Losing Grip

Alice Dawson was in a train accident with her friends and family. Her parents and many other people died. Since then Alice has had visions of peoples death. When she stops five boys from their death; she suffers the consequences. Will she win or will she lose?


13. Chapter Eleven - What Did You Just Say?

Harry's P.O.V.


It was dark and cold and a fucking psychopath is going to kill us! "hello boys" I heard the devils daughter herself speak. I spat at her feet as she walked past me to louis. "let us go bitch" I hissed. She tutted me and shook her head before bending down to slap me hard across the face. I let my head droop down as I adjusted myself against the wall. I was hand cuffed to a table and on the other side of the table louis was handcuffed as well. "awfully quiet there lou" she chuckled. I heard him gulp I looked over to him as he raised his head to look at the demon. "look mother fucker let us out of here" I growled. She shook her head and kicked me into the stomach before getting up and walking over to louis. I closed my eyes and took in the pain. "why are you doing this?" I heard louis sob quietly. She laughed "because Alice wasn't supposed to be there… I was. This is her pay back. death is paying her back for cheating" she laughed. Is this chick possessed or something? "oh harry honey… yeah I am" she laughed again.



Niall's P.O.V.


I woke up to beeping. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. "what the fuck?" I choked out. I stood up slowly and looked around the street. People everywhere. Dead. I slowly turned around to see our car right side up and everyone still in it but shaking. I heard the cracks of bones popping. I turned back around and saw that the dead people started to stand up. One by one unravelling themselves with each of there bones cracking back into place and there face disfigured. "NIALL" I heard liam yell. I ran back to the car and jumped into the passenger seat. "what's happening?" I asked. Alice shook her head. "i-i-I don’t know" she whispered.



Louis P.O.V.


Harry past out twenty minutes ago. Its just me and the bitch. "why do you want us?" I asked. She laughed as if I were joking. "because you're my favourite and since that train accident each one of us which is three has different well lets say powers. And I used mine" she chuckled. I rose an eyebrow "what do you mean?" I asked. She sat down and front of me and pulled out an ipad. Wtf. She tapped it a few times before turning it around. "ever heard of witchery?" she asked. I nodded "well in five minutes your friends will encounter a zombie apocalypse. They are trapped in a force field until they have killed everyone of the zombies. If they get bitten well they will become one" she laughed as if it were no big deal. "how did you do this?" I asked curiously. She shrugged "I have a witchery power so I just kind of learnt" she said. I nodded. After a short silence I sighed and sat back against the wall. I was dehydrated and starving. "why are you doing this to us though?" I heard harry ask from across the room. She swivelled to look at him. "because by putting you two through this; it is putting Alice through a lot of pain and hurt" she said quietly. I gave her a weird look. "look it’s a long story so it doesn’t matter" she said shaking her head and stood up quickly. "how long are we going to be here for?" harry asked. She chuckled "a while I guess" she said shrugging. "well we got time then" I said deviously and rose an eyebrow. She giggled and shook her head "are you two hungry?" she asked. Harry and I nodded "and thirsty" I added. She smiled and ran back up the stairs.



Alice's P.O.V.


I gripped the steering wheel tighter as more and more bodies got up. "liam?" I heard perrie say quietly. He hummed back a 'yes'. "wha-what are they?" she asked. "niall" I whispered. He looked over to me and grabbed my hand from the steering wheel. "babe, calm down" he whispered back. He unbuckled me and pulled me onto his lap. He kissed my temple and then my lips. I heard a phone beep. Must have been Zayn's since he answered. I ignored his conversation and just kept my eyes on niall. "wait im putting you on speaker phone" I heard zayn say then a beep. "ohk look the chick has put you in this force field thing to get out you have to kill all the zombies. If one of you's die… you lose and me or harry will get hurt… please hurry up" I heard louis say quietly but really fast. "did any body else catch that?" liam said. I nodded and got back into my seat. "buckle up guys; its time to kill some zombies" I said deviously and buckled myself in. (A/N: VAS HAPPENIN? Ok lately I have been busy hence me taking so long to update and… I just saw a picture of my friend with a bowl cut… scared for life and I just saw my flirtationship buddy with hair almost as long as mine… yeah I think im going to go lay in a ditch hahaha no! also this book was published in the one direction fan fiction app!!!! Thank you beautiful readers and as always onwards with thy story)




After driving around for almost an hour running over zombies things one after another. The boys and perrie were all sitting in the back screaming there heads off like girls whereas I sat there laughing and running over the dead people. I could be a zombie psychopathic killer. "BITCH STAY THE FUCK IN MY WAY" I screamed and ran over three more zombies. "ally I think now is the time you need to actually calm down" I heard niall say. I pressed the brake pedal all the way down and we all jolted forward. I turned around and looked directly in niall's eyes. "what did you just say?" I asked sweetly. He gulped and climbed into the front seat where he was when we first got here. "Alice babe you need to calm down… please you are freaking all of us out and plus you have a baby and we don’t… I don’t want you to get into an accident and loose our baby" he said and put his hand on my stomach. I looked down and put my hand over his. I closed my eyes and nodded. He kissed me on the forehead and climbed back into the back seat with the others. I kept my hand on my stomach and realised that I was showing. Only a little bit but still. I smiled and turned back towards the road. One more zombie. I put my foot down and ran it over a few times. I laughed and came to a stop. "what now?" liam asked. I shrugged and looked in awe as one by one the zombies started to disappear. I heard my phone ring to harry's ring tone. I grabbed it out and answered.


Me: hey haz what's up?

Harry: this isn't harry

Me: Audrey?

Audrey: haha yup… you past the first test… get back to the hotel now, have a good sleep and eat and shower as well because tomorrow test two is coming up


The phone started beeping to say she had hung up. I put it in the glove box and drove off into the sunset towards the hotel… ohk that sounded gay in other words I started to drive back to our hotel since the boys have a concert to get to in two hours.

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