Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


48. You What

Hannahs POV

I was texting Hayley the whole time I was with the boys. I felt like shit though. I didn't feel too hot. But, I know I wasn't pregnant. That was not happening again. I got up to make some food, but there was none. Niall and I are going back to the hotel tonight anyway.  I walked out of the room. I was starving. 

"Anyone want something from McDonalds and Starbucks?"-Me. 

"Yeah!!"-Niall. I laughed and gave them a piece of paper to write what they wanted on it. I got the paper back and went to walk out the door. Zayn grabbed my arm and started running. 

"What are you doing??"-Me.

"Going with you!!"-Zayn. 

"Okay!!"-Me. We jumped in the car and I started driving. He turned the radio in and blasted the music. We screamed the lyrics. I went to Starbucks first and jumped out. 

"Want anything?"-Me.

"No. I'm going in."-Zayn. I nodded. I ordered a mocha frappe. He ordered two teas, one for him, one for Harry. I went to pay but he put his money in the girls hand first. I gave him evils but he just laughed it off and got the order. I grabbed my drink and we went to get some food. I drove up to the door and I made Zayn go inside and order. I gave him the Monet but he threw it back at me. He's so damn stubborn. I texted Hayley and asked if she wanted anything, she said she didn't and asked who went with me, I said Zayn and she called me.


Me: Hello?

Hayley: Did Zayn tell you anything?

Me: Was he supposed to?

Hayley: No. Just wondering. Bye!


That was weird. As she hung up, Zayn jumped in the car.



"I forgot I had to get groceries!"-Me.

"Oh. Are you moving out or something?"-Zayn.

"I have to soon."-Me.

"II'll go with you! If you need someone to go with."-Zayn.

"Sure. That would be fun."-Me.

"Yeah."-Zayn. I thought I saw him smile out of the corner of my eye, but I don't think he did. When I got back to the house, we all ate, then Zayn and I left again. He drove this time and I sat in the passenger side of his car.

"Why did you want to take your car?"-Me.

"I wanted to drive."-Zayn.

"Oh. You could've drove my car."-Me.

"You have to admit, my cars way better!"-Zayn.

"Okay. You're right. Haha."-Me. He nodded and I turned the radio on. I plugged my phone in and was playing Little Mix.

"Hey! I heard you were talking to Perrie?"-Me.

"Eh kinda."-Zayn.

"What happened?"-Me.

"I didn't like her that much."-Zayn.

"Oh. Who do you like?"-Me.

"A girl."-Zayn.

"No. Really. Who?"-Me.

"It doesn't matter, I won't get a chance."-Zayn.

"Aw why?"-Me.

"She has a couple guys after her already."-Zayn.

"Make her notice you!!"-Me.

"Im trying."-Zayn.

"Oh. Well, try to become really close and sweep her off her feet."-Me. He nodded and we pulled into Target. I got the normal stuff, food and energy drinks, and water, tea, soda, snacks. A lot. He payed.. Again! Ugh. I begged him to go back to Starbucks. I wanted another drink. He took me and I payed this time. He rolled his eyes but I just laughed it off. We got back to the house and I transferred all the food and stuff back to my car to take to the hotel. When that was done, I went in the house and told everyone I was moving. Niall decided to move in with me, like everyone else was going to until they found their own place. Zayn and I decided we would go shopping for all the furniture. 

"Wait, can we please move back to London?"-Me. I shocked everybody. 

"You want to go back to London?"-Niall.


"What about your modeling?"-Harry.

"I can ask to switch to the agency in London?"-Me.

"Why didnt you before then!"-Hayley.

"Because I looked it up in Zayn's car earlier, it's possible. I didn't know it was."-Me. She nodded.

"Then I can keep my house there?"-Hayley.

"But the agency is in Doncaster."-Me.

"Oh. We can get a new house too."-Hayley. 

"And I can meet my mom and dad.."-Me.

"That's awesome babe."-Niall. I nodded and started picking up all the stuff I wanted to keep. Justin could keep all the pictures of us. I took the ones of Bentley and I. I gave the ones of just Bentley to Hayley and Liam. I packed up all the toys in Bentleys room. I gave them to Hayley too. They will be living with me until they all find a new place. I packed all mine and Bentleys clothes. We were leaving tomorrow morning. I called Louis and told him everything. He was allowed to leave the hospital too. He's with El now. I don't know if she can keep her mouth shut though. She will probably tell him about the whole fighting thing. Oh well. Then I went to bed. I woke up around 6 next to Niall. The best way to wake up. I kissed him and he kissed me back.

"Hey baby."-Niall.

"Good morning babe."-Me. Then he kissed me again. I made my way down the stairs and everyone was up and ready to go. I wasn't hungry and they all ate so I made Niall food. When he was done, we went outside to start packing the cars up. Louis and El met me outside. 

"What made you want to go to London?"-Louis.

"We're going to Doncaster.."-Me.

"You want to meet mom and dad."-Louis. I nodded and he hugged me so tight. 

"I just.. Want to meet someone from my real family. You know?"-Me.

"We have three younger sisters too."-Louis.



"Great."-Me. He laughed. 

"Don't worry, they will all love you."-Louis. 

"I hope so."-Me. Then we got everything packed up. We all quickly took showers, I straightened my hair while they were all showering. I out foundation and mascara on. I was so bored waiting for them. On the ride, it was Niall, Harry, Zayn, and I in Niall's car. Hayley, Liam and Bentley in Zayn's car. Louis and El rode in his car. Niall was driving, I was sitting in the passenger side, Zayn and Harry are sitting in the back. I fell asleep but woke up when we got to the airport. We all grabbed our bags and walked in. We were mobbed with fans. I was asked for tons of autographs and pictures, so I did. The boys did too. Then we went to the plane. But I stopped and got coffee from Starbucks. El and Hayley got coffee too. Then we got on the plane. I put my headphones in after I talked to Niall for about 3 hours. I decided to take a nap. My new favorite song came on, Breathe Me by Sia. It made me cry so much. That was the song I listened to when I make self harm and was with my ex.. I cuddled up to Niall and fell in a deep sleep. Niall shook me awake. We were in London. We got to a house, I guess I was my new house.

"I didn't buy a house though."-Me.

"I did."-Niall. I have him a huge hug. It was perfect. It was huge! It had 9 rooms and a bathroom connected to each room. There was a theater and a game room. A big kitchen and a huge living room. Our room was the biggest room in the house. The bathroom we had had a jacuzzi tub in it. Zayn and I had to go shopping again so we did. We took naps on the plane so we weren't tired anymore. The rest of them were so we went shopping for everything. We had to rent three moving trucks to bring everything to the house. We got all the furniture, paints, everything. Blankets, sheets, everything! We went on a shopping spree. We woke the rest of them up to unload it all, then we went food shopping. Haha. The car was full of stuff. When we got back, Niall called someone to bring everything into the house and to where they wanted it. I was shocked. I unloaded all the food. All the stuff Zayn and I bought were in the rooms by 9. We still didnt eat so we went to a fancy restraunt. It was an amazing. I, not sure when I'm meeting my parents but I am excited to. When we got home, I went straight to bed. Niall held me until I fell asleep. I had a dream about me going back to my old ways.. It honestly scared me. It woke me up and I bolted down the stairs. I made some tea and went to get a cup. Zayn was sitting on the counter, I jumped and fell to the ground. 

"Oh my god. Zayn! You scared the shut out of me! What are you doing up?"-Me.

"Nightmare I guess."-Zayn.

"Me too."-Me.

"What was yours about?"-Zayn.

"Me going back to my old ways..."-Me.

"I guess it really scared you, huh?"-Zayn.

"How do you know?"-Me.

"You're not wearing any pants.."-Zayn. I looked down. I was wearing one of Niall's sweatshirts with no pants and no bra.. 

"I'll be right back."-Me.

"I've seen you in a bakini. It's fine."-Zayn. I nodded and started laughing. I made him some tea and we started talking about everything and anything. 

"OH. What was your dream about?"-Me.

"Just that girl hating me cause of something I said."-Zayn.

"Wanna talk about it?"-Me.

"Kinda. But I can't."-Zayn.

"Zayn, come on. You're holding it in. You have to tell the girl you like her, or she'll never notice you."-Me.

"I don't want her to notice me though."-Zayn.


"She's happy with someone else."-Zayn. 

"Zayn, you're never going to be happy if you don't tell her."-Me. He nodded. 

"You're right."-Zayn.

"It's already 10. Call her."-Me.

"She's here. I don't have to call her."-Zayn.

"It's Hayley?"-Me. It made sense. 




"What do you mea.."-Me.

"Hannah, it's you."-Zayn. I was shocked I didn't know what to say.

"Im sorry. I shouldn't of told you."-Zayn.

"It's fine. Um. I'm going to go to bed. I'm really tired. I'll talk to you later, okay?"-Me.

"Please don't hate me."-Zayn.

"I could never hate you. How about you and I talk about this later. The house needs some regular stuff, lets go out and buy it. We can talk about it getting it and some coffee?"-Me.

"Sounds good."-Zayn. I nodded. I did not want to lose Zayn over something like this. I really didnt. I was going to try so hard to keep my friendship with him. I want to know why. Badly. I hugged him and walked upstairs to mine and Niall's room. I cuddled up to him in bed. He woke up about an hour later. He kissed me awake. I giggled and started running around the room. He grabbed me and threw me on the bed. He kissed me passionately. I knew where this was headed. I took his shirt off. He took his sweatshirt off me. He smiled when he noticed I didn't have a bra on. I took his boxers off and he took my underwear off. He kissed down my chest and to my belly button. Then we.. Did it. It was so amazing and full of love. I actually know this is going to work out this time. It has to. It needs to. I love him. So much. We finished then took a shower, yes together. But nothing else happened. We just took a shower, then I got dressed and headed to Starbucks and the mall. He goes a long day with him... I just hope it's not awkward.... 

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