave like this" he said quietly. I nodded and sat down. "excuse me sir" someone said. Louis looked up. "yes?" he asked. "hi im your friends nurse and I need you too fill this out for me" she said and held out a clipboard. Louis nodded and took it. He started to fill it out slowly. "what's it for?" I asked. "it says for release… like who he's staying with, does he live alone, stupid shit" louis shrugged. I nodded and sunk a bit in my chair. "he's going to be ohk, he's strong" louis whispered. I heard his voice crack a few times and it broke me. "I can handle this" I sighed. "this is my pay back… for cheating death… he thinks its funny to take away my family" lou shook his head. "no he was just upset that you didn’t choose him" he sighed. (A/N: that’s a lot of 'he/s' just then) I got up and walked to his room. I knocked on the door lightly. "hello?" a voice croaked. I walked in and sat down. "how you going?" I asked. He shook his head and looked down. My eyes filled with tears. "niall why did you do that?" I asked him quietly. He looked me in the eye and looked at his bandaged waist and wrist. "because I thought it would help… thinking you didn’t want me made me feel like I couldn’t have anyone… I'm sick of the hate I got from 'the fans', sick of being single, ugly, imperfect…" I cut him off. "Niall your amazing… no ones perfect but your close to it… the fans don’t hate you they are just jealous cause your hot and they're not… your beautiful ohk I didn’t choose you because at the moment I was stuck between you and harry… but louis needs me so im choosing him… if nothing comes out of it then we will see what happens but please don’t go doing this" by the time I finished saying that my eyes were filled with tears. He pulled me down and gave me a hug. "I'm so sorry niall this is all my fault" I sobbed. "its ohk ally… its not really your fault… I've been wanting to do this for a while… I just never worked up the guts too. When you came I instantly fell in love with you and when we had sex it was amazing… im pretty sure I love you Alice" I sighed and pulled out of the hug. "im sorry to put you in this position" he said quietly. I kissed him on the forehead and he smiled. "it's ohk but just in time babe" he nodded and I left the room. I closed the door and slowly slid my back down it. I pulled my knees underneath my chin and cried. How could I let myself do this.




I stood in the kitchen the next morning drinking. Not like orange juice or tea. I mean vodka and whiskey and some other shit. Niall came home last night and I couldn’t handle seeing everyone so mopey. It was like they all blamed me. They do… even I do. I looked at the time on the stove. 6:38. I sighed and drank some more. I looked around at all the empty glasses and bottles around the kitchen. I looked out the window and watched the sun slowly rise.


*day dream*


DATE: 2/3/13

TIME: 11:52pm

PLACE: clipper road train crossing


"look I don’t even know why were fighting babe" a tall blonde guy said. "its cause I caught you cheating get your drunk ass home" a girl screamed. "c'mon baby" he said. "JESSY GET YOUR FUCKING ASS HERE NOW" she screamed. He got in his car and drove off. He was drunk as and was swerving all over the road. There was flashing lights in front of him and he sped up. He didn’t notice the train coming. It hit his car and it rolled many times. The car was squashed and he was dead.


*end of day dream*


I let out a breath and ran up… well tried to… the stairs to my room. I grabbed my phone and called up my brother. "hello?" some one answered groggily. "JESSY" I screamed. "dude its like 7 in the morning you sound drunk?" he said sleepily. "promise me no matter what happens today you will not leave your house or jess' promise me" I said sternly but slurring my words a bit. "yeah what ever" he hung up and I walked back down the stairs hiccupping. I grabbed the bottle of whiskey and chugged it down. I heard someone walk down the stairs and enter the lounge room. The t.v. turned on and I heard the thick Irish voice speak "why am I not hungry… why aren't there any t.v. shows on… why doesn’t she love me the way I love her" he croaked. I walked into the room holding onto random things to help me stay up right. "Niall" I slurred. He turned his head towards me. His face red and puffy. Another thing that broke my heart. I sat down next to him and drunk more of the delicious drink I had. "Alice why are you drinking at 7 in the morning?" he asked quietly. "got nothing better t' do been doin' dis since fuckin' I dunno aye" I slurred. I put my head on his lap and looked up smiling at him. "you sir should drink with me" he chuckled and nodded. I handed him the bottle watched as he drunk from it.

"I don't wanna be the girl that has to fill the silence. The quiet scares me 'cause it screams the truth. Please don't tell me that we had that conversation 'Cause I won't remember, save your breath 'cause what's the use?" I sung quietly. Niall chuckled. "how do I feel this good sober" he sung. "your voice is so angelic" I said and sat up but I sat on him, facing him, straddling his waist. "sing more" I slurred. He drunk some more whiskey and smiled. "get more stuff first" he smiled. I grabbed his hand and I ran to the kitchen. We sat there for ten or so minutes drinking as much as possible. We fell to the ground laughing cause we couldn’t stand. I sat on im again in the position I was in before be he was laying down not sitting up. "I can't help it, I like to party, it's genetic. It's electrifying wind me up and watch me go, Where she stops nobody knows, A good excuse to be a bad influence on you" I sung to him. "My life's a fantasy, that you're not smart enough to even dream. My ice is making me freeze, you can try and try you can't beat me" he sung back. "shall we have a rap off" I winked. He flipped me over and he was on top of me. "what type of rap?" he asked playing with the hem of my t-shirt (well his). I winked and smiled. "how about this we find a song with in the next ten minutes what that has a rap in it… learn it in the ten minutes and see who wins" I winked. "shall we turn this into strip rap?" he slurred. I nodded. He got up and he helped me up too. "ready, set… go" I said. He ran up stairs and I stayed in the kitchen. I already knew it. He came back down ten minutes later sweating. "ohk ready?" he slurred and drank some more vodka. I nodded. "you first" he winked.


Me - here comes the weekend by pink - Eminem's rap in it:

Nothing high class in my glass

 Only bottles of pop

 My bottles are popped so when I pop up in the spot

 I'm probably not gonna be wanting to pop bubbly or Ciroc

 I'm not Puffy but I'ma run this city tonight

 When I hit it, I might act like a frickin' idiot

 Diddy mixed with a medieval knight, big city lights

 Little indignity, hot diggity

 This Biggie is gettin' me hype

 I don't get some liquor, I'll hurt you

 I'll knock your dick in the dirt, bickerin' worse

 Than that bitch in that Snickers commercial

 A mixture of Stiffler and Urkel

 Hangin' from the light fixture

 I hope you pricks are insured for this building

 Cuz we're tearin' it down, security get out

 The frickin' way, Jesus Christ the blaring is loud

 I swear the only thing I hear is the sound

 Of sirens going eeeeeh


Niall stood there clapping and cheering "how did you not stuff up?" he slurred "natural talent" I laughed. "your turn" I said and took another sip of vodka and whiskey.


Niall - wee wee by Eminem (A/N: my mate who has a very dirty mind suggested this):

Got a dick, it's as big as a banana

 I try to control it, but I can't.

 It's too tough, it's like an AK flip banana.

 You better watch out, Hannah Montana!

 Man, what's the matter? Have you no manners? (no!)

 You know the girl from Juno's address?

 Yeah, I'm a prob'ly go to jail for that.

 Now I got the cops on my tail for that!

 Run up on your car with a stale banana

 In your tail pipe, can't believe you fell for that.

 It coulda been a Molotov Cocktail for that.

 Wait a minute, man! What the hell was that?

 I heard a noise, where you goin'? What are you, bananas?!

 You can't go back there, stupid ass!

 I just seen a woman in a Freddy Krueger mask.

 Who the fuck are you, Superman?

 All you have is a little stupid can

 Of whipped cream what the hell you gonna do with that?

 I'm a put it on my wee wee. Ooh, good answer!

 A super bonanza extravaganza.

 Man, go ahead, what you waitin' for?

 You better get them clothes off, baby girl.

 Come on! Let's go! We're gonna make a porn!

 Ready, set, go! Hit play, record!


I sat there clapping and laughing. I looked at the time 7:34. I sighed and looked at niall who was drinking more whiskey. I picked up another bottle of jack Daniels and chugged it down. After that I cant remember anything.




I woke up later on with a massive headache. My head was throbbing and I felt so sick. It was pitch black though. I rolled over and opened my eyes slightly. Niall was next to me sleeping. I looked around the room which had pillows and blankets and clothes every where. I sat up instantly regretting it. I slammed my head back down and rubbed my temples. "headache?" he asked me. I nodded. "I don’t remember anything… do you?" I asked him. He nodded "some" he smirked. I raised an eyebrow and even though he had his eyes closed he did the same. "my eyes are slightly open if your wondering" he smiled. I nodded and moved closer to him. "so what do you remember? Niall do you have a boner I can feel it through your pants" he laughed and looked under the covers and laughed even more. Then stopped because I could tell by the face he pulled his head hurt. "what's so funny?" I asked. He put his arm under the blanket and moved it over my waist and slowly moved it down. I gasped "niall oh my god im naked" he laughed and nodded. "same" I looked under the covers and gasped. I sat up but laid back down again. Stupid hangovers. "did we?" we looked around the room and niall tapped me on the shoulder and pointed over near his bin. Four used condoms were sitting next to it. I gasped. "three times wow" I sighed. I got a bad feeling in my stomach. "oh shit" I said. "what?" I got up and ran into his ensuite. I put the lid up and started puking. Niall ran over to me and rubbed my back with his not so cut up hand. He pulled my hair back and tied it in a pony tail. I leaned against the wall with tears falling down my face. "I hate this" I said. He nodded. "you ok?" he asked. I nodded this time. "stupid hangover" I chuckled. After another twenty minutes of us both puking we got dress and went down stairs and saw that it was 5 in the after noon. We walked into the lounge room to four not impressed boys and one not impressed girl. "afternoon" niall said. They all shook there heads. "you drank every bottle of alcohol in the house at 7 in the morning plus wake us up at 8 with your loud sex like c'mon guys me and perrie have sex maybe twice in one day but not six times seriously you too" zayn said shaking his head perrie gasped. "they didn’t need to know that" she hissed. "wait we only did it four times?" I said. They all shook there head. "nope it was six we counted… only because one by one we woke up louis first, then harry then myself then zayn then perrie then all of us had enough after the sixth time and went out for breakfast we came back after some shopping and you too were sound asleep" liam explained. I sighed and looked at harry who had his head down. I shook my head and walked back up to Nialls room hoping to find two more condoms but there weren't. I sat on his bed with my head in my hands. "you ohk?" he asked. I shook my head. "I feel like shit and I was hoping I would find two more but I didn’t… what if we did do it six times… twice with out a condom" he shook his head. "its ohk… just lets go back to sleep ohk?" I nodded and laid back down in his bed.









CHEERS xoxox

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