Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


42. Why?!

Hannah's POV

I went to my room after Hayley came to get Louis, how could he leave me for her?! Bentley didn't even want to go. Now what am I supposed to do for the rest of the night?! I ended up falling asleep to my ringing in my ear. I thought it would be Justin, so I didn't answer. Then about five minutes later, Niall ran into my room.


"What are you talking about?!?"-Me.

"Hayley got into a car accident with Bentley and Louis in the car, we have to go to the hospital and see if they are okay!"-Niall. I jumped out of bed when he said car accident. But to know Louis and Bentley were in it?! That is fucking crazy! How could she be so damn stupid to let herself get into a car accident with Bentley in the car. And she didn't think I would be the good mom. I couldn't move from the side of the bed. I was overthinking everything and to make it worse, it was my best friend! Well, maybe she is. Maybe not. I haven't been a very good friend. But, who would. Niall lifted me over his shoulder and ran down the stairs. He put me in the car and he started driving to the hospital. Then my phone went off again, it was in my hand. I was shaking so bad. I could barely slide the lock across the screen! When did I grab my phone?!


Me: Hello?

Justin: When were you planning on calling me?
Me: When were you planning to stop being an asshole?

Justin: When you decided you were going to call your boyfriend like a good girlfriend would do.

Me: Well, I must not be a very good girlfriend because I don't give two fucks right now.

Justin: What is your problem?!


Justin: Are they okay?!
Me: Why do you care now? Two seconds ago, you didn't give a shit!

Justin: I didn't kno!

Me: Well, maybe you shouldn't freak out on me for nothing and actually listen to what I have to say!

Niall: Hannah stop fucking fighting!

Justin: So you want to be with Niall?!

Me: Maybe Niall would be better for me!

Justin: Call me when you're done being a bitch.

Me: Call me when you're not being a dick.


How could he be so emotionless. Him and I have been taking care of Bentley since forever! He could at least act like he cares. Maybe this is for the best. I wish he never had to go on this stupid tour and that he never had to leave me ever. I wish I had him to myself and didn't have to share him with teenage girls everywhere. Maybe, him and I would work out then. Maybe we wouldn't fight and we would get along great. I wouldn't have to worry about him being with other girls behind my back. I would know he would be faithful because he would have no other options. What am I kidding? Justin is never going to give up his carrer! I would never ask him to do that either! He loves his life, what kind of fiance would I be if I made him give up something he has worked so hard to acheive? I know he was meant to go on tour, if not, we would get married and all this stuff would happen anyways. There is no way around it. I think I should talk to Justin. He needs to know how I am thinking, but, I don't even know what I want to do! What if Justin and I do break up and I want him back? He will never take me back either.. Love fucking sucks.

"You okay?"-Niall.

"No. Not even close."-Me. Then I started crying. It wouldn't stop. I was usually so good at hiding my emotions, but when I'm with Niall, the walls crumble and he can see. When I try to keep them away, he can tell. Better than anyone else. He pulled the car over, took my seatbelt off, and put me in his lap.

"We're supposed to go to the hospital.."-Me.

"They are in good condition. They are fine. Now, let's deal with you."-Niall.

"There is nothing to deal with."-Me. I wasn't going to try and explain guy problems with Niall...

"I know you're thinking about Justin."-Niall.

"Am not."-Me.

"Are too. Hannah, just tell me. I could help you."-Niall.

"I think it would be best if him and I took a break to be away from eachother.."-Me.

"Told you it was not nothing."-Niall. Then he smiled that breathtaking smile. I couldn't help but smile back, his smiles were so contagious. I put my head on his chest and he hummed in my hair. I started to fall asleep until I felt his phone go off in his pocket.. He answered and he put me back in my seat, I buckled up and Niall started driving. He was driving really fast.

"Niall, slow down."-Me. He didn't answer, just kept his eyes on the road. His grip on the steering wheel was getting tighter and tighter. His knuckles were turning white.

"Nial, I'm being serious. You're really scaring me."-Me. He still didn't slow down.

"Niall. Listen. To. Me."-Me. Nothing.

"Niall, you're scaring me!"-Me. Still nothing.

"Niall! You are fucking scaring me! Slow the fuck down!"-Me. Nothing!


"And to think I might've wanted you back.."-Me.


"So that's what you decide to hear?!"-Me.

"Just answer my question!"-Niall.

"Answer the last ten that I have been asking you!"-Me.

"Hayley is getting worse and she fell back unconcious. We have to get there fast. Bentley just has a cast on his arm. Louis.. I don't know about. They didn't say anything."-Niall. I didn't talk the rest of the way to the hospital, I couldn't speak. I felt sick. When we got to the hospital, I ran to the others. Eleanor was sitting there bawling her eyes out... I ran up to Zayn. He pulled me into a hug.

"What happened to Louis?!"-Me.

"He.. He is in a coma.."-Zayn.


"He said he is in a coma!"-Eleanor.

"Shut the fuck up!"-Me.

"EXCUSE ME!"-Eleanor.

"You heard me."-Me.

"Its not just you that this is bothering!"-Eleanor.

"Well, if it wasn't for you, he wouldn't be in a fucking coma!"-Me.

"What is that supposed to mean?!"-Eleanor.


"What is the twin jealous because Louis chose me?"-Eleanor.

"Actually, he chose the coma."-Harry.

"I would chose the coma over you too hun."-Me.

"You're such a fucking bitch!"-Eleanor.

"That is perfectly fine by me. I don't need you to like me."-Me.

"No wonder why Niall, Harry, and Justin all cheated on you."-Eleanor.

"You really want to be with Louis?"-Me.

"More than anything."-Eleanor.

"I can arange that for you."-Me.

"Really?! How?"-Eleanor.

"You can be in the same room and everything."-Me.


"She is going to put you in a coma too, it's not that hard to know!"-Harry. She put her hand over her mouth.

"Why would you do that?!"-Eleanor. I threw my hand up to my mouth just like she did.

"Did I forget to mention that I hated you?"-Me.

"That hurts."-Eleanor.

"I. Don't. Care."-Me. Harry started laughing, but I gave him the evil look and he stopped mid-laugh.

"Like you don't care about Hayley?"-Eleanor.

"What the fuck are you talking about?!"-Me.

"She told me everything. How she hates you. How she wants nothing to do with you. Why come here to see someone who hates your guts? Get over yourself and learn who likes you."-Eleanor.

"That is not true. Hayley never said any of that."-Harry.

"How do you know?! You weren't with her 24/7!"-Me. Harry put his head down, he knew I was right. I walked up to Eleanor and pushed her. She pushed me back and slapped me. This bitch.. I punched her and tackled her to the floor. She wasn't that good of a fighter, at all. She was pulling my hair. But I do have to admit, she got some good hits in. I might have a bruised lip and cheekbone. Nothing too major. I just kept punching her until I was ripped off. I looked behind me and Liam was standing there.

"What? I was kind of busy."-Me.

"Hayley is up."-Liam.


"She wants to see me right?"-Eleanor.

"No, she wants to see Hannah."-Liam.

"Why? She hates me and wants nothing to do with me. What would make her want to see someone she doesn't like. I have to learn who likes me."-Me.

"What are you talking about?"-Liam.

"Why don't you ask Eleanor."-Me. Then I walked torwards Hayley's room. She was sitting in her bed, talking to Bentley... This is going to be difficult.




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