Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


31. Why Won't You Talk To Me?

Hannah's POV
After the phone call with Hayley, I thought it would be best if I do talk to the boys. I mean, I do love them. Just different ways. Bentley was laying on the couch with his feet on my legs. We were watching Tom and Jerry. I used to love this show. Within ten minutes, I looked over and saw Bentley was sleeping. My phone started buzzing like crazy. I had a bunch of texts.


From: Nialler ;)

Please talk to me, I know it was wrong what I did, but I need you!


To: Nialler ;)

Come over and talk then.


From: HazzaBear(:

Talk to Niall, he won't stop complaining!


To: HazzaBear(:

Working on it.


From: Baby<3

Please listen to me!


To: Baby<3

Call me and talk then.


After about 15 minutes of just washing the dishes from the day and cleaning Bentley's room of any toys that he just didn't clean up, my phone started going off. I ran down to the kitchen, where I had my phone charging, and answered it.


Me: What?

Justin: Don't be like that.

Me: Don't be like what?

Justin: Talk like that.

Me: You're the one who cheated on me!

Justin: You cheated on me!

Me: No! HE kissed ME! It wasn't MY choice!

Justin: And what's the difference.

Me: That you kissed her willingly!

Justin: No. I kissed her because I was mad. It wasn't willing.

Me: Whatever! I have company. Bye douche bag.

Justin: Who?!

Me: Niall and Harry.

Justin: Do No


I was done listening to him. I know Harry isn't coming, but it got him more pissed. Then I went back upstairs to finish cleaning Bentley's room. When I was finally done, Bentley came upstairs to his room.

"Aunty, I'm scared."-Bentley.

"Why bud?"-Me.

"I had a bad dream."-Bentley.

"What was it about?"-Me.

"That some weird guy came here to take me away. You were yelling and he hit you."-Bentley.

"What did he look like?"-Me.

"Eyes like mine, brown short hair. Aunty, he scared me!"-Bentley. My mouth turned into the perfect 'O' shape.

"What did he say?"-Me.

"I can't say those type of words."-Bentley.

"It's okay, you won't get in trouble with me. But, don't ever say them ever again."-Me.

"You sure?"-Bentley.

"Yes. I'm sure."-Me.

"He said you're a bitch. And that you should've died like the baby. What was he talking about aunty?"-Bentley.

"N. No. Nothing. It's all okay. It was a dream. Nothing else."-Me.

"But it scared me.. I can't sleep."-Bentley.

"Nothing is going to happen."-Me. I hope.


"I promise. I will never let anything hurt you."-Me.

"Good. Who was he anyways?"-Bentley.

"No one. It was just a dream."-Me. I can't just tell him its his physcotic father!

"Okay. Can I sleep with you again tonight?"-Bentley.

"Of course you can."-Me. He smiled and started to play. Where was Niall!? Then my phone started ringing. I jumped. I walked out the room. I recognized the number, he wasn't going to scare Bentley again.


Me: Hello?

Josh: Hello Hannah. Nice to talk to you again.

Me: What do you want from me?!

Josh: My son.

Me: He isn't your son!

Josh: He was made by me. He has everything I have. My eyes, my hair, my everything.

Me: Except his brain. He obviously doesn't have that.

Josh: Shut the fuck up bitch. Just because you couldn't have a kid doesn't mean you have to keep mine.

Me: You can't have your kid either! You have no rights. At least I didn't ruin my opportunity to have one. I'm not the one in jail.

Josh: But I'm not in jail. See you soon babe.


Shit ! I can't call Hayley, she will freak out. No matter what, I will not let anyone hurt Bentley. Bentley's door opened.

"Aunty, when are we going to bed? I'm tired."-Bentley.

"Right now Benny."-Me. He nodded and we changed into our pj's. How did he get out AGAIN?! How many times does a person have to get out before the police find out, he needs to be killed! Bentley and I cuddled up and he fell asleep right away. Everything that was casting a shadow on the wall, scared me. I hurried up and turned the t.v on. This was going to be a long night. I suprisingly fell asleep, but not with much luck. I woke up sweating and crying. I had a terrible dream, but I can't seem to remember what it was about. About 4 hours of watching t.v, Bentley woke up.

"Good morning buddy."-Me.

"Good morning."-Bentley.

"Wanna eat?"-Me. He nodded and we walked down stairs. I made sure I was holding his hand. This Josh thing is really scaring me. Bentley sat on the couch and started watching Sponge bob. I made pancakes and we ate them. I was washing the dishes when there was a knock on the door.. Bentley stood up and walked over to me.

"Who is it?!"-Me. There was no answer.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"-Me. Then the door started to open. I picked Bentley up and ran to my room. We went in the closet. Josh was NOT getting him. Then my bedroom door opened... fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Then I heard the one person I was hoping to hear.

"Hannah?" His Irish accent made me run to him.

"Oh my god! Niall you scared me!"-Me. I jumped into his arms and I was not going to let go. Bentley ran out and grabbed his leg.

"I missed you Uncle Niall!"-Bentley. He put me down and picked Bentley up.

"I missed you too Bentley."-Niall. I walked down the stairs and Harry was sitting on the love seat. He stood up and I ran into his arms. I missed him too!!

"Harry! I missed you so much!"-Me.

"I can tell."-Harry.

"What are you talking about?"-ME.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, best welcoming ever!"-Harry.

"I am so sorry! I thought it was someone else. Niall was supposed to be here yesterday."-Me.

"Who did you think it was?"-Harry.

"It doesn't matter."-Me.

"Where did you go?"-Harry.

"My closet."-Me.
"For what?"-Harry.

"For clothes."-Me.

"Bitch, you were scared."-Bentley. Then he covered up his mouth.

"Benny! What did I tell you?!"-Me. He did a puppy dog face and put his head in Niall's chest.

"Where'd he hear that word Hannah?"-Harry.

"My dream."-Bentley.


"What kind of dream is he dreaming?"-Harry.

"Nothing. Just a bad dream. Everything is fine."-Me. They nodded and we started watching t.v. It was the news. Josh popped up on the screen. I tried to change it before Bentley saw it but it was too late He screamed and ran into my arms.


"Shhh, it's okay. Look, all gone."-Me. He looked up and Spongbob was on.
"You kept the promise Aunty."-Bentley.

"Of course I would. I would never lie to you."-Me. He started watching the t.v. and was silent. I looked over at the boys and they were starring at me.

"Kitchen, now."-Harry. Niall nodded in agreement. fuck me! I nodded and they followed me in the kitchen.

"Why is he scared of Josh?"-Harry.

"And how is he back?"-Niall.

"Bentley had a dream about him. That's who I thought was at the door. He called me and told me he was going to get Bentley. I'm really scared guys. Something is going to happen."-Me.

"I will never let him hurt either of you!"-Harry and Niall said. Woah.

"I'm really scared! Bentley didn't want to sleep. I couldn't sleep last night. Guys, he's coming back. And no one is going to change his mind."-Me.

"Did you let Hayley and Liam know?"-Niall.

"No. No one knows other than us."-Me.

"Don't you think you should at least tell them?"-Harry.

"NO! They can't know!"-Me.

"Why not?!"-Niall.

"Bentley doesn't know Josh is his dad! He only knows he has the same eyes and hair. All Bentley knows is Liam is his dad. You can't let them know."-Me.

"Don't you think his parents need to know?!"-Harry.

"Do you not fucking understand what I'm saying?! They can't know!"-Me.
"They have to fucking know! It's their kid!"-Niall.

"And do you want someone else to be killed in the process?"-Me.

"Who have we killed?!"-Niall.

"Who does Josh want to kill?"-Me.

"He wont do it."-Niall.

"To get what he wants?! He has tried everything. I'm not going to risk Hayley again. She has been through too much with him."-Me.

"I guess you're kind of right. But she is going to have to find out sooner or later."-Harry.

"I choose later."-Me.

"You are so stubborn!"-Niall.



"Give. Me. Your. Phone."-Me.

"You heard her, give her your phone."-Niall.

"You too Blondie."-Me.

"Yeah, give her the phone Blondie."-Harry. They gave me their phones, they kept complaining.

"Shut up! Stop complaining!"-Me.

"You have my phone!"-Harry. We heard a crash and I started running back to the living room.

"AUNTY! HE'S BACK!"-Bentley. I ran in and Josh was standing there.

"Hello beautiful."-Josh.

"Leave!"-Me. I ran to Bentley and held him in my arms. I rubbed his back and tried to calm him down.

"Give me my son."-Josh.



"AUNTY! YOU PROMISED ME! YOU LIED TO ME!"-Bentley. Then he started crying and jumped out of my arms. He went to the kitchen, he better be with Niall or Harry.

"Oh look who decided to leave you just like everyone else."-Josh.

"Shut up."-Me.

"No. I have only just begun."-Josh. Then he walked closer to me. He grabbed my arm and I pulled it away. He punched my face and I fell to the ground. I could feel myself giving up, like the blackness was too much to handle. I hated being vulnerable. Then I felt a kick to my ribs. This was not going to happen again. I pulled myself away from the dark place and kicked his leg. He fell to the floor and I tried to get up. My stomach was killing me! I grabbed the lamp and threw it at him. Harry ran in.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!"-Harry. I ran into his arms and cried. This was not happening! I jolted awake. That was all a dream?! This is bullshit! Then my door opened, Niall and Harry were standing there. I screamed. They ran over to me and hugged me. Bentley was still sleeping...



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