Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


28. ... :'(

Hannah's POV

Justin has to leave tonight but I got a call from my agency that they wanted a photo shoot for another cover, but this ones for a family magazine. I have to call Hayley and see if she minds, considering it is with Bentley. Last night, after dinner, I went to the doctor but they couldn't fit me in so I have to go once Justin gets home. I hope he doesn't have second thoughts. I really do want this baby now. Being with Bentley just reminds me how much I really do want a child. Or two. I have to leave soon, so I should probably call Hayley...


Hayley: Hello?

Me: Hey, can Bentley have a photo shoot with Justin and I?

Hayley: Why Bentley?

Me: It's for this family magazine. Please. 

Hayley: Yeah sure. Tell him I love him. I love you and Justin. Bye babes.


I don't think she was very keen on this but that's okay. She said sure. That's good enough. I walked to my closet and got some yoga pants and a tank top. When I changes, I put my hair in a messy bun and walked downstairs. Justin and Bentley were sitting on the couch watching Spongebob. I sat in between them and Bentley sat on my lap. He wanted to sit next to Uncle Justin... Aww!! Justin looked at me weird.


"You look really sad babe."-Justin.

"I am a little upset. You're leaving tonight."-Me.

"I will call you everyday baby."-Justin. I simply nodded and he kissed me. Bentley was playing with Justin's phone. I looked at my wallpaper, Justin, Bentley and I all playing in his room. I love these two boys. They are my everything now. Nothing compares to them. Hen Justin picked Bentley up and we left. In the car, Bentley wanted to listen to his dad sing, so I put my One Direction CD in. 

"Have you heard from Ashley yet?"-Justin.

"No. Why?"-Me.

"She called me last night."-Justin.

"What did she say?"-Me.

"That I should go see her. And then she showed up at like 1 in the morning."-Justin.

"Why didnt you tell me?!"-Me.

"It wasn't a big deal. I was sleeping. She tried calling the house, but I just ignored it. Well, I answered it, but then hung up."-Justin.

"We'll, thanks for telling me."-Me. Then I looked out the window. Why wouldn't he tell me? If it was really no big deal, wouldn't it not matter if I knew? Was he trying to hide something? 

"Babe, don't be like this. This is my last night here."-Justin. I ignored him and kept looking out the window. I started to over think everything, I had a tear escape but I quickly wiped it off my cheek, he didnt see. I hope. When we got to the building, Justin got Bentley out and we walked to the dressing room. I had to dress in this really cute high waisted skirt and sequin shirt. Justin and Bentley got to wear tuxs. They looked so good. They got their hair styled to perfection and I got my hair curled. They put some make up on me but Justin asked them not to put a lot cause I didn't need it. I rolled my eyes but they did what he asked. When we were all done, we had to talk to the photographer. 

"Okay, so Hannah, Bentley, and Justin. Nice to meet you."-Max, the photographer. We all shook his hand and said nice to meet you.

"Im going to take some of just Bentley, then Justin, then Hannah. Then we are going to have Hannah and Justin take a few. Justin and Bentley are going to take some. Hannah and Bentley are going to have some. Then all of you. Okay?"-Max. We nodded and Bentley walked up to the thing. He did really good. He had to lay down on the black tarp and put his hands under his chin. He did a big smile and looked adorable. Then Justin went. He did everything the photographer said, he looked perfect! Then I had to go... I was dreading this part. I didn't feel too good today and I didn't think I looked all that good. I did all the poses they told me to do. And I was done. Bentley and Justin went to get some pictures taken. I was taking some pictures with Justin and I's phones. They would be on twitter and everywhere later. Then it was Bentley and me. Justin took millions of pictures and kept smiling. I hated this photo shoot. I didn't feel like I usually did. Justin and I had to take some. Justin picked me up and kissed my cheek. I wrapped my legs around his and the photographer took the picture. Then I jumped on his back and kissed his cheek. Then he picked me up bridal style and kissed my lips. Then he wrapped his arms around me from behind and we smiled. Then I turned around and hugged him. We were standing sideways so you could see us. We were staring into each others eyes and smiling. I really did love him. After that picture, Bentley joined. We all sat down, Justin and I back to back with Bentley in between us. Then Bentley sat on Justin's lap and I sat on the side of Justin with his arm around me. Then the other way around. Then he took one of Bentley and Justin kissing both sides of my cheeks. Then the same with Justin with Bentley and I. Then with Bentley with Justin and I. After that one, we were done. When I walked back to the dressing room, one of the ladies came in with Me and Justin's phones. 

"I hope you don't mind, but I took pictures with both of your phones so you would have them."-One of the girls.

"Oh thanks."-Me. She smiled and walked away. I changed out of these clothes and put my hair back up. I didn't bother taking my make up off so I just walked back to Justin and Bentley. They were looking at the pictures, they weren't that bad. Justin had them print some out so we could hang them up. He got one of me, one of him, two of Bentley, all of the ones with him and I, all the ones with us and Bentley, then three of the ones with Bentley and I and him and Bentley. I liked the ones he got, except the one of me... But whatever I have to deal with it. On the ride home, Bentley wanted to stop at the store to get something. We did because I had to get more drinks for the house. I picked out some juice for Bentley, Monsters, Red Bull, and Mountain Dew, then Justin got this nasty protein stuff. Bentley picked this huge! Toy thing. Of course Justin said yeah. I had to get something to make for lunch, I got salad stuff and Justin got this chicken thing. Bentley said he would share with Justin. He is so cute. I'm so happy I can keep him again. When we got home, Bentley and Justin went to go play with his new toy and I cooked. When it was done, I walked up the stairs and I saw Justin in our room crying. Bentley was in his room playing. I walked through our door and kept it cracked.

"Babe, what's wrong?"-Me.

"You were so upset with me earlier, I just thought about it. I can't leave with you upset with me babe."-Justin.

"Im not upset anymore."-Me.

"Why were you?"-Justin.

"It sounded like you had something to hide. I didn't like it. At all."-Me.

"Baby, I'm sorry."-Justin.

"It's okay. I'm sorry too."-Me. He kissed me and we hugged. Bentley ran in and jumped on us.

"PIG PILE ON UNCLE JUSTIN!!!"-Bentley. I sat on Justin and Bentley sat on me. Justin took a video. It lasted about five minutes. Then Justin gave his phone to Bentley to hold, the video was still going. He threw me on the bed and started tickling me. I was laughing so hard! I couldn't breath!! Then, I took his phone away from Bentley and Justin tickled him. Bentley tried to tickle Justin, but he couldn't, he was laughing a lot more than I was. After we were done, we went to eat. After lunch, Bentley, Justin, and I all watched Cars 2. I grabbed Justin's laptop and went on Twitter. There was already the pictures of our photo shoot, from the company. Justin put the video of us on. I retweeted and favorited it. A lot of other people did too. I had a lot of mentions but they were mostly hate. How I looked terrible in the photos. The usual. I ignored it. I wasn't going to repeat what happened with the boys. Then a Skype call popped up. It was Hayley. I clicked accept video chat.

"Bentley, come say hi to your Mom!"-Me. He ran over to the screen and starting smiling. 

"Hi Mommy!"-Bentley.

"Hey buddy."-Hayley.

"I got a lot of pictures taken today! It was a lot of fun! Can I do it again?!"-Bentley.

"Yeah sure. If Aunty doesn't let any girls try to flirt with you!"-Hayley. Justin and I started to laugh.

"I won't. I'll put the smack down on some chicks!"-Me. Bentley went over to Justin and sat in his lap. 

"Sorry, he's watching Cars."-Me.

"NO IT'S CARS 2!!"-Bentley. Hayley and u laughed.

"Yeah, babe, it's cars 2."-Justin. I gave him the evils and I noticed something was wrong with Hayleys lip.

"Hayley, what did you do to your lip?"-Me.

"I uhh got into a fight with Niall's girlfriend.."-Hayley.


"She was saying stuff about how I like the boys and stuff. It was nothing."-Hayley. 

"And I wasn't there?!"-Me. Hayley started laughing really loud. 

"Wanna say hi to the boys?"-Hayley. I nodded and they all came over. Except Niall. I'll call him or something later. 

"Hey sis!"-Louis.

"Hey Twinny!"-Me. 

"How's Justin treating you?"-Louis.

"Amazing. Haha."-Me.

"Niall isn't here right now. Maria wants to go home cause Hayley beat the shit out of her. Niall is trying to get her to stay, but I don't think it's gonna happen, Hayley scared her. Like really bad. Can't blame her though. Hayley really did kick her ass!"-Harry. I laughed

"Did she now?"-Me. 

"Nothing like with Taylor but it was pretty bad."-Zayn. Hayley and I stared laughing.

"See, Hayley you and my sister are like the same!"-Louis. We nodded in agrement. This is how it was until we had to leave... It was finally sinking in. He was leaving...

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