Losing Grip

Alice Dawson was in a train accident with her friends and family. Her parents and many other people died. Since then Alice has had visions of peoples death. When she stops five boys from their death; she suffers the consequences. Will she win or will she lose?


6. Chapter Five - Where's Perrie?

I got woken up the next morning by a phone ringing. I heard a button being pressed then Nialls voice. "hello… no, she's asleep… oh uhm yeah… I'll tell her… yes ohk… give us an hour… thank you… bye, you too" he hung up and I rolled over to face him. He was pacing around the room. I sat up and rose an eyebrow "what's wrong and who was that?" I asked. He shook his head. "uh, your brothers girlfriend… she hasn’t seen him since last night they had a fight and she was wondering if you knew where he was" I shook my head and then gasped. "clipper road train crossing… start the car" I yelled. I jumped up and ran down the stairs with niall following close behind. I grabbed some shoes and threw some at niall. We ran out to the car and jumped in. straight away he took off to the road which is 10 - 15 minutes away. When we got there, I broke down in tears. I jumped out of the car to Jessys smashed up car on the other side of the train track. I ripped open the door and looked at my brother. And just like in my dream he was dead. Niall ran over to the car and pulled me out. He sat me down on the bonnet and called the ambulance.




It was about one in the afternoon, nice and sunny outside but I was dressed like it was snowing. I was sitting on the lounge holding my knees under my chin. I had Harry's 'one direction take me home tour' jumper on and I was wearing louis' sweats. I just there emotionless. I didn’t say a thing to any of the boys. I felt exactly like the other day when niall tried to kill himself but even worse. "hot chocolate?" louis asked when he walked into the room. I shook my head and pulled the sleeves over my hands. I sighed and leaned back against the lounge.


Louis P.O.V.


I sighed and walked out of the lounge room. I hated seeing her so up set. I felt useless cause even with my hilarious crazy acts I couldn’t cheer her up. I turned on the kettle and made two hot chocolates. Then I had an idea. Yes im pretty sure a light bulb flashed above my head but who cares. I ran out of the kitchen and up stairs to my room. I crash landed in front of my t.v. cabinet and pulled out my movie case. I grab the movie and ran back down stairs, finished the hot chocolates and brought them back out to the lounge room. I handed one to ally and she smiled. I sat down in front of the dvd player and put in the movie she gave me a 'what are you doing?' look but I told her to wait. I joined her back on the couch and put my arm around her. She snuggled up to me and rested her head on my shoulder. I started the movie and she smiled. "I love step brothers" she said quietly. I nodded and kissed her head. half way through the movie I was really shocked that no one actually came down. Wait where is every one? "hey where's perrie?" ally said quietly. I cracked up laughing cause it reminded me of Phineas and ferb. She soon got it and started laughing too. "I dunno, but I think its just us?" I said. She shrugged and got back into the movie. This was a good day. Note the was. Niall came home drunk with zayn, harry and perrie. Liam went and visited Danielle for the weekend.


Alice's P.O.V.


I looked towards the door and watched them stumble in. I sighed and got up walking over to niall. He fell to the floor and just laid there. I looked down at him and smiled. "how much did you drink?" I asked. "nothing… didn’t drink anything" he chuckled. I sighed and walked to my room. I locked myself in there for the rest of the day/night. I didn’t want to put up with anything right now. I laid on my bed with harry's laptop in front of me. I decided to go on twitter since I havent been on since I met the boys. I had almost as many followers as them. I started to read through all the tweets people had sent me. Some were really cute like 'oh my god your so luck and so gorgeous' I followed the girl back who said that. But there was one that stood out the most.


@Harryswhore: they are only using you, you’re an ugly piece of shit and they just feel sorry for you. Your just another #dirty #little #slut trying to get in there pants for the fame… I hope you #die!


I gasped and tears started flowing down my face. I could take a lot of stuff but today not so much.


@Harry_styles: my lil bubba needs to keep her chin up… I can hear you crying stop babe <3 @officially


I sighed and logged off. Harry soon walked into my room and closed the door behind him. He sat down on my bed as I shut down the laptop. "you ok?" he asked quietly. I nodded. "how's niall?" I asked. He shrugged "smashed as usual" he let out a light laugh and I nodded. I laid down and looked up at him. "why were you crying?" he asked. I shook my head and pulled the covers over my head. "don’t want to talk about it?" he asked again. I shook my head which made the covers move. He sighed and rubbed my leg. "its ohk… you'll be ohk" he said. I heard him get up them the door open and close quietly. I let out a breath and took the covers off me. This was a hard day… the funeral will be harder though. This is death. He's punishing me for cheating. But I had to save them. I had to. Something just told me to.




*day after funeral*


I sat moping around still. I have barely talked to any one and the boys aren't helping. Niall and harry have both brought home whores every night to fuck. This time it was them punishing me. Louis is still louis. Liam hasn’t come back yet. Perrie was coping. Zayn… still smoking. Me just moping. I was sitting on the bottom step waiting for niall to get back from the shop. Him and harry went about two hours ago and they still aren't home. "can you please just stop Alice" louis said as he walked passed. "stop what?" I rose an eyebrow and stood up. He turned around to face me. "stop moping around and stop feeling sorry for yourself… your making everyone depressed around here" I rolled my eyes. "seriously you're telling me I cant be upset? My fucking brother died… perrie is the only family I have left and you have what right to tell me to stop feeling sorry for myself?" he crossed his arms and huffed. "your just attention seeking… you seriously walk around the house like all the boys love you… NEWS FLASH WE FUCKING DON’T! WE ACTUALLY HATE YOU WE WISH YOU WERE THE ONE WHO WAS DEAD WE WISH WE NEVER MET YOU… NIALL EVEN SAID HE REGRETS SLEEPING WITH YOU, HE SAID THAT ITS YOUR FAULT HE TRIED TO KILL HIMSELF. YOU’RE A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT ALICE. NO ONE CARES ANYMORE!" he screamed at me. I had tears forming in my eyes but I blinked them back. "you know what lou, you're right!" I ran up the stairs and into my bedroom. I locked my door and pushed my desk against it. I ran to my ensuite and grabbed out all the pills I could find. Anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, panadol, neurofen, panadean+40 and some other stuff. I threw them on my bed and grabbed my notebook from my bedside table and a pen off my desk. I clicked it and opened the book. I wrote my note then folded it in half once. I held onto it and started slowly random pills. All of them. I was way passed twenty. I felt them start to kick in and I dropped to the floor holding my chest. The pain was unbearable but worth it. I started screaming as my body shut down. I could barely breathe. Then I passed out.


A/N: OHK I know its shorter then most but I have to do two 1 thousand word essays by tomorrow stupid school grr. But I got teary while writing this and im pretty sure I will start crying in the next chapter. But hold your horse's the next three (including the note) chapters shall have a lot of drama and sad parts. They may take a while to upload but ill get them up by Saturday or Sunday. STAY BEAUTIFUL LIL ONES xxx

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